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Donna and Casey's Whole 30


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Today was a lazy day. Finding it hard to get motivated to do much of anything!

Breakfast was leftover curry w beef, kale and sweet potato

Lunch was some sliced turkey, red pepper, a larabar ball

Dinner was chicken breast, grilled cabbage.

Snack was some more chicken breast, guacamole and lettuce.

We can do this! Don't give up!

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Good tidings of Great Joy on Day 20 !!!!

Okay everybody, I went out for a 2 mile brisk walk with my pup and then ran 3 miles. I find this quite difficult on an empty stomach so I am going to tweak this. I run out of gas and I could probably run 4 or 5 normally but I get low BG and head in.....anyhoo.....

I hopped on the freakin' scale because I just can't listen to advice and....

I lost 7 lbs!!!!!!!! Can't believe it. I feel like I was holding water weight or something for the last few weeks....Woohhoooo.....it's finally working.

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Forgot to do yesterday's food...

B: scrambled eggs with spinach, nectarine

L: Bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato on Pure wrap, Lara bar

S: pistachios, cherries, coconut manna

D: 2 grain-free salmon cakes [found a nice recipe], sauteed swiss chard and spinach, salad

S: pina colada pop

My dad and stepmom are coming to stay over tonight, and are bringing some ribs and chicken wings to put on the grill....great, but I'm sure the BBQ sauce he makes won't be compliant. We'll have salad which should be fine. I will probably just go with it. Tomorrow there is a family party and I haven't decided if I'm going to go...my wife is in SF for a conference so I'd be flying solo with my 3YO...can't actually enjoy parties all that much with him b/c I spend the entire time chasing him around making sure he's not getting himself into trouble or destroying anything. Plus the food will be difficult, unless I bring something, which I may do. But it's the only time all year that I get to see these aunts and uncles and cousins, so I hate to miss it. Still pondering.


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Donna, I found the podcast through the 21 Day Sugar Detox, it's a collaboration between two paleo/primal bloggers and nutritionists where they answer reader questions. They aren't always related to my experience, but I find them enjoyable and informative: http://balancedbites.com/podcast

Jen, I've never eaten jerky and as a fellow ex-veggie I don't find it a particularly appetising option. I would try it but there are no W30 compliant brands at my local supermarket. Snacking for me is often about the sensation and taste rather than hunger, so a cup of herbal tea and the sweeter raw veggies (bell peppers or carrots) is sometimes enough.

Hope your dinner went OK, Casey!

Day 15

B - Scrambled egg and snap peas

L - Spicy halibut and tomato, zucchini noodles and snap peas

S - Apple

D - Curried minced meat (found in the recipes section of this forum, bulked up with red onion and tomato), zucchini noodles and more snap peas, sauerkraut

S - Pepperoni and too much almond butter

Shopping day is always the day I eat the most, I'm learning to expect it and hope to come up with better strategies to deal in future. Also, I'm experimenting with sauerkraut as I hear good things about it digestion-wise.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Yay Donna for Day 20!!! And, stay away from that scale, even if it is being kind right now. ;)

Ok, my mom was so great for NOT making those brownies yesterday! So, the temptation wasn't there for me to battle.

Katie - the family dinners can be so tricky! Ha, and I know exactly what you mean about chasing a toddler around. (and how much focus that requires!) My parents have a pond and had the grill going, and she was bouncing back and forth between the two all evening!

I do have to hover my parents when they cook, because of all the sneaky ingredients. I think I was making them a little nuts last night. I had to pull out salad before they covered it with peanut/soybean oil dressing. I had to keep them from sprinkling this terrible mix of processed crap seasoning on my steak. And, the sugar on the fruit. I never understood this, but they can't eat fruit without adding sugar. But, in the end, I made out with a pretty tasty dinner that was W30 all the way.

So, yesterday was Day 3:

B: eggs with mushroom and onion, brussels sprouts and W30 bacon.

L: GF burger, kale chips, tomato, avocado, and banana

D: Steak, salad with no dressing, strawberry and bananas, and sweet potato with coconut oil.

A little carb heavy on the dinner, but that was my option to make it through the meal. My parents consider corn a vegetable, so that was out. And salad was a side so I didn't get as much as I would have liked!

Oh, I gave my mom a copy of It Starts with Food for her birthday. I'd love it if she would just give this lifestyle a shot, so we'll see...

Mrstrudo - I have lazy days for sure. Sometimes all the prepping and cooking gets old and it is hard to just get in there and make food. On those days, I actually just eat mostly meat because that's all I can will myself to make.

I'm with Donna on the book recommendation. They did a fabulous job explaining the hormone imbalances that go on when you eat a processed/carb-heavy diet, which is so important to understanding how this lifestyle can undo bad health and help you lose weight. Not everyone gets the weight loss in the first 30 days, but if it's meant to be, it will be eventually. Plus, this book has been so motivating to me. I like thinking about cravings in the way they explain it - makes me think about it scientifically and that makes me not want to cave in.

Hope everyone has a great day, whatever number day you're on!

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Kt, can you share the salmon cake recipe?

Yay, Donna! I can't imagine running on an empty stomach, so yeah, tweak that.

This is a big family event weekend, I guess because of Father's Day. We're going to my dad's tomorrow but he's great about food stuff and has always made stuff special for me since I became veg. He's a die-hard carnivore. (Hmm, maybe he'd like W30!) He will grill shrimp but I'm bringing the marinade from Well-Fed, and I will bring some veggies to grill. He is also making a lot of stuff we won't be able to eat but we can take some salad before it's dressed and my stepmom and grandmother can eat the other stuff. The picky kids will eat stuff we bring.

Last night my son split his lip open bigtime and we thought we might have to go in for stitches. The on call ped said he'd be ok, and he's so right. It's amazing how much it healed in 12 hours. I thought he would be looking like a prize fighter in pictures tomorrow but I bet you won't be able to see it. But we didn't get to dinner until 10 pm so we had tuna (which is what I had for lunch) with W30 mayo. I don't think I had anything else with it. I was so tired.

The rest of yesterday:

B: 2 eggs with beet greens sauteed in garlic, coffee with coco cream

S/L (they kind of blended): mixed nuts, tuna with W30 mayo, cherry tomatoes, carrots

S: a cucumber slice with guac at my neighbor's summer happy hour (but I stayed away from all the other yummies and the booze), apple slices, maybe some nuts? the evening starts to blur at this point

Today so far:

B: 3 eggs scrambled with zucchini, tomato, and basil (basil from our garden!), coffee with coco cream

S: Iced coffee with coco cream, apple with almond butter (which turns out to have sugar - will have to buy non-sweetened when next able to do so)

L: Turkey with dairy-free pesto and W30 mayo in a pure wrap, cherry tomatoes, 1/2 apple

I thought the Pure Wrap was pretty weird. It had a distinct taste and smell, which was not at all coconutty to me but very noticeable. However, it was a lot easier than a collard green so I may use them from time to time.

Thanks for the snack tips and suggestions. My meals are as big as I can handle, usually. If I eat more, I feel kind of gross. I only snack for hunger, which seems in keeping with W30. I think I will relax a bit about fruit (as you can see I did today) and try to cut back on nuts.

Off to run errands.

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Jen, here's the link to the salmon cakes: http://balancedbites.com/2010/12/easy-recipe-grain-free-salmon-cakes.html I am used to making them with lots of breadcrumbs and some greek yogurt so the texture of these is different, but I actually liked them a lot. The coconut oil makes them nice and crispy. Mmm, crispy. :) Also, don't know if you live near a Trader Joe's, but their almond butter doesn't have sugar. I have a jar I bought for my W30 and haven't opened it yet...ought to do that! I also bought orgo Sunbutter to make Sunshine Sauce and haven't done that yet either. Hope your son is doing okay...that doesn't sound fun.

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Oh, Ellie, I had to read back in the thread to find Mrs. T's crock pot chicken breast info, and saw that you can't find coconut chips near you. We get them locally but have also ordered them from Amazon, which has eeeeeeverything....

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Just be careful, because the only Sunbutter they had at my local giant Whole Foods was not the organic one, so it had sugar in it. I had to order it online. :( Has to be the organic.

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Jen, that sounds scary about your son. I'm waiting for stuff like that to happen.

I went to the farmer's market this morning and wound up carting out a case of tomatoes. I probably looked insane pushing a stroller loaded down with veggies and chicken, and holding this giant box of tomatoes.

I wound up making a ton of ketchup via the recipe in Eat Like a Dinosaur. It's a lot of work, but the payoff is worth it.

Ok, so Day 4:

B: Eggs and bacon

L: GF hamburger and 1/2 avocado

D: part of a piece of salmon and kale chips.

I am probably going to have to eat more salmon here in a bit, and probably some fruit. I've just been very busy today.

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Day 21

Good morning ladies!

Casey, you are so right about weighing myself. I have had such a love hate relationship with the scale it sure is hard to leave it alone!!!!! And of course, my closest friends are like....how much weight have you lost on this crazy diet??? People pleaser in me felt the need to have a number to throw back at them....I need to remove and hide that scale for now. It serves no purpose. Loved your story about the farmer's market. You have inspired me to make ketchup as I miss it on my GF burgers. Pulled up a Paleo make your own condiment website as I don't own Eat Like a Dinasaur....thanks for the motivation and the redirection! And I am so glad you were not under temptations at your mom's house.

Jen: My boys (men) are 21 and 25. We were constantly running to the ER for crazy boy accidents. Stuff that you couldn't make up if you tried! The great news is inner lips heal beautiful. Outer lips, need help with stitches usually...there is nothing worse than when our little cub is hurting and it brings out the mother bear protectress in all of us...Deep breath and today will be better!

Ellie: Thanks for the Podcast links....I listenend to the first Paleo episode last night. Love the discussion about Kombucha and Home made Sauerkraut....I drink Apple Cider Vinegar tonic daily for gut health. this has intrigued me as I just received 2 heads of cabbage with my CSA. Hubs and I are making sauerkraut later....such fun

Katie: Again I can't thank you enough for the coconut manna idea. When I crave after dinner, I take a spoonful of that and it satiates and I know it is good for me. Have you ever seen the you tube on Alzheimer's and coconut oil and the link for improvement in patients who are debilitated with it? If not just search, Alzheimer's and coconut oil on you tube and this woman who is an MD conducted her own memory experiment with Coconut oil with her hub and daily his ability to draw a face on a clock improved dramatically along with his behaviors.....I showed my hub and he is sold. Dementia runs deep in his family. Enjoy your bbq if you go.

Mrstrudo: Thanks for your encouragement and we can do this...together, it makes it so much easier!

yesterdays foods:

B: scrambled eggs, watermelon

L: Bone Broth

S: unsweetened banana chips

D: Shish kabob, greens

1 tsp of coconut manna

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Day 16

B - Yummy selection of W30 pepperoni, sauerkraut, olives, greens

L - Biiig omelette with curried sausage and zucchini

D - Paleo pad thai from Well Fed (but with almond butter subbed in for sunbutter and a few extra veggies)

S - Apple

Can't stop today, off out on a jaunt to the lakes!

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Donna - did you just drink bone broth for lunch? I really should start using more bone broth, but I have never been a big soup person.

That's interesting about the coconut-Alzheimer's connection. Alzheimer's runs rampant down my dad's side of the family. Every single person for a couple generations has gotten it. It's pretty scary.

Going to the in-laws for Father's Day today. I plan on just bringing food for myself and my daughter as the last two times we were there they had fast food. I'm starting to get to a place on intolerance over people feeding my daughter crap. But, that is such a struggle considering her dad doesn't even feed her healthy foods.

I'm so in love with this ketchup. I ended up making more eggs last night and covered them in ketchup. I also had a sweet potato with coconut oil.

We had a crazy storm last night. It was like a hurricane hit us!

Ellie - do you boat on the lakes? We have a lot of rivers here and I love getting out on them. Have a great day!

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I have a confession. I get really confused when I see mrst. I'm all "Who is that!?" I've been using it as a joke nickname for a while but never on a forum before. It came from the husband who uses mrtrudo online. So it takes me a minute to go "Ohh, that's me!" cause my real name is nothing close to that. ha.

I was MIA yesterday. mrtrudo and the kiddo are gone camping with the inlaws so it's just me this weekend! Shockingly, it hasn't been a binge fest as it usually is when I'm home alone. I even popped into the grocery store to get some things for Father's day dinner that I'm hosting tonight and I picked up a little chocolate cake for them. I have zero desire to eat it. Meh. I got some local strawberries too. Now those I'm going to pig out on for dessert.

Yesterday I just ate leftovers. Asparagus and bacon scramble for breakfast, chicken, avocado and salad for lunch, and I can't remember about dinner, but it was more leftovers and on plan. I made some beef jerky too. One thing I struggle with a bit is the eating at night. I ate some leftover eggs at about 10pm (but I was super stressed out and the alternative was binging on crap, so small victories?)

Almond butter works great in the sunshine sauce as a substitute! I haven't actually made it with sunflower seed butter yet, just almond butter!

I think I'm getting a cold :( I woke up with a sore throat so I've started Oil of Oregano so hopefully that helps..

Have a good day!

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Mrstrudo....what's your real first name? We can call you by that!

good you didn't binge out. That is easy to do when nobody is around.

Casey: Bone broth is something I recently added. It's easy. Very satiating and I use my fresh herbs and veggies in there and it is heaven....I asked someone on a thread and the moderator gave me the recipe with a crock pot....just boil the heck out of and voila!

Ellie: Your WF recipes make me so envious!!!! Have fun on the lakes.....

so here is today's food!

B: Bone broth and grapes

L: Chipotle (salad, fajita peppers, carnitas, guacamole, mild salsa)

S: unsweetened clean banana chips from the amish market

D: Rib Eye GF steaks, oysters, grilled golden zucchini, caeser salad, sauteed chard with olive oil and garlic (Father's Day Fest).....

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Casey, I am having a sweet potato tonight. Last time I used clarified butter on it, but am wondering about the coconut oil thing...what do you do? And is it really good?

Donna, would you share the bone broth recipe? I'm not crazy about the name but otherwise it sounds good. :)

Okay, so, I did eat the bbq ribs my dad made with the sauce with all kinds of honey/molasses/etc in it for dinner last night. However, I did not eat any of the really nice bread that he brought, nor did I eat any of the ice cream that he went out to get. So while I did "cheat" I actually feel fairly good about it all. And I didn't let it derail me, which is also good.

Yesterday's food:

B: leftover salmon cake, green salad, cherries

L: raspberries, bit of banana, carrots, turkey salad on pure wrap

D: bbq ribs, green salad

Today I had a big family party, and I resisted lots of temptation. I ate a fair amount, but I had guacamole with veggies, some cashews and raisins, grilled veggies, 2 shish kebabs, one chicken and one lamb. The only thing is that I don't know what the kebabs were marinated in, and it may well have been something "bad". But I really needed some protein and I decided not to ask and just do it. There was a beautiful green salad with a ton of feta, a farro salad, and a chickpea salad, all of which I would have loved but didn't have. Left before dessert so that wasn't a temptation. I had a Lara bar and some pistachios in my bag so I could snack on the ride home if I needed to, but wasn't hungry after all that food. I am a huge snacker generally so this has been good for me.

I'm making myself a rib eye and a baked sweet potato and some other veggies for dinner and am really looking forward to it! Hope I don't ruin the steak...I never make steak so I'm out of practice. :)

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I used the slow cooker. My husband had tried the pressure cooker....those things scare me. The bones came from the butcher at my grocery store. I asked for some nice beef bones and he gave me a bunch. My hubs did it with chicken bones and chicken broth and it wasn't so much a bone broth but a chicken broth and it was yummy. We have also just simmered leftover meat carcasses in a big pot after dinner from 5;30 til about 10pm at night and that works too....simmering with the lid on.

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Mrstrudo (or whatever we should call you!) - I hear you on the almond butter in that sauce. I made it like that for a long time and think it works great!

Katie - With the sweet potato, I just cover it well with coconut oil and sprinkle cinnamon, paprika and a little cayenne pepper. It's very good this way. You can also cut it into fries, cover it with all this stuff and stick it in the oven at 375-400 degrees for about 30-40 minutes. That's actually the best way to eat it, I think.

Donna - once I found bones from grass fed cows being sold as dog bones in the freezer of a local store. I bought a ton of them and turned them into broth. I use my slow cooker too, so I'm glad that's not weird to do! I've never been so great at seasoning broth, so I should experiment with this.

Today was.... fun?? Ok, I confess, I adore nap time and I feel very stressed out when family get togethers are right on top of nap time, so my daughter doesn't get sleep. Ok, mad is probably a better word for that!

We have one hour until bedtime. I'm counting it to the minute! :)

Day 5:

B: eggs and blueberries

L: salmon, salad veggies from a grocery store salad bar, and the sweet potato with coconut oil, and raspberries

D: Umm.... don't know yet! I think I'm going to make my life easy and eat more leftover salmon and kale chips. Oh, and some decaf coffee with coconut milk. That sounds good.

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Welcome, Nina!

It sounds like everyone is doing pretty well and having a nice weekend. Yay!

Kids are amazing - he was hardly bothered by his lip at all yesterday except when he whacked his chin twice more and even that didn't really slow him down. I wish *I* healed like that!! Ah, youth. You never know what you have 'til it's gone, right?

Afternoon snack yesterday: a few cherries, watermelon, cucumber slices

Late, lazy, tired dinner: a bowl of shrimp with lemon juice and mayo


B: 2 egg, 3 yolk fried eggs with salsa and avocado, watermelon, coffee with coco cream

L: actual shrimp salad with shrimp, lemon, mayo, avocado, cucumber, and tomato. Iced coffee with coco cream

D: ginger-lime-garlic shrimp (WITH ginger this time!), grilled cilantro-lime sweet potatoes (so good), grilled veggies, fruit salad, green salad - from the Father's Day dinner at my dad's

My dad really is so sweet - he let me take over his kitchen and make all the food that Cait and I needed. He did have crackers and cheeses for appetizers (goat cheese is definitely one thing I miss) but I was so busy in the kitchen that I avoided temptation. Cait and I were able to have the green & fruit salads since he didn't dress them, and they tried the shrimp and veggies I made. We did not eat the chicken and potato salads he made, but he was cool with that. And I brought coconut milk so that when I had coffee after dinner I could have milk in it. It's a bit of a drive home from his house and I usually like to have a bit of caffeine first.

Is bone broth filling enough? Does it have much protein?

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Nice job, Jen!

Casey, I hear you on the nap time thing. I am a stickler for my little guy getting his nap, even though he is 3 and I know plenty of kids have given up their naps by now. He doesn't get a ton of nighttime sleep by 3 year old standards and still needs a nap. Usually he goes down around 1 or 1:30. Today we stayed at the family party until 3, which is really pushing it for me. He slept an hour in the car on the way home, which I was prepared to just deal with even though it's not enough...but I stuck him in bed when we got home and he went back to sleep! I had to wake him up at 6! So now he's in bed again but goddess knows if he'll ever get to sleep with such a late nap. Fingers crossed.

Guess I'll do today's food:

B: green salad with turkey

L: veggies, guacamole, nuts and raisins, chicken and lamb shish kebabs, grilled veggies

D: rib eye , sweet potato with ghee, broccoli

S: none yet but will probably have a popsicle

Not a terrible food weekend, all in all. And I have two more days of my wife being on her trip, so I don't have to worry about what I'm going to make her for dinner. :)


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