How to tell which is the trigger food?


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I'm in the reintroduction phase. I went through dairy with no perceived issues. Then I had some rice crackers for the non-gluten grains (I skipped gluten-grains since I know they're an issue), and then next day my face started breaking out around my mouth. Acne around my mouth is a clear food-related issue.

My question is, is it possible that the dairy is a problem, but it took a couple of days to come out as acne? Or is this more likely an issue with the rice crackers? :huh:

Thank you!


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Rachel, are you introducing one day and then going back on Whole 30 for 2 days before you introduce something else? Also, when you introduce the second item, you don't also eat the first. So it's one at a time. That way, you will know. If you want to, go more days inbetween reintroductions just to be sure.

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