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Hi there-

I'm new to this Whole 30 thing, currently on day 11. 

I'm car camping this weekend and wonder if anyone has any good ideas for foods to bring. I'll have a camp stove and a cooler with ice, though prefer to keep it simple when it comes to cooking. 


Thanks for any suggestions.





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I'm new too (day 16) and haven't  gone camping while on the Whole30, but this is what I would do:

  • Spanish omelette (with potato), because which is the most classic dish for outdoor meals in my country. 
    If you have never made one, try a frittata instead. There are many recipes, you can use veggies and even bake it - it's quite easy and a very good dish.
  • Hardboiled eggs. So easy and everybody likes them.
  • Buy some canned fish or canned marinated fish/meat (if any compliant one avaliable).

That would do for some protein, then veggies:

  • some that can be eaten raw, such as spinachs or arugula, radishes, carrots, tomatoes, etc. 
  • some that can be easily sauteéd, such as zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.

I would also bring some cashews and nuts for they are a great source of fat and also easy to store.
And finally, olive oil, salt and pepper. (The olive oil should be stored somewhere cold but not in the cooler.) Use them to sauteé those veggies which need it, and as a plain dressing for the raw one and your eggs.

Now mix and match and you have plenty of options.
They are simple but they are wholesome.


PS: If you expect high temperatures, why not bring along some melon? It's watery, sweet, and goes very well in savory dishes.

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Some ideas:






Me personally:

Breakfast: Hardboiled eggs and baby food vegetable/fruit pouches.  (Sweet potato is a personal favorite).

Lunch: Deli meat (make sure compliant), veggies, wrapped in lettuce.  Or pre-made chicken curry salad in romaine lettuce wraps

Dinner: Chili or curry, heated up.

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I've camped a number of times on Whole30 and honestly don't eat much differently. I do prepare more food in advance (e.g., chop veggies, cook stew and store it in a jar that I just dump in a pan to reheat, etc.), but I tend to eat the same things I eat at home. 

For breakfast, I have eggs and bacon and soup from a jar. 

Lunches are a little more difficult because I'm often not wanting to cook at camp. I'll do something portable like a packet of tuna, a bell pepper and some olives.  Or some sort of "sandwich" with collard greens and deli meat. 

For dinner, I'll often make some chili at home and store it in a jar. It's also pretty easy to make a stir fry with pre-chopped veggies, chicken, and a jar of Whole30 marinade (I like The New Primal). 

There's also a number of pre-packaged, Whole30 meals you can buy. I use these more for backpacking than car camping, but they're portable and just require some hot water! They are expensive though! 

  1. Elements Broccoli Cinnamon Pork (https://www.getyourelements.com/shop/broccoli-cinnamon-pork/)
  2. Elements Dill Chicken Avocado (https://www.getyourelements.com/shop/dill-chicken-avocado/
  3. Elements Coconut Mango Chicken (https://www.getyourelements.com/shop/coconut-mango-chicken/
  4. Wild Zora Paleo Meals to Go Mountain Beef Stew (https://wildzora.com/collections/all/products/new-mountain-beef-stew)
  5. Wild Zora Paleo Meals to Go Caldera Chicken Curry (https://wildzora.com/collections/all/products/new-caldera-chicken-curry
  6. Wild Zora Paleo Meals to Summit Savory Chicken (https://wildzora.com/collections/all/products/new-summit-savory-chicken
  7. Heather's Choice Dark Chocolate Chili (https://www.heatherschoice.com/collections/entrees/products/chocolate-chili-1
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