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Trying not to be Over It! HELP !!!

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It is day 20 and I have to say I have been grumpy these past few days. Yes, I am menstruating, so maybe that adds a hormonal difference, but I never get this grumpy during my cycle usually, so not a good benefit if this is the type of change I am feeling.

The "testimonials" in the book are driving me crazy because every other one seems to talk about their amazing seasonal allergy disappearance...mine?? Still raging !!! Have tried to go without any meds for a while, I NETI Pot regularly anyway, but they are ridiculous at the moment and that makes me grumpy.

I sleep like the dead...which I guess is ok, but without alcohol and without sugar, etc...I still am waking up like I have a hang over...NOT perky or jumping out of bed with loads of energy and I still am not hungry in the morning, so basically forcing myself to eat - yes, before I have my coffee. And, I also basically conk out at 9:30 without much leeway.

NO TIGER BLOOD ! Whatever that is supposed to mean.

I do not like root veggies in general - I have forced myself to eat parsnips and sweet potatoes b/c they give me some carbs, I do like radishes, so been eating those, and beets I like, but are hard to find right now...not in season...and every canned version I find has sugar. Carrots are "ok", but I of course like to dip those in something...

I look at the next 10 days right now and just want to scream!!! I was fascinated by this process for a while and I am still interested in seeing the end result and experimentation of reintroduction, but sadly I am already dreaming of the things that I really want to put back in my diet and formulating ways to do it without overdoing. Probably not the best strategy for the last days.

The ONLY positive at the moment for me is that I did wear a pair of shorts I could not get my butt into before I started...and though I would hope that would be a carrot to keep me going, sadly probably not enough...

HELP !!!!!!



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1 hour ago, JDubYogi said:

Carrots are "ok", but I of course like to dip those in something...

There are all kinds of recipes for dips, dressings, and sauces that are whole30 compliant, and even premade ones you may be able to find if you're in the US. http://meljoulwan.com/recipes-index/ has several -- try the Sunshine Sauce, or she's got recipes for ranch and creamy Italian dressings that would be good. 

For the beets, have you looked for frozen ones? They're not super common, at least where I am, but I know they exist and might be less likely to have added sugar.

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If it helps at all, my seasonal allergies weren't affected one bit by my first Whole30... and so far, they're not doing any better with the current one. My seasonal allergies are affected by environmental changes that have nothing to do with my diet, though, so if there's any difference I feel then maybe it's that I'm in general feeling healthier... but my head's still stuffed up at times, weather still affects me (pressure change), etc. I'm aware of dairy causing skin irritation for me, so I'm hoping that my current eczema will go away during the course of this round, but I have no idea if there are environmental factors involved there, too (which would mean that dietary changes wouldn't affect it).

Tiger blood didn't hit me until around day 20-24 last round, and it was nothing like how people described it in the testimonials that I'd read... so it's important to realize that we're all different, and while testimonials are going to focus on the specific things each person felt, that doesn't mean that every person experienced the same victories OR that they got the same level of effect (if that makes sense - I hope it does). It's also not all just based on our previous diet and how "bad" it was compared to this, but rather comes down to personal hormones and how our body processes and reacts to things.

Shannon beat me to it, but I was going to suggest making a good, thick ranch to dip those carrots in... or any number of other types of dips, there are a ton of compliant recipes online (just always check the ingredients to be certain).

Regarding the lack of energy, that could definitely be partly because of the period. Mine drained me totally, not only when it hit (late) at the very start of my first W30 but also when it hit (even later) during my reintroduction. Boosting carbs during that time definitely helped me out a lot, but I had to play with when to eat them (and how much to have) in order to find what worked the best for me... in general and during my cycle.

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You can do this! Stay the course and you will be so happy you did:) And I agree, trying a new sauce can definitely help with food boredom, or even a new seasoning! Have you tried the Onion Salt or Everything But the Bagel seasoning from Trader Joes? AMAZING on anything and everything. And remember, Tiger Blood is different for everyone...........for some people it does mean an abundance of energy, for others it may be great sleep! Pay attention to the NSVs you are experiencing. You got this:)

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Thanks everyone! I really do want to figure this out b/c I do see changes in my eating habits and sustaining that lack of sugar and "bad" snacks habits I know is a good thing for me. I am very active in general, so when to eat and what exactly to eat perfectly has been a challenge. I figured out my carb issue, so maybe I will try more fat, though I "think" I am putting enough in. I have these salt fermented olives that are to die for and I could eat avocados for every meal if they weren't $2 a piece!

I also have added some baby food and plain canned veggies to my shopping list for tomorrow and maybe that will help...I think it might be more timing issue than "what" issue, but we'll see.

Sticking to it! Hoping for a better week.


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