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Whole 30 - Completed


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Today was my 30th day!!! (yay) 

I feel so powerful.. I was kinda scared at the beginning of this road, I didn't think I would see any outstanding results but here I am 32 days later (I did 2 more days cause I kinda accidentally screwed up on the second day) very happy and definitely planning on sticking to this lifestyle.

  • First of all I lost 10lbs... yup... that's the most weight I've ever lost in little as 30 Days, I started at 167.55 and now I am at 156.53 lbs 
  • My skin is definitely clearer, it isn't totally acne free but I do see improvement , its also glowy and I love it.
  • My sleep is amazing
  • I feel full of energy

I'm a little bit scared by the reintroduction so I would love any advice on this.

I don't miss legumes at all I think ...but I sometimes crave corn and a froyo wouldn't be such a bad Idea also a cup of wine sounds good. I've seen the reintroduction plan and it starts with legumes <_< can I skip those? Can I jump right into gluten-free grain? 

I wanna keep on whole30-ing actually but I'm kinda relieved that If one day I really crave popcorn I can have some or that nothing will happen if I have a sip of beer or a cup of merlot. Im pretty sure I wanna keep eating like I learned in this 30 days but I also feel free and insecure about how to apply and use that freedom, do I explain myself?

I also don't wanna gain the weight back, recently a friend asked me how much weight can someone loose on Whole30 , when do you plateau?

I'm full of doubt and at the same time excitement, I feel like a baby who gave its first steps and now i'm ready to run!

Overall this is and amazing amazing experiment and a lifestyle worth to keep, I think my mom is tired of listening how marvelous I think Whole30 is and how much it has changed my life, I can't wait for her to try I mean she's been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and I've heard Whole30 can be really helpful I really don't like the idea of her being conditioned on taking pills her whole life as her doctor prescribed so...


Thank you for this, Thanks for the experience, Thanks for all the community that helped me through this journey 

I'll be here , I just love being part of this and I still have tons to learn.




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You don't have to reintroduce anything you don't plan on eating ever again.  I never reintroduced beans (other than peanut butter) or soy because I never ate beans to begin with and soy is too much of an endocrine disruptor for me to feel comfortable eating it.  Just remember, those things you don't reintroduce would be things that when they arrive on your plate at some sort of mexican fiesta where beans are everywhere, that if you choose to eat it, you're not going to know how they affect you... so it is really up to you on what 'never eating that' means... if it means 'probably not going to but might' then do a reintro... if it means NEVER NEVER then feel free to skip it.

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