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I was skimming through my book the other night.  (I'm on Day 5.) When I saw the first rule was to eat good food,  I snarked a little.  But today, as I was eating dinner I realized that everything I've eaten has been GOOD. I've been doing all the shopping,  seasoning and cooking for my mother and me.  I know everything that has gone into my body and not only is it delicious (if I do say so myself), I haven't had an OUNCE of guilt or remorse. Now THAT'S good food. 

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YES!  This is awesome! Whole30 is what really encouraged me to become a great cook (not a chef or even an 'at home chef'... definitely not).

Guilt and remorse need not apply! Just because you're changing your way of eating doesn't mean you have to suffer with bland or yucky... that's from the old diet mentality and we don't do that there! So happy for you!

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Of course, it was difficult to give up junk food, because it is the same addiction as smoking or alcohol. There were a lot of breakdowns. I solved this problem by ordering ready-made healthy food. It also helped me to work with a psychologist, because the main problem was that I was eating out as a stress reliever.

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