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Hi everybody,

This is my first Whole 30, and I am on Day Two. I have not been feeling well, and I read the blog post about the difference between not feeling good because of Whole30, and just because you are actually sick. I have a sore throat, am nauseous, and am feeling achy, which leads me to believe I am getting sick. I read the rules on juice, and the website says that they do not recommend it. However, I am having a hard time finding compliant vitamin C, and ginger tea is not helping my stomach. While I am not in a dire situation, I am wondering if it would completely ruin the diet if I chewed a Tums and drank some orange juice so that I can feel better?



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Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well.

First though, this isn't a diet. It's a dietary reset............which means that anything non-compliant will reset your reset, whether you wish it to or not. All the tums that I can see online contain corn starch so they would be off-plan.

That said, we don't expect anyone to suffer and if you're sick anyway, it might be a good idea to try sticking close to Whole30 while recovering but really start your days counting when you're feeling better.

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