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Mayo and Ranch Dressing in One Session


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I love the Whole30 Mayo recipe and have had good success with it most of the time. The only failure I've had was when trying to make a double batch, so I generally make a single batch at a time. (I make mine in a regular old blender.)

Today I decided to try an experiment. First, I made my usual single batch of mayo in the blender, and it was perfect. I dumped out all I could into a container to go in the fridge. Then, without cleaning out the blender, I added the ingredients for another batch of mayo and blended it up. It too turned out perfectly. After adding the lemon, I added about a teaspoon of homemade ranch seasoning mix that I found here: https://www.thepinningmama.com/whole30-homemade-ranch-seasoning-mix/

I blended that lightly and threw it in a separate container. Voila! Regular mayo and ranch dressing in about five minutes, and only one cleaning of the blender.

Frankly, the idea of Dump Ranch turns my stomach, and this dry seasoning mix was easy to make and will last along time.



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54 minutes ago, ladyshanny said:

Awesome! Thanks for the link. Can I ask why the idea of Dump Ranch turns your stomach? Besides the obviously horrendous naming choice?

Hahaha... I was just going to say that 'dump ranch' is never going to make its way into my kitchen because of the horrific name.

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On 2/19/2018 at 3:16 PM, HA Welch said:

How do I thicken up the mayo?

Were all your ingredients at room temperature? That makes a huge difference. Also add the olive oil very very slowly while it’s blending and it’ll thicken up nicely after a few seconds. I must say I was sceptical when I read the recipe, mine turned out perfect. I actually like it better that store bought stuff. Good luck!

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