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Adding fats: pick just one of them, right?

David E

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Just to clarify: One is to base their meal on a protein portion, fill the restof the plate with vegetables,  and add fat in the recommended portions per meal:

• oils, (1-2 thumb-sized)

• butters, (1-2 thumb-sized)

• coconut (etc.)

• olives,

• nuts & seeds,

• avocado,

• coconut milk.

Here's the question — it's not clear that one should pick *one* of these, or a combination (and, strictly speaking, the text in the book and the handout make it sound like you should have *all* of these in one meal (and the six little icons on the meal planner make it look like each each meal should have some from one of all six categories — see attached). Is this indeed the case? 

Many thanks,



Screen Shot 2020-11-01 at 7.27.29 PM.png

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Pick one or two. Usually you don't really count what you cook with, because part of it can get left behind in the pan. However, if occasionally you have a meal with more than that -- maybe a salad with some avocado, and some ranch, and some nuts sounds good,  for instance -- it's  not a big deal. The template is just a guideline. If you're eating an amount that feels good and keeps you satisfied for 4-5 hours and is roughly meeting the template, you're good.

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