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Giving Thanks !!!


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I am very very thankful for having found Whole30, ISWF, Dallas Mellisa all the mods and this entire community....

Not planned but today is the end of my first W30 and I am turning it into a W60-90. I have a few more inflammatory issues that I'm trying to resolve that need more time before I reintroduce, but frankly.... I'm very satisfied with all the wonderful food I've been eating....

I believe pre W30 I was cronically,systemically inflamed which led to a plethora of ailments

My progress thus far: I feel amazing, I feel amazing,I feel amazing.

I'm off prescription arthritis med, off anti depressants, and even though I was alway very athletic my BP was hovering at 150/100.... It is now averaging 100/60 ( no meds needed now)

My sleep is great ( I still don't get enough, working on that) I am mentally focused, I feel like a fog has been lifted, my athletic performance is through the roof as is my daily energy... And for those concerned my net weight loss was 4 1/2 lbs. but I have definatly regained muscle and burned a ton of body fat... I wish I would have gotten a body comp.... But before I was soft...now I'm shredded , And I am eating soooo much food! More than I ever ate in my life!!!!

So over the next months I'm hoping my knee will further heal and maybe my hormonal issues will normalize a bit more.... I'm realistic, 50 years of damage isn't going to resolve over night but I look forward to continuing the journey towards greater health....

Thanks for all of you and have a wonderful holiday.....

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Thanks... Kb,Alana, and Xandra!!!!

I don't chime in to often when it comes to the " mushy" stuff. ( after all I have a tough guy image to uphold lol ).... But this community has meant a lot to me and my success....

For the first time in my life I'm not a slave to calorie counting and the scale.... I believe just removing those "stressors" have made me soooo much happier and healthier...

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday.....

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Thanks slw.... Don't worry... I'm like a bad flu bug....hard to get rid of...lol

I've just been doing better and better...I'll be on day 40 tomorrow and shooting for 90.... Trying to resolve some of my more tricky hormonal issues ( yes guys have hormonal issues also).

I'll reintroduce when I actually have a cravings, but so far the only thing I kinda wanted was a homemade split pea soup but that was fleeting. So satisfied with food selection and I'm never head hungry.... That's a first !!!!

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