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Hi everyone!

I’m just looking for a little advice and any one who may be able to weigh in on what I’m going through! Let me preface this post by letting you know that I’m in my 20’s and I’ve never had any hormonal imbalances or issues with my mental health before in my life.

Last year I started using birth control pills and about 6 months in I started feeling awful. I started to experience anxiety and depression, which I’ve never felt in my life. Because this was the only thing that had changed in my life over the last 6 months, I knew it must be the pills. I decided to stop in October and thought I might be in the clear. However, in November my body went nuts. I started experiencing panic attacks every day, very extreme depression, anxiety, constant nausea, shaking, heart palpitations, and rapid weight loss. I found out that some women experience these extreme side effects as their bodies are trying to learn how to work once they’ve stopped taking birth control. I had no idea!

It has now been about five months since I stopped taking birth control and I’m definitely better than I was, but not completely healed. I am mostly left with anxiety, days where I just feel “off” or sad, and some mood swings. I see a naturopath and she suggested that I start Whole30. I’ve already done Whole30 twice before and have enjoyed it, but never have seen any difference in how I feel on it. However, this was before I experienced any of these hormonal/mental issues. I’m wondering if anyone out there has every been through anything similar or if anyone has any advice for me and how Whole30 could help me get back to my normal! Any tips on specific foods I should eat or avoid are welcome!

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Hey @hma64 & welcome to the forums...

Sorry to hear you've been having such a time of it. Hopefully Whole30 will help re-balance your hormones, but in the mean time can I suggest you give Dr Jolene Brighten a follow if you're on instagram of Facebook? Her work is primarily in helping women 'recover' after using hormonal birth control so she will definitely have some articles of interest for you to read.

A big part of the Whole30 recommendations of eating x3 template meals per day, the first within an hour of wakening, will go along way to helping your body heal, as will good sleep hygiene, meditation etc so you've definitely come to the right place - and hopefully we can help you along the way...

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