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Day 28 - tired all the time

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I’m on day 28 of 46 and I think I’m actually more tired than when I started the whole 30?! But I know it’s my own fault. Mango is in season so I stock up, but I think it’s become SWPO? Not sure I’m eating enough fat. I know I’m not eating enough food, but I both do not have a huge appetite and cannot cook fast enough to have enough for 4 meals. (I meal prepped for 3 hours last night!! And have several more hours ahead of me today!) Maybe I need more water too? Maybe I need to be patient? Can you guys help me with my meals?? Thanks, here’s yesterday:

Meal #1 

-Banana with almond butter

-2 beef compliant hot dogs with mustard and pickles

-A handful of olives

-An orange And A mango 

Meal #2



Meal #3

-Bang bang shrimp


Meal #4

-crab cake

-sweet potato chips and guacamole 


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You're definitely not eating enough food - almost no veggies all day and lots of fruit. It looks like you're getting enough fat though, so that's good! Look at the template again and make sure you're having a boatload of veggies with every meal and you'll definitely want to limit fruits. I know it's tempting in the summer, but if you're having real trouble with your energy levels you'll want to cut it out.

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Where's the protein in meal 2 and the vegetables in general?

Part of the problem is that you're basically relying on the sugar rush from the fruit to get energy. Meals really don't have to be complicated, or take 3 hours to prep. Simplify. Stick a tray of chicken thighs or breasts in the oven to cook along with a tray of whatever veg you like. That's a bunch of food prepped with very little active participation time.

I think you'll be good to go once you cut about 2/3 of that fruit and up your protein and veggies. 


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