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After an initial "woohoo Day 31!" total derail, I've been riding my 2-wheeler fairly well for the past 10 days. If the measurement is in how I feel, then I think my 2-wheeler is a fully customized dyna low-rider. I feel great! I posted under success stories that I was at first a bit discouraged when I finished the Whole30 because I had gained a few pounds and I felt sluggish. I've since decided to increase my squash and berries intake (still not more than a cup at a meal). The extra weight is now gone. I feel super energized - but very very steady with my energy levels throughout the day. I don't feel hungry between meals. Also, everything is moving along nicely (shout out to the tummy trouble folks).

Everything I eat is very similar to what I ate during the Whole30 but now I allow myself some dark chocolate and, twice so far, sushi with rice (using coconut aminos instead of soy sauce). I had to go to a bridal shower and was served a cheeseburger, fried onions, and freshly baked pretzels - I had a few nibbles, but I actually found that it didn't really taste good. I much prefer the higher quality food. I'm shocked that food cravings are at an all time low despite my boyfriend's love of filling the house with the aroma of freshly baked brownies and toasted naan.

I'm sure that things may get a little wobbly at times on my dyna low-rider. For now, the anxiety is minimal and I'm grateful for having hit the "reset button" by doing a complete Whole30 before getting on this 2-wheeler.

Thanks Whole 30 folks for all your support!

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