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It's been about 2 years since my last Whole30. A lot of products I know I used last time, now have added sugars and preservatives! For example, my favorite salsa which I discovered on Whole30, now has sugar added! I am so glad I rechecked labels! The same goes for several bone broths and stocks I was using for soups. How frustrating... and a reminder to always check the labels... 

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40 minutes ago, WornOutWallaby said:

and a reminder to always check the labels...

Very good reminder! Unless the item has the Whole30 Approved decal on it, it's good to check the labels every time you buy an item - who knows which time is the time that it's changed... doing so also makes a person VERY good at quickly scanning labels which helps when trying out new products!

Thanks for the reminder!

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I’m in the UK so we don’t have any ‘whole30’ approved foods at all, but in many ways I think that makes for a very honest whole30 experience. Everything has sugar or some other noncompliant ingredient in pretty much, but it does break the reliance on prepared foods and packets and jars. I save a lot of empty jars and make things like curry sauces and salsa in bulk  and freeze them for convenient meals. It does take a bit of prep but you get used to it. 

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