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If you're here because you're coming up on the end of your Whole30, want to see if you've had a similar experience as me, or are just peaking to see what you can look forward to in your upcoming Whole30 - please comment and share stories below!


I wanted to wait to write this until I check my weight tomorrow morning (Day 31) but then realized that I actually don't care! It's obvious that I look better and that I'm taking care of myself. Most importantly - I have put only good things into my body for 30 days! *If I can eat like this for 30 days, I know I can lose the weight I want - this month has shown me something I've never experienced with eating EVER - self control and a conscious appreciation for, and protection of, my body*

The Good:

- I didn't purposely eat non-compliant foods. I think I ate out 4-5 times and really tried to stick with compliant decisions, though obviously you can't guarantee outside food are prepared compliantly

- I learned a lot of new recipes and feel really great about cooking SO much of my own food!

- My clothes fit better (just a touch!), my face looks amazing, my hair is super shiny and while I don't feel the "magic" all the time I find myself getting happier easier, if that makes sense

The Bad:

- Hidden ingredients!! You Devils, you! Soy lecithin in my tea! "Contains less than 2%...." in pretty much all meat! Random stuff in my spices! I'm sure I ate some non-compliant smoked salmon. Dang.

- Did NOT stick to the 3 meals a day for sure - and not because of PWO meals

- Larabars; I kept them in my purse and depended on them quite a bit. I don't really have a sugar dragon but you wouldn't think that by how much I wanted these around!

Next Time:

*I plan on doing my second Whole30 in January, cliche, ya!*

- Stick to 3 meals a day unless my workouts get more intense to warrant a mini post-meal

- No sneaky ingredients!!

- No Larabars, enough. I need to create snack packs that are not date-related candy bars

- Not really something to watch out for but...this Whole30 I held off on the exercise part until the end (i love working out and am usually consistent <- oxymoron?) so next time around my moving-grooving will be full swing so I'm excited to see THOSE results!


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Congrats! Enjoyed reading about your journey. I have the book, just keep putting off starting. I think it's because I have "failed" on so called healthy diets so many times I just don't want to feel like I've failed yet again.

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