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Peanut Butter - Day 1 Reinto Breakfast


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Day 31 here and this morning I reintroduced peanut butter. For breakfast I had 3 HB eggs, 1/2 avo, and celery with peanut better and raisins. The raisins have no additionally added sugar. I had about 6 3 inch pieces of celery and peanut butter went in. This was about 8:30am.

Come 11:15am, headache! I had headaches in the first two weeks from what I assuming was a sugar detox. I entered this program for my love of sugar and horrible eating habits. The last two weeks they have been non-existent until today.

I don't know a lot about peanuts. Do you think it's the actual peanut or added sugar? Wondering if it is beneficial to try and find peanut butter with no added sugar to narrow it down.

I just had lunch - reintro for that was black beans with my deconstructed hamburger. This was just about 20 minutes ago.



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I think if it were me, I'd go ahead with whatever legume reintros you have planned for the rest of the day and see how you do. If nothing else seems to give you a headache, I'd suspect the sugar. It should actually be pretty easy to find some peanut butter without sugar if you want to go back at some point and try that -- look for Smuckers or Laura Scudder brands, although there are probably others as well, I just know those are the brands I find around here that offer varieties that are just peanuts and salt, no sweeteners of any kind.


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