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Has anyone else discovered a sensitivity to strictly soybeans (but not other beans)?  I'm testing out a hypothesis here... I have had two instances where my digestive system has gotten really fired up over something I ate at a restuarant.  The only possible ingredients in these food items that I hadn't already tested out could have been soy.  I have noticed for a long time that my digestive system often gets upset after eating out, and I know soy is in TONS of stuff and that soybean oil is commonly used in restaurants.  Today, the food that set me off were some basic tacos in corn tortillas with no cheese or dairy - just onions and fresh salsa and guacamole.  I already know corn is OK, but I saw them dousing meat they were cooking in the kitchen with some sort of oil.  I'm wondering if it might've been soybean oil.  I am now dying of heartburn, which is the first time I've had heartburn since I started Whole30 (and I used to suffer from it frequently).  The other day, I had a wrap sandwich at a restaurant and I had bad gas and digestive issues the following day.  Gluten is not an issue for me, and there was no dairy on the sandwich, so I'm guessing it might've been some sort of soy-based sauce, mayo, or marinade on the sandwich.  A soy sensitivity would also explain why sushi ALWAYS bothers me (hello soy sauce!) and any time I eat one of those fiber bars or "protein" bars with soy in them I get gassy.

Anyone have any thoughts?  Does anyone else have a soy issue?

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