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Donna and Casey's Whole 30


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Ok, Today so far, since I probably won't be able to post again until tomorrow:

B: W30 bacon and eggs.

L: GF burger on salad with onion and avocado. I also had some cantaloupe.

Heading to yoga class in a bit and then dinner at the in-laws. So, for me I'll probably shovel down some leftover roasted chicken and veggies right after yoga. I don't expect any Whole30 options at the dinner tonight. I'll post the remainder of today's log tomorrow.

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Casey, another great day! And I agree the more the merrier so chime in or post as you need!

Today's kill:

B: Eggs with bacon

S: Grassfed Gourmet Beef Jerky

L: Gazpacho soup Pineapple

D: Sauteed Swiss Chard, Cauliflower with Ghee, sliced Radishes with olive oil (I brought back from Greece) Organic chicken sausage

All veggies were fresh from our Organic CSA week's pick! My husband was very against this but after he ate, he was like, this was the best idea EVER!!!!!!

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Forgot to say....Holy Cow Girl...you grow your own veggies???? You amaze me! Someday......someday......My husband's grandparents were from Czech Rep. and grew everything they ate and had chickens for eggs. The shot wild game for meat and rabbits for stew....They grew grapes for their homemade wine!

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Hmm. I don't have clear rules, so I will have to think about that. The deviations have been small, and I really have not had problems with cravings, to my astonishment. Mostly it has been non-Whole30 mayo (trace sugar and cottonseed oil) and sausage with sugar in it. I'll have to think about it more deeply and see if I can come up with rules - or whether it would be doable to really go for it.

I started by cutting out sugar at the beginning of May and found it remarkably easier than I'd expected. Wandering around on the web, I found Whole9 and Whole30 and decided to start working towards that lifestyle about a week or so after giving up sugar. I finished up the last of the cream for my coffee a week ago, which was really my last major holdout. All in all, it's been pretty smooth. We had a big event at work this morning which is the most tempting situation I've been in - with bagels, pastries, cheeses, real cream for the coffee, the works - and I looked at the chocolate muffin and a couple of other things with a bit of wistful regret, but then walked away to talk to someone else. I would not have thought I could do that. It's also been a stressful time at work and there have been a few situations where I knew I was wanting something sweet because it would be emotionally satisfying, but I was able to ride it out and remind myself that food wouldn't solve anything. So it's going pretty well, despite the few non-compliant foods for convenience. I've also been sick, but not resorted to comfort food!

As for reporting on today:

Breakfast - Coffee with coconut cream, 2 egg omelet with spinach and mushrooms, made in coconut oil. I've tried 3 eggs to get more protein but it's too much and I feel gross for hours afterward

Snack at the work breakfast - A handful of fresh berries & grapes

Lunch - chicken salad (non-Whole30 mayo) wrapped in a collard leaf, carrots, cherry tomatoes

Dinner - Chicken fajita bowl with onions, zucchini, mushrooms, salsa, and avocado

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It looks like you are doing great to me....just switch to Well Fed homemade mayo....you make it yourself, it is so easy in a blender and it tastes pretty close! If you need the recipe I can attach it.

What is coconut cream???? Coconut milk? does it have sugar? If not, that is legal.

With the exception of the sugar in your sausage, you sound pretty compliant to me.

Great job. I think you are pretty much there....keep going!

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I didn't know what to call it - you put a can of coconut milk in the fridge and the creamy part separates from the water. Totally kosher.

I do need to start making mayo but because of my wife's particular diet requirements it gets a little more complicated.

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Yes, homemade mayo is pretty easy to make.

Ha, Donna, I am trying to garden. Before we got our house, we lived in a 4-unit apartment building that was filled with our friends. It was like a commune of sorts. One of our friends has a degree in horticulture and practically the entire yard was edible. It was great and saved everyone a ton of money on groceries. He made it look so easy, that as soon as we bought our house, I put in a garden. But, it is not as easy as I thought! Maybe in enough time I'll get it figured out and get some yield.

Your husband's grandparents sound a bit like this friend I mentioned. He also has bee hives (for honey), makes his own beer and wine, and is moving on to cheese. Oh, and I think he's going to be putting in a chicken coop soon. Ha, he actually seriously considered farming fish but we talked him out of it. That idea was a little off the deep end. :)

Ok, so tonight was interesting. I ended up eating leftover chicken and veggies from dinner last night right after yoga. Then, over to the in-laws where they were serving pizza. Good thing I am paleo (which they don't fully get what that is yet) and had a plan, because if I had shown up planning to eat I would have been screwed! I'm allergic to cheese and I guess they forgot this (it was the grandparents and they still don't get the cheese allergy). Oh well, it made it very easy to not be tempted. I ate some raspberries while everyone ate pizza.

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Hi, I'd love to join in here if that's okay...followed the link from the June group. My name is Katie and I just started my W30 this morning! I'm so excited to get going, as I've been planning and shopping and cooking and collecting recipes for a little while. I've only had breakfast so far, but am going to post it anyway:

2 eggs fried in clarified butter, 2 homemade sausage patties, 1/2 a small avocado, mint tea, and big glass of water.


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Welcome Katie! Is this your first time eating paleo? I think you posted in the other thread about everyone starting in June, correct me if I'm wrong.

Looks like you had a great breakfast!

Hope everyone is having a great day! I'll post my log later.

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I did think more about rules and I'm not sure I can express this coherently (very tired - 15 mile bike ride today) but basically, I have to balance out ideal W30 eating against stress and practicality. I'm not going to allow any cheats for the sake of cravings but I may use a non-compliant ingredient if not doing so would add to my stress or take away from any downtime or sleep I might get. There may also be the occasional food that I eat because it would otherwise go to waste (example in today's lunch) and that would be against my values and an added stressor. I hope that makes some sense.

B: Coffee with coconut cream, Applegate Chicken-Apple Sausage (W30), fried egg, leftover fajita veg with half an avocado. This breakfast was downright heavenly. About half of the vegetables were onions that had mostly caramelized. Swoon.

L: Deli turkey (non-W30 because of carrageenan, I don't want it to go bad, the kids won't eat it, but I won't buy it again, especially since I have learned that carrageenan is rather bad stuff), hard boiled egg, avocado and tomato in collard leaf.

S: Cashew, almond, pistachio and cranberry trail mix, and an apple - needed hefty snack for bike ride

D: Plantains fried in coconut oil, mahi mahi with spinach and leeks.

The bike ride was a trial ride of my daily commute, and I think I will be able to commute by bike, so that is huge! I will be able to add exercise into my life without taking any more time away from my day. (It works out to the same amount of time because next year I won't have to take the kids to school as their school will be in our neighborhood.)

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That's awesome that you get to commute by bike. I'm a big fan of riding bikes, so I'm a little envious just thinking about it!

Are you pretty new to paleo eating? I can't remember if you said you were or not. I think it's good that you are thinking about why you're making the food choices you make and deciding to eat as clean as you can. Oh and, your breakfast does look amazing! Also, I'm really big into the trail mix on bike rides too. My favorite stuff to bring is a mix of beef jerky, raisins and walnuts or pecans.

Ok, Today's log:

B: We finished the w30 bacon we had, and eggs with spinach

L: My typical GF burger on lettuce, arugula, avocado and tomato

S: Decaf coffee with coconut milk

D: This, minus the mustard: http://paleoperiodical.com/2012/05/17/recipe-mustard-grilled-pork-chops-w-basil-apricot-relish/

with zucchini noodles (out of Well Fed), and sweet potato baked fries (with coconut milk, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and paprika!)

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wow! Great job people....I am late to yesterday because I was chaperoning the Senior Prom from 6p to midnight....that was a W30 challenge!

J...you are doing really well and you know the rules well! Great for the bike ride. Breakfast looked awesome and I love the trail mix idea.

Casey: Yummy dinner! How's the sleep going?

Okay so here's my belated yesterday log:

B: eggs with tons of farm veggies, watermelon (ran 3 miles and walked 2 miles)

S: w30 approved beef jerky

L: Chicken breast sauteed in fresh picked sage and thyme and garlic, Kale sauteed in garlic and olive oil

D: tons of raw veggies, a salad with olive oil, chicken

Passed up the bread at the table and the ice cream bar and the cheese bar at the prom!!!!!

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Hey everyone!

Wanted to come post the rest of my day. Really enjoying reading everyone's logs. Casey, yes, I did post on that other thread also. But this seems more active so I think I'll stay over here.

I had my breakfast so late yesterday [got to sleep really late for the first time in months] that I didn't eat lunch.

S: spoonful of coconut manna

D: This was tricky...had to eat out on my first day, at a Thai restaurant no less. I read the menu before I went and I think I did okay. I had the coconut chicken soup [Tom Kha Gai, I think], and a green salad with grilled chicken. And that's it! Missed the pad thai and thai iced tea but it was fine and plenty of food.

S: pina colada popsicle, homemade and W30

I saw someone say above that carageenan isn't okay for W30...is this true? I found what I thought were some good deli turkey slices but they do have carageenan. Is that a no-no? I figured seaweed was okay.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Oh, and I forgot to say...the salad comes with peanut dressing so I ordered it without and used the dressing that I brought with me that I had made myself at home. Yay for planning ahead!

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We were vegetarians for about 20 years before having to add poultry and seafood back in when my wife eliminated dairy and soy about 6 months ago (we'd gone gluten free about 6 months before that). I started finding and using paleo recipes but we weren't exclusively paleo, and I was pretty resistant to it because of the prohibition of legumes, which were such a staple of our diet. A lot of the rationale I was reading on paleo sites was inconsistent - why would dairy be ok, but not legumes? As we kept going with the new way of eating, but my wife's health did not improve significantly, I kept reading. When I found Whole9, it was so much more thorough and consistent, and it finally made sense, and I/we went for it. But it is still a very new way of thinking and eating for us.

I have crossed the breakfast food line! :) Today I had tuna with lemon vinaigrette and leftover fried plantains (they're the green ones, not the sweet ones) for breakfast. It was mostly motivated by a desire to get leftovers out of the fridge, but also a little boredom with eggs.

I hope you guys are having the same wonderful weather we are having here. I'm about to bike over to the farmers' market with my little guy. Have a great day!

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What part of the country are you in? I'm in St. Louis and the weather has been amazing lately. We've had spring since February (which is unusual, Feb is usually bitter for us) and I'm just getting spoiled by it.

Having something other than eggs is actually totally getting eating paleo! A lot of people who've been eating paleo for a while don't eat eggs every day. I do, only because I just never tire of them and I have a toddler who expects them. So, eggs it is. But, in the past I've eaten cold, leftover steak, fish... you name it.

Katie - I think carageenan is out. I'm pretty sure I read that in the success guide just the other day. Trying to find it, but haven't located the paragraph it's in yet. Seaweed is in. I'm actually trying to make sure I get more in my diet.

Donna - If you can pull off a W30 with the kind of temptations you're being thrown at work, I don't think anyone has an excuse! I used to work at an office where people on my team actually knew the exact time our candy machine would get refilled every week and would call the company to complain if the guy was late. They also threw weekly junk food days. Yes, back then I ate horribly.

Well, the weather is awesome here so it's time to get outside! Oh wait, breakfast first.

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Hi everyone!

Will post my foods later. Enjoyed a 4 mile hike on the Tow Path with my good gal friend and some spiritual conversation! Things like....how not to let people drive you crazy in day to day life! Anyway. So glad J and Katie are joining us...weather is AMAZING here in New Jersey. I mean, no humidity, mid 70's and sunny. Made some homemade mayo but ran out of olive oil so substituted avocado oil and it really came out amazing with a light green tinge! :lol: Had some tuna and homemade mayo with a ton of veggies, just pulled out of the ground boston bib lettuce.....to die for! Yummmy :D

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Ellie - I've been reading your other blog, but every time I go to post something in it, my daughter runs up to the computer and demands that we either have a dance party or she gets to play toddler games on it. I swear, it's like clockwork! So, sure, jump on board ours if you like! I like your food pics, btw.

Hope your stomach feels better soon.

Oh, Donna, you asked: Friday night, I slept great. I did a yoga class that evening, took Natural Calm and had no trouble sleeping. But, last night it took almost 4 hours to fall asleep. Once I did, I slept great. I think on top of making sure the room is darker, I may need to change some evening habits. I'm thinking yoga, meditation or reading before bed. I may be just stuck in a stress loop over sleep that needs to get some attention in order to be worked out. The sleep problems have been going on for months.

I think my daughter's setting a world record on nap length right now (figures it's on a weekend). We're waiting for her to get up so we can go back to the park.

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Ellie Bellie: Please join the group. The more the merrier and....we are helping each other stay on track and giving each other meal and snack ideas and hashing through what's legal and not. Would love to have you join us.

J....how was your farm market venture?

Casey: glad you slept a bit better. I have found it I go to bed and read for about 30 minutes and take my Mag/Calcium Vit D and get plenty of low level exercise, I sleep better. If I have stuff to do...like go to a prom with blaring techno music for 5 hours until 1 am my body says....I can't sleep! I WIRED!!!!! So I took a 2 hr nap today to catch up. When I awoke my darling hub had cooked a roast pork! I am going to sautee some kale and make a boston bib lettuce salad!....Food log later....

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here's today's food log:

B: tons of fresh from the farm veggies in eggs

S: Beef Jerky

L: Tuna salad with homemade mayo over lettuce with tons of fresh herbs and scallions

D: Roast Pork, Yam with ghee, sauteed greens, salad with olive oil and sea salt

Tons of iced spring water in a ball jar with fresh sliced lemons to drink all day....

considering an apple with almond butter in one hour if I am hungry again, but today....no hunger!

Day 7 for me and hiked 4 miles and napped 2 hours!

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Carrageenan is definitely out. :(

The farmers market was great although incredibly crowded and my son wasn't really thrilled with standing in all the lines. But we got so much wonderful stuff. I took a picture but my phone ate it. Beets (& greens), lettuce, raspberries, cherries, strawberries, sweet potatoes, apples, leeks, asparagus (but they said it was the last week - boo hoo), cucumbers and of course our pastured eggs. I think I am forgetting one or two things. And then we got to hear the banjo player and my son was happy. He loved getting to go in the bike trailer, though, so the lines were worth it.

It is just gorgeous here (Washington, DC). We also finished our container garden on the back deck. Now we have cucumbers, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and strawberries that are supposed to produce all summer. Plus we added marigolds to attract good bugs and morning glory to climb up the deck railing.

Finishing up today's report:

L: Chef's salad (finishing up the illegal turkey) with produce entirely from the market and strawberries

D: Turkey, apple and sweet potato hash

I bought some turkey fillets at the store this afternoon. Any ideas what I should do with them?

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