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R2D15 and R2 is hard for all the reasons people say it's hard.. less exciting and less quick results.  On the plus side: I think I'm fighting off a the flu - i feel crappy but not as crappy as I would usually feel when sick. But feel run down and frustrated and bloated today - I've eaten a ton of compliant carbs. Plaintain with lunch, potato with dinner and a banana at the end of dinner. I knew I was basically making myself a dessert I didn't need with the banana - especially given that I had two other carbs today, but I was upset and wanted something. 

And of course, now I'm grumpy that I reacted that way with food.  This R2 doesn't fully feel worth it (but I know it is), and I'm craving ice cream like crazy. I could use a small pep talk.

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Don't beat yourself up! When you don't feel well, it's normal to want comforting things, and if you usually use carby foods as comfort foods, it's normal to want those. 

It's also possible that because your body is fighting off sickness, it may actually want more food to have the energy and nutrients it needs, so don't be afraid to eat if you're hungry. It's cold and flu season, and you're feeling icky, just do the best that you can. If you have broth or a hot tea you like, try that after dinner if you're sure you aren't actually hungry. Broth or tea either one can be warm, comforting things to have throughout the day as well. (Yes, plain water is better, but a day of lots of tea or broth is not going to be the end of the world here.)

Hang in there and know that in a day or two, you'll likely be feeling better again, and then you'll be so glad you stuck to it and don't have to start over!

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Being sick suck, but you can do it! Of course you want comfort things when you're sick, are there non-food things that would be comforting?

Are you a soup person when you're sick? If so I'd recommend the Applegate compliant chicken strips, a pack of the Green Giant or similar frozen riced cauliflower, and chicken stock thrown together as a quick chicken and "rice" soup. Mostly because I need chicken soup when I'm sick and all those ingredients are already prepped, they just need a little time in the microwave.

And everything ShannonM said.

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