Started on 5/18 - I have a large sugar dragon to slay!

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Hi I’m Megan and I’m 37 years old. I tried Whole 30 two years ago and wasn’t ready I guess or in the right mindset. I am so pumped to do right this time around and the quarantine/working from home will hopefully help. 

I would love any tips/recipes on staying full throughout the day. I tend to gravitate to nuts/fruit/HB eggs to fill between meals. I am not a fan of most raw vegetables, I like celery, peppers and carrots raw. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hello! Our recommendation would be to try to have meals large enough that you stay satisfied 4-5 hours at a time so you don't need to eat between meals. if you do need to eat between meals, some combo of protein, fat, and vegetables, or at least two of the three, is great. It could be the raw veggies you mentioned, or leftover cooked vegetables. Or try making one of these salads, most should be fine for a couple of days in the fridge:

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