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Can I have St. Dalfour jelly?

Laura Karsst

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Hi everyone! After 6 WHOLE30 I’ve been guiding some of our members trough the challenge but this time I got this question I can’t really answer. St. Dalfour jam is sweetened just with fruit pectin which is Ok but the ingredients say it has “ fruit concentrate (grape and dates)” exactly written that way. Also see the label for the “no”.

thank you in advance for the help!







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37 minutes ago, Aliem999 said:

I do think the moderator clarified and said using it to glaze meat is fine, but using it to make some sort of sweet, borderline dessert thing is not

Yep, I'm the one that said that ;) and it still holds true.  If you're using it to make a glaze for some meat or something else savory where the jam isn't the star, then yes, go for it. If you're using it as topping over banana 'ice cream' then no, definitely not. (also, no to the 'ice cream ;) )

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Thank you everyone! I am aware of The rules regarding recreation even with compliant ingredients, I should have considered that too in the question, but couldn’t determine the answer for our members regarding the use of the product as an “accessory ingredient”, neither have a clear answer if it was or not compliant so Your information definetely clarified that! Thank you so much for your time you all! ❤️ 

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