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My W30 log - Starting on August 15th


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Time for some planning ahead and getting ready!

I have decided to start on the 15th because I don't have to work on August (so I hopefully won't be feeling any side effects while back to work) and I'll be back home (so I feel more in control of what I buy/eat).

GETTING TO KNOW W30 - Up until now
So I'm reading The Whole30 book, and by now I realize I should have started with It starts with Food. Because I'm an stubborn person I'll finish it before I start the other one, but yeah, this is not what I was looking forward reading.
Today I've told my husband about W30. He asked if I expected him and our 4yo to join me, but I said no - I'm gonna try to keep changes in the family routine to a minimum while still sharing the same meal most of the time. I think it's feasible.
I've just gone thru my blog recipes to find those that are compliant and I'm afraid I've got only 18, but I believe many of the other ones are easy to fix - remove peas (I love peas!) or that spoonfull of flour to thiken the sauce and you are done.

And my plans for the next few days...

GETTING READY - August 13th
Back home in the afternoon, unpacking and grocery shopping. 
I have an old little notebook at home which I think I'll use as a daily journal. I want to note down all the changes that I feel, good ol' pencil and paper feel like the better choice for a nightly self-evaluation. I will also keep this log because I feel it could be useful to plan ahead (as I'm doing now) or share some thoughts - and I may need somewhere to shout my desperation in the middle of the day (hopefully it helps me get distracted from craving!).

DAY 0 - August 14th
I'll start with W30-compliant breakfast already, because I love omelette and tea for breakfast. Probably toss in some carrots or a piece of fruit.
We have some errands to run in the city, and we'll either eat out or at my in-laws. In any case I'll try to easy into the plan ordering a no-grain, no dairy-meal and pass on bread and choose fruit as dessert.
I'll leave a potato salad ready in the fridge.

DAY 1 - August 15th
Let's rock the Whole30 :D
For a few days I'll have the same plain breakfast: unsweetened tea, omelette and whatever raw veggies I have around (or potato salada leftovers if any).
My cousin will be visiting, we'll have a simple lunch: roasted chicken, baked potatoes and pepper, and a simple salad. I can offer either fruit or plain yoghurt as dessert, although I'll have to stay away from the latter.
For dinner I'll be eating a piece of skate which I have frozen already cooked, and the rest of the family may enjoy spaghetti - I think being the first day it won't be too hard.
I'll also be making my pork loin confit, because it's good to have some already-cooked preserved meat in the fridge for those days the rest of the family has a different kind of meal.
And it's time to meal plan the rest of the week!

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I just got started :)
Tomorrow was supposed to be my first day, and today I just meant to get as closer I could to W30 without making a fuss while ordering lunch.
But I actually managed to make all my meals compliant so technically I guess I can say this has become Day 1.

Just had a little issue.
What are you supposed to do with your left hand, if you are not holding bread with it? :huh:
I mean, I normally eat little bread, but I do use it as a tool and it feels weird not to have it... 

And I have just noticed that the Dijon mustard I have at home has sulfite <_<
I love that brand, what a pity! 

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Meal 1: Black tea, carrot, omelette (3 eggs and chicken stock).

Meal 2: Lamb stew, potatoes and salad. Watermelon.

Meal 3: Green beans, potato, carrot and pork loin. One banana.

I felt very hungry when I woke up, but not between meals. No snacking at all.

I'm a bit scared of some unexpected social compromises for the next few days.
In one case it means a traditional meal, which may not all be all compliant but probably near enough - it should not be hard.
In the other one it's gonna be a much harder. I'm afraid we'll end up eating out in a kid-friendly Italian restaurant which is not so Whole30-friendly. Plus we'll have dinner on the way back home, so I'm gonna need some preparation for that.

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Meal 1: One carrot. Omelette (3 eggs) and a quarter avocado.

Snack: Green olives.

Meal 2: Stewed potatoes and carrots with baby cuttlefishes. One apple.

Meal 3: Grilled zuchinni, cherry tomatoes and radishes. One carrot. One banana and half a slice watermelon.


Finally decided that a raw carrot would very well substitute the bread which I'm used to have in my left hand while eating. So that's what I'm doing.

Yesterday I shared my commitment to Whole30 in my blog, and today my mother-in-law questioned me about it. Also she kindly offered some suggestions of better  diets/plans/approaches I should be following instead. It's well meant, I know it, but still felt uncomfortable.

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On 8/14/2019 at 4:32 PM, Amura said:

And I have just noticed that the Dijon mustard I have at home has sulfite <_<
I love that brand, what a pity! 

Your meals sound amazing and it looks like you're having a great start to your W30! On the mustard, are the sulfites added as a preservative or are they occurring naturally? If they're occurring naturally, you should be able to eat the mustard. I'm crossing my fingers for you here ;)

I get the uncomfortable conversations. My parents and in-laws don't really understand the program, feel it's too restrictive and think there's better options out there (my dad's on "partial-keto"; go figure lol). Of course, they mean well and are just wanting me to be healthy. I usually just say that this is what's right for me, that my doctors wholeheartedly endorse it and change the subject. At least my husband and son are there to back me up, and that helps a lot! 

The forum is great! You'll find tons of support here!! :)

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Our relatives sent me a private email about the dangers of meat based diets. I read the link and it was an article by an established doctor who knows his stuff, but there was bias and assumptions and the main gist was that if one is doing a meat based diet, then they are not getting the fiber they need. It's valid reasoning (even if biased) so I did a fiber calculator online and found that I'm getting plenty of fiber - certainly more than I was before, even on my lousy Whole30 days and I'm getting more than the average doctor recommended traditional healthy meal. I composed an email to send back and then just let it go, but sometimes I think back on it.  It's frustrating.

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Thank you ladies for commenting! :wub:

I think I've read (part of) both your logs.
I must confess I've been prying a bit here and there, wondering how other people's experience could relate to my own, but haven't really commented on someone else's log yet... 

In fact I seem to recall that @LadyWolf0926 mentioned not following the timeline,having some delayed reaction, and I think that must be pretty much what's happening to me: I'm on day 4 but still in the what's-the-big-deal mood :rolleyes:
Maybe that's because our diets were not so different from Whole30 to begin with?

The sulfite in the mustard is a preservative. And the jar is almost full so I'm not buying another one right now - I'm not using mustard for a month and that's it. Vinaigrettes won't be the same, but they will do. (Which reminds me I should make some flavoured oil, it's always nice to have something with a punch to add to salads.)

Tomorrow we'll be at my mother-in-law's uncle's house. Old people there. I'll get a look or two for not eating some of the dishes, that's for sure. I don't really mind what they think, but I just hope they don't say anything. Like, you know, politely shutting the mouth up.
I would actually be out of my mind if I got an e-mail such as the one @Emma mentioned!

Anyway I don't think I'm doing a meat-based diet. If anything, an egg-and-carrot based diet :lol:


Oh, well, let's log today's meals! 


Meal 1: Omelette (3 eggs), one quarter avocado, two radishes.

Snack: One small portion of Spanish omelette.

Meal 2: A handful of cashews while cooking. Roasted sargo, little green peppers and a salad (lettuce, avocado, carrot, radishes, plain vinaigrette). An slice of watermelon. 

Snack: Tea. Black tea with cinammon. Another handful of cashews.

Meal 3: Sauteed green beans, carrots and chicken breast with confitted onion. One banana.
I had not made confitted onion for a very long while... I made a kinda large batch so I guess I'm gonna be using it with pretty much everything and anything B) 


Overall I followed the plan, but it feel like the snacks were not the best thing to do.
I do love cashews, that's for sure, but I'm afraid they were a mere substitute for the cookie everyone else was eating...

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You're off to a great start, Amura! I'm so bummed about your mustard :( I get it, tho. I've got so many fave things in my refrigerator that I just can't have.

Your right. My body's reactions didn't always fit the timeline; some did, some didn't. My "kill all the things" took a good week to hit me, but when it did, I was ready. It's possible you may not even experience it, and you're definitely right about pre-Whole 30 diet having an impact on that. I also didn't get the severe headaches and physical discomfort others experience in the first few days. What did happen was my body shedded the bloat I'd been carrying for years in five days; that was crazy! I saw my ankles for the first time in years on Day 7.  The best thing I did for me to track everything so when I go back to my doctor for a check-up in a few weeks, she's got a record of everything that happened. 

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The crazy thing about the mustard is that sometimes the cheapest looking ones are the cleanest!  I just checked my fridge and I think the mustard I use is only a couple dollars. It's so funny that it's the one without all the extra stuff and it still has a nice mustardy taste.

The preWhole30 foods make a big difference in how we react and the people who were eating well definitely have an easier transition. I always like looking at the timeline because it validates some things (the pants are tighter stage at the end of the first week or so), but it is not anything set in stone. Oh - and the day people are most likely to quit. I think I might have quit on that day!

Confitted onions. Yum. Maybe not so yum with every meal and as the leftover that never ends, but still yum. 

I just read back on the part where your mother in law suggested better plans. Ugh. That would be so irritating for me because it requires so much grace to navigate because they have interpreted Whole30 as wild and extreme and have set ideas of what is balanced and healthy. At least my in laws just worried about our lives being in peril ;) 


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Yeah, the mustard was a pity, but to be honest I'm over it - we were not meant to be together forever :lol:

No, seriously, I think that what's working so far for me is that I absolutely removed things from my diet - and  I don't have second thoughts.  Not "maybe" and definetely not "in moderation". Those second thoughts are what got me eatings habits I'm not proud of.
So when I saw the mustard preservative, I thought no, I'm not buying another jar. I'm not searching all the brands in all the supermarkets looking for a compliant one. That would be emotionally complex and after all unnecessary. I can live without dairy, I can live without grains, I can live without legumes. Hell, yeah, sure I can live without mustard!

I printed the timeline because I wanted to cross days as they pass. In case I felt too lazy to actually keep up with the log. But so far I'm writing in detail in my journal and also my log here, so I guess I don't need it so much after all.

Yeah, it seems that when I wrote about Whole30 (despite focusing on what I eat, and not on what I don't eat) people thought it extreme.
I don't know, maybe it's bias, but I actually started Whole30 one day earlier than expected, my husband and my in-laws were with me most of the day and they did not notice a thing. Had not I told them, they might have not even noticed yet that I'm not eating sugar, dairy or legumes. (Grains would hardly go unnoticed though.)

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Oh, and today's log!


Meal 1: Omelette (3 eggs) topped with a bit of confitted onions, broccoli on the side. Also some cashews, and a banana.

Snack: A cup of black tea and apple.
I was not actually hungry, but I thought we might have lunch kinda late and I would not have many compliant choices so it would be wise not to get there too hungry.

Meal 2: Mostly barbecued ribs. That was it. But also the following:
A bit of the filling of a pie (onion, pepper, seafood) which had spilled from a pie.
There were some (compliant) potato chips and I got a handful to add some variation, but really not many: they did not feel like the right food choice.
There were 3 different desserts, all very tasty looking, so I got myself a pear and left the dining room and eat it in the kitchen.
People would drink some coffee afterwards, someone also brought chocolate. I went outside to read a book to the kids.

I feel like I navigated that meal pretty well, all things considered, but from a dietary point of view it was really poor.
And when we returned home for dinner I meant to eat leftover lamb stew, but after two bites I felt like it was too much meat for me today. I like to hear my body in this kind of situation so I changed the menu.

Meal 3: Two bites of lamb. Two cups of lamb soup (I simply pureed all the goodness from the lamb stew but the meat) and one large salad (lettuce, tangerine, avocado, nuts, confitted onion). An slice of cantaloupe.

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It's funny you mention about your family not noticing. Since I'm the cook in the house and fix everyone's meals, I made the majority of everything compliant (with the exception of a few things for the other non-Whole 30 family members). It was about a week in before anyone actually said, "are you sure you can eat this?" It was funny how they reacted when I explained they'd been eating W30 compliant foods and with me. Suddenly, all my "restrictions" they worried about didn't seem so bad, and my son said he could eat like this everyday, so I told him he should. He's starting his W30 on September 3rd ;) **insert proud mama moment** 

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I'm the cook of the house and I'm making most of the meals compliant. Not all though.

My husband would eat whatever I put on the plate. Absolutely not picky at all.
Also he's not judgemental at all. When I told him about the Whole30 he answered that he might join me in a few months, if I actually see some results. I replied it was only a month long, and he was honestly surprised about that!
So it's not big deal cooking the same for him and me - although he adds some things I'm not eating, such as bread.

But no way I'm not forcing it upon our four years-old.
I'm doing this on my own, as a personal experiment, but before trying something like that with a little child I would definetely seek medical advice. Specially because he does not like veggies...


How old is your son, LadyWolf, if I may ask?
And why wait until September 3rd? Do you think you'll be done with the reintroduction by then? Do you mean to do another round with him? That would be cute.


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Meal 1: Omelette (3 eggs), zucchini, two radishes and some confitted onions.

Snack: One small portion of Spanish omelette.
(We are enjoying our holidays at home, so we like to go to a cafe for a midmorning cafe. I usually order water though. They always bring some treat, either bread with jam or biscuit or omelette - if compliant I eat it.)

Meal 2: Two shish kebabs, little green peppers and large salad (lettuce, avocado, manga, radishes and cashews).
I bought some pork shish kebabs (I checked the ingredients) and also some chicken ones (which I assumed were also compliant). My bad, they were not, so I could only eat the pork ones.

Snack: Black tea with coconut milk. 
I did not like it. The coconut flavour is too strong and kills some of the subtle notes of my tea. I guess I'll be using the coconut milk for something else, maybe in the morning omelette?

Meal 3: Sauteed green beans, carrots and leftover lam with confitted onion. Plus one hard boiled egg. And one tangerine.
I cooked more green beans than I needed, so I have leftovers for tomorrow's breakfast.


Today I felt kinda sleepy in the morning.
Actually I already felt sleepy yesterday afternoon, but I thought it was because I ate too much meat (not so balanced) and because I travelled by car afterwards (2 hours) in the back sit. I usually don't feel so well in the back seat.
Now I'm starting to wonder if this could be the I-just-want-a-nap phase in the timeline. Could be could be. I'm not dead tired, but I'm sleepy indeed.


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2 hours ago, Amura said:

How old is your son, LadyWolf, if I may ask?
And why wait until September 3rd? Do you think you'll be done with the reintroduction by then? Do you mean to do another round with him? That would be cute.

You can certainly ask! :) My son is 25 and he's waiting until Sept 3rd so he can go to DragonCon with his girlfriend and not stress about compliant foods. It makes sense. I will be mostly compliant with him, but I'll also still be working thru my reintroduction. Since, I'm planning a slow reintroduction, I'm expecting to be working things in and out of meal planning for a few months. Depending on how I'm feeling, I'll probably go thru a second round in January.

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Amura, My kids were four and five when we first did the Whole30 as a family and they did it right there with us. We shared that we wanted to work on learning to eat healthier foods and so we were going to do this challenge for 30 days and that we were not going to eat foods that were harder for us to process. We took out paleo cookbooks and the kids selected recipes and then we ate together and assessed the meals. We probably had Whole30 chicken nuggets for breakfast because the kids chose things, but they were good. The kids liked many of the recipes from the Practical Paleo book. The first few days were the hardest because we were used to more sugars and processed stuff, but by the third day, we were all ravenous beasts and the spaghetti squash with pesto was to die for! Roasted carrots with dates were another hit. We ate so much at each meal - the kids included. The kids did have plenty of snack foods (salami, carrots, apples, tomatoes, bananas) and their snacking might have increased for a bit, but it was all fruits and veggies. We already didn't do dairy because that doesn't set well with me and there is no need to have milk in our lives. For breakfasts, I'd make them sweet potato hash with eggs or banana and egg crepes. I also baked paleo baked goods for any parties or special events and, after the first few days, those treats are plenty sweet and delicious.   Obviously, the kid version of Whole30 was a bit looser in our house, but it was great. We could tell that they were more centered and their play was a bit calmer. Nothing drastic occurred health wise, but they slept well and they ate well.  On later Whole30 attempts, I remember being super thankful that I started a week before the family so I could get through my grumpy and tired days before the family hit theirs. Not much can be worse than to feel super crabby and have a little kid drop down on the sidewalk in their own crabbiness "I want to go to the library!!!!!" "Child, we are almost there. We just need to walk in the door" "But I want to go nowwwww!" "Child, we are THERE" 

I don't think anything about Whole30 was extreme or unhealthy. My in-laws worry about fiber. We get plenty. They worry about us eating too much meat. We eat a moderate sized portion and then a full plate of veggies. They worry about no grains and no dairy so I then google the benefits of grains and dairy and then look to see that we're getting any of those special nutrients in other ways. We were never doing Whole30 to lose weight so that type of language and concerns over calories or portions was not part of our conversation. Nothing felt restrictive.

Now, as I do Whole30, all our dinners are Whole30 and the kids are eating them up, veggies and all. They eat cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and snack on crackers, but dinners are good and healthy and they're used to those foods now. It would be nice to go back to Whole30 for all, but that isn't happening right now - perhaps when my husband decides he wants to do one again.

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@LadyWolf0926 Your son's approach makes sense - I did exactly the same. I learned about the Whole30 right before going for a 5-day trip - staying in a hotel, eating out every meal, etc. We would not return home directly, but we'd spend 4 days visiting family - and staying in their house. It did not seem the right moment. AT ALL.
I even posted in this forum for the first time before I returned home.

Also you already have a grown-up son, which is quite a different matter :) 

I guess I can relate more to @Emma experience. Which I'm glad was so successful, but to be honest I would rather be on the safe side. In a few years he'll be able to make his own choices and if I keep doing the Whole30 he may choose to join, but at this point it feels too soon.
But every person knows their own family better than anyone else - that's why we make different choices!

Anyway it also helps that we have a quite healthy Mediterranean diet. No pre-cooked meals at all, affordable fresh ingredients, etc. Most of my meals were already compliant but for a few details (I have noticed I use peas sooo often :rolleyes:) so in some sense there is little gain for the little one in this program.
I am another matter, because I'm affraid I might be suffering a hormonal imbalance, and a self-experiment may provide invaluable for me. Or so I hope.

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Meal 1: omelette (3 eggs + 2 tablespoons coconut milk + stock), green beans, radishes and some confitted onions. A cup of green tea, to help with the sleepyness.

Meal 2: grilled salmon, zucchini and carrots. I would usually make some mustard sauce with this, but this time it was garlic mayo. Half a cup of strawberries.

Snack: Another cup of green tea.

Meal 3: Salad (arugula, tangerine, mango and nuts) with small sardines. A few wild blackberries and one carrot.

Another shopping failure. The salad was meant to have some duck prosciuto, but I failed again at reading the label - and at home I saw it has dextrose. Bummer. I really need to learn to read my labels before buying...

And the first week is over. I haven't noticed much, to be honest. Too soon to notice any improvement, I suppose, but I haven't noticed any of the frequent side effects either.
Well, today my *ehem* bowels movements were much looser than the usual, but it does not seem like diarrhea - I'm just getting adjusted, I guess.
And that's it.

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Meal 1: omelette (3 eggs + 3 tablespoons coconut milk + stock), one large carrot, radishes.

Meal 2: A handful cashews (which I ate while cooking), rabbit & mushrooms stew, salad (lettuce, radishes, mango) and fried potatoes. An slice of cantaloupe.

Snack: Green tea with ginger.

Meal 3: Veggies barbecue (zucchini, carrot, sweet potato, cherry tomatoes) with leftover salmon and garlic mayo.


Today I was sleepy again, and also my memory was not bright at all. I mean, I wanted to record my breakfast at midday and it took me veeeery long remembering what I had eaten. I also met a coworker early in the morning, and after spending the whole day trying to remember her name I finally gave up and looked it up - seriously, not remembering the name of a coworker in a place where only 24 people work really worries me! :(
I want to believe that my body is turning fat into sugar to feed my brain, and that it might be a bit inefficient because it's not what it used to do, or something in that line - so perhaps in a day or two it will be gone on its own?

Physically I still have loose bowel movements, maybe slightly better. I think I may be overdoing the fats (because I cook everything in olive oil) and perhaps I should not be adding other sources of fat... 
I don't want to cut down the fats, I think that might lead away from the program, so I'm gonna keep them as they are and see how it evolves.

Other than that, well, I felt good.
I want to add some walking into my routine, because I don't exercise at all tbh. When today morning we went to the beach, I spent most of the time walking (and talking with my nameless coworker). Later on the afternoon we were visiting my in-laws and I returned walking (it was 40 minutes walk and it was sooo hot that I regretted it!),
I'll try to keep it up, because obviously it will help.

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Today after running our usual errands I went out for a walk on my own - instead of going to the cafe and later to the park with the family. I brought all
the shopping home (which is all the way up), changed my clothes and decided to go to the top of the small mountain which is back our home. There is very
steep ramp and it seemed like a good challenge for brisk walk.
While I was walking I realized that I had thought that I should go for a walk on a regular basis, but never actually did... because I was saboutaging
myself. I used to think that I should, but also that it was not worth it, it would not change anything.
Committing to the Whole30 changed my mindsent - and this is my first NSV. I've found the conviction to actually do something that I'm sure is good for my
health and that I've meant to do for a long time.


I took a picture. This is my town :)

On the way back, I found some wild berries - very easy to grab too! Usually passers by pick them, but obviously there are not many passersby in this route
(which is indeed very steep) so there were plenty of them.
My water bottle was already empty (it's sooo hot these days) so I filled it with blackberries to share with all the family for lunch. I felt like a little kid!

Meal 1: Omelette (3 eggs, coconut milk), zucchini, sweet potato and confitted onion.

Meal 2: bonito in tomato sauce with potatoes. Wild berries and cashews.

Meal 3: Green beans, carrot, potatoes and canned tuna. Green olives and cashews. 1 banana.
Also drank half a bottle of lemonade, which is about half a lemon, but I doubt that counts.

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Yes, it was a great day!

But now I'm moving into dangerous territory! 
According the timelime, day 10 and 11 are The Hardest Days.
And I wonder, how did they know I would be visiting my parents exactly these days? :huh: :lol:
For a birthday party, no less!

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On ‎8‎/‎17‎/‎2019 at 8:09 AM, Emma said:

Our relatives sent me a private email about the dangers of meat based diets. I read the link and it was an article by an established doctor who knows his stuff, but there was bias and assumptions and the main gist was that if one is doing a meat based diet, then they are not getting the fiber they need. It's valid reasoning (even if biased) so I did a fiber calculator online and found that I'm getting plenty of fiber - certainly more than I was before, even on my lousy Whole30 days and I'm getting more than the average doctor recommended traditional healthy meal. I composed an email to send back and then just let it go, but sometimes I think back on it.  It's frustrating.

I'm pretty sure it's the KETO diet they were talking about. You could offer them your book to read ???

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DAY 10

  • Meal 1: Omelette (3 eggs, coconut mil), sauteed zucchini & sweet potato, one quarter avocado
  • Meal 2: steak, little green peppers, salad (letuce, mango, avocado). 1 apple.
  • Snack: Green tea.
  • Meal 3: 2 small hamburger patties, endive and mango. 1 banana. Some arugula and lamb lettuce. Herbal tea.

Indeed this was not easy day!

First I started to notice some health issues. 
My hips had been somewhat hurting for two weeks before I started the program, a few days ago it dissapeared but now it reappeared. Maybe the brisk walk brought it back? In any case, seems that dietary changes did not have a positive impact on this.
Also my pimples are back. They appear at two different points of the menstrual cicle. Such as today. And because I had hoped the Whole30 to help me to balance my hormones, I kinda expected them to dissapear. They did not, at least not yet.
But what worries me the most is that I keep having a very hard time remembering. Names, for example. 
It's quite discouraging, but I'm convicing myself that this will pass and I'll be feeling my best in no time.

Now we are at my parents place. We had dinner here (which felt quite unbalanced and I overdid fruits, but that's the best I could do while staying compliant).
Cooking for breakfast is complicated (we sleep in a guest room which is not actually part of the house) but we have a mini fridge so I made some hardboiled eggs, bought some fish cans, a bag of arugula and also nuts. This should get me thru Meal 1.
And tomorrow is my father's birthday. He is celebrating with a barbecue. I won't do the cooking for there will be compliant food. (I'll probably end up having more unbalanced meals though.) I'm just hoping the do not press me to eat the cake...

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