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W30 sushi compliant or swypo?


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First, thank you for pointing out that recipe. It looks amazing... I'd already been considering some ideas for doing healthier sushi that's grain-free, and this looks much better than what I had in mind (of course, mine won't be that pretty by the time it's on my plate).

Yes, it looks compliant to me.

Is it SWYPO? It could be, but I'd say that would depend on the person eating it. There are definitely things that are considered SWYPO in general (like using compliant ingredients to make a frozen treat that tastes an awful lot like ice cream), but other stuff is subjective. For my own understanding, I just have to consider my usual tendencies toward the non-compliant versions OR toward that food in general if it's something that has compliant ingredients anyway.

This means that homemade coconut yogurt could totally be SWYPO for me, because I absolutely love the taste of it AND I've had to go without dairy yogurt for so long (which I also loved)... so I tend to go a little overboard, unless I'm using it as an ingredient in something else. Olives can be SWYPO for me, because I could totally see myself sitting down with a jar and just eating them mindlessly, so I have to be purposefully mindful about what I'm doing with them, also.

Sushi would never be SWYPO for me. Sushi is one of the few ways that I actually eat fish on an occasional basis, because even though I did find a few ways to cook a few types (during my first W30), I still don't enjoy doing it and therefore am less likely to do it at home. The ability to make a homemade sushi roll, though, that could potentially hit it out of the park for me, giving me fish but also putting it into a form that I already know I enjoy. (For the record, I imagine sushi would be SWYPO for my husband, who could be perfectly content to call a plate of 6 or 8 rolls "dinner".)

All that to bring it back to the point -- whether or not it's SWYPO will depend on you, and your ability to enjoy it mindfully instead of it being something you'd go overboard with or mindlessly consume.

^ That's my two cents, and how I consider whether a food choice is actually a good choice for me. Note that I'm not a mod, though, so keep your eyes open in case one chimes in and gives you a different line of thought than mine.

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@Jihanna did a great job explaining how each individual person may have some grey areas for SWYPO and Food Without Brakes.  For something like sushi, you have to ask yourself if eating the compliant version is going to make you crave or obsess about the real thing... If you have an ongoing and deep love affair for sushi and you are in deep mourning for it these 30 days, that recipe may not be the best idea.  If it's just another shape of veggies and protein on your plate and you could basically take it or leave it as far as sushi goes, then go for it!

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