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Thoughts on Reintro Plan?


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Can’t believe reintroduction is coming up in less than a week!  I’ve done two Whole 30s previously and I did the fast-track reintroduction both times (followed generally the plan laid out in the book.)  Had no real reaction to anything, other than a little bad mood with soy, and a huge resurgence of my sugar dragon.  And then just generally my old habits crept back pretty quick.  I’d like to do something different this time.

I’m thinking of a combo fast-track and slow roll.  I was thinking of starting with wine, but this time focusing on wine in recipes/cooking.  I have a ton of recipes that are alllllllmost Whole 30 compliant, but for a little wine.  After that, I’d like to do added sugar, because again, it’s hard and annoying to avoid in cooking/ingredients.  Also, I’d like to see if I can add it back in in cooking without awakening my sugar dragon.

Basically, I’d like to know if I could have these items back in my cooking as part of my food freedom.  After that, I’d like to then do the slow roll, and just eat Whole 30 (with possibly the cooking wine/added sugar if no bad effects) until something comes along that I really want to specifically test out.

Sound reasonable? And I assume I should go back to pure Whole 30 compliance between the wine and added sugar tests?  I was thinking of doing the individual tests for longer than just a day or two.  I was thinking about five days since it might be important to see the culmulative effect since I’ll likely be having relatively small amounts in a given meal. 

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