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martihana, i think since you are continuing your w30 and not trying to reintroduce foods, you could probably stay on this log, then start in the post w30 when you decide you are ready to go over to there, or at least that's the impression i've been getting.

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Kairiki and simone, thanks for your encouragement. And by all means, Kairiki, celebrate with me. I though *you* were bringing the confetti!

Lunch, Day 30, was a turkey burger and the leftover sauteed greens from breakfast.

Somewhere in the afternoon I had a small handful of pecans.

Then for dinner, I've been munching on some chicken from the broth I was making, and I had a mug (about 1.5 cups) of the broth.

Now. Does anyone have an eggless mayo recipe? A good one? I'd be grateful.

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I'm baa-ack! Day 31 and I'm still on program.

Breakfast was 2 small turkey burgers and some sauteed cabbage.

Had 2 cups of coffee at work. Used up the last of a little ghee and coconut oil I had in my desk.

Brunch was another turkey burger, the last of the sauteed cabbage (a small serving), and some bites of raw red sweet pepper.

Lunch was some very quickie chicken soup: homemade chicken broth with cut up chicken breast in it, about 1/2 cup tomato juice (was that an oopsie?) added to the broth, plus some garlic power and some srirachi hot sauce. It was yummy.

Dinner was a lamb chop--mostly bone, but what little meat it had was delicious! A beef burger, and about 2/3 cup diced tomatoes, heated and with olive oil added.

It's been a long, fairly stressful day and I'm tired. And I'm still in the middle of things with the added 15 days. So I'm not quite prepared mentally to do that recap of my W30. Suffice it to say I'm very happy with myself on keeping to the program, and I'm pleased with the positive changes this has made for me.

Grocery-shopped tonight, and one of the things I bought was . . . dates! I may toss one in my coffee tomorrow.

Good night, friends! Thanks for all your support.

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Whole30 Wrap-up

Maybe you should get a cup of your favorite W30 compliant beverage before you read this. It's pretty long.

My hopes before starting W30

1. More energy

2. Eliminating overall sense of being ill. In the words of the country song, “I'm much too young to feel this damn old.â€

3. Blood sugar control. I'm a T2 diabetic, and just doing low-carb Atkins type diet has not gotten my blood sugar levels down where I want them to be.

4. Sinus improvement. I've had chronic sinusitis for years, maybe even decades, and it occasionally gives me incapacitating headaches and facial pain.

5. Lessening of joint pain and stiffness. This has been a problem in most major (and some not so major) joints.

6. Elimination of digestive issues.

7. Weight loss. As I mentioned in an earlier log post, I was born overweight to overweight parents, so my weight has been a life-long fight.

My priorities were pretty much in that order. The weight loss was of less concern to me than wanting to feel better. And by the time I heard about the Whole30 program, I'd given up on dieting. I was looking for a permanent way of eating, a foundation that I could work from to get myself healthy to the extent that proper nutrition could do that. And I've always had a sense that once I found out what my body really needed for food, and gave it that, without extra junk, the weight would take care of itself.

Benefits I've gleaned from the Whole30 program:

1. More energy. My energy level is not yet where I want it, or where I think it should be, but I've had a noticeable improvement since the beginning. I'd say I'm 20% more energetic than I was.

2. Eliminating overall sense of being ill. I still have days when I feel old, achy, and tired, but they are fewer and the feeling less scary than before. I'd say maybe a 20% improvement here as well.

3. Blood sugar control. This issue is not resolved yet. Through my insurance company I have a monthly consult with a diabetes counselor, and it's great to have one who doesn't toe the ADA higher-carb line. She thinks I may have one of two possible syndromes that affect a certain percentage of T2 diabetes patients by causing very-early morning blood sugar spikes. Over the next two weeks, I'll be running a test by waking myself first at 4 am for a few days to test my blood glucose and then at 3 am. This should leave me fairly tired, but the condition(s) can be determined somewhat by when my blood sugar spikes. A relatively simple solution may be to take my meds later, or to have a small but balanced bedtime snack.

4. Sinus improvement. I'd give this about a 30-40% improvement. It has not resolved, but I have not had a killer OMG my face hurts headache while on W30. Am still frequently “phlegmy.†This is the primary reason for my giving up eggs for a time and removing even the ghee. (I don't think I mentioned how much I love eggs. So it's not a walk in the park to decide to give them up.

5. Lessening of joint pain and stiffness. I think this is the area where I've seen the most improvement: I'd say my joints overall are 40-50% less painful and less stiff than they were before W30.

6. Digestive issues are perhaps 15% improved, but are not resolved to my satisfaction.

7. Weight loss. I confess that weight loss was so low on my list of hopes for W30 that I did not weigh myself before I started. About 10 days in I had a doctor appointment and was weighed there, and I have lost 5 pounds since then. Subtract an estimated 1-2 pounds lost during that 10 day period, and I've experienced something like a 7 pound weight loss. I can feel it in the looser fit of my clothes. For my size, 7 pounds is a tiny drop in the bucket, but if I can continue to lose perhaps 5 pounds a month, that's fine. I was not looking for a “get skinny quick†scheme. Been there, done that, had it fail me more than once.

But the real miracle of the Whole 30 program for me has been psychological.

Commitment: I have NEVER committed to anything in my life for longer than about 2 weeks. Always knew I would fail. Always knew I would be hurt and disappointed once again. But past failures did not slow me down at all. Discipline: I have no idea where I found the discipline to just DO this. I am one of the most undisciplined people I know! But I followed the rules; I did not look for reasons or ways to “cheat.†I wanted to be healthy more than I wanted any comfort or addiction foods, so I walked the straight and narrow and stayed away from questionable food choices. The few minor oopsies I had were honest mistakes out of ignorance or out of making the best of a situation I found myself in. And now I've committed to at least 15 more days. Optimism and hope: If I can keep this 30-day commitment to myself, there is NOTHING I cannot do. DO YOU HEAR ME, PEOPLE?? NOTHING!

Early on, I was very encouraged by words from the founders of this thing, from the Whole30 Program page:

“It is not hard. Don't you dare tell us this is hard. Quitting heroin is hard. Beating cancer is hard. Drinking your coffee black. Is. Not. Hard.†I would add that once you want health bad enough. It. Is. Not. Hard.

A very special thanks to W30 poster Eileen, who is also my dear friend and sister in Christ, for her encouraging me both to join and to continue. And to all of you who have contributed to my success.

You've probably heard the expression, "It ain't over till the fat lady sings." Well I'm here to tell you it ain't over till the fat lady's healthy!"

Today is that brand new day I've been looking for.

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I am grinning from ear to ear. You are such a fighter and such a winner, I am taking some notes from your play book. You successes are AWESOME! 20% (many more) improvements in areas that have been issues for years? That's just spectacular! I can't wait to hear your comments in another 2 weeks. And then 2 months. And then 2 years!

And my favorite comment of all..."If I can keep this 30-day commitment to myself, there is NOTHING I cannot do. DO YOU HEAR ME, PEOPLE?? NOTHING!"

Welcome to your life!

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So I think this is day 32. Yes. My food today was not great. I am WAY short on vegetables:

Breakfast was 3 small chicken thighs and about 1.25 cups steamed broccoli, dressed with olive oil and a little salt.

Had a cup of blender coffee with 2 prunes, 1/2 a date, and coconut oil in it. It wasn't bad. And I didn't feel any sugar rush or crash.

Had 2 plain cups of coffee later in the day as well. (when I say plain coffee, a cup is 4 oz of coffee + 4 oz of hot water. I make it weak if I'm drinking it straight.)

Lunch was three cooked chicken thighs.

Brunch/snack, which I had late in the afternoon, was 1 small beef burger I'd cooked and frozen a few days ago.

Dinner was 2 handfuls of cashews and a fairly large (8 ounces?) turkey burger.

I'm very glad tomorrow is Saturday, so I can prep and chop some veggies. My fridge is full of them!

Planning on having a tilapia steampot with vegetables for breakfast.

I'm tired now, and hoping for some decent sleep.

Good night, my friends. Tomorrow's a whole new day.

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Good morning, day 33!

Have not had breakfast yet, but wanted to report the first night of blood sugar test. I went to bed at 12:45 am, and my blood sugar was 105. Set alarm for 4:20, when my blood sugar was 134. And this morning, 8:45, when I got out of bed, blood sugar was 136. Will run the test again tonight, waking to check it around 4:20 again, but hopefully I'll have had more sleep! I know from past experience that amount of sleep affects blood sugar.

Much more later, you know. Thanks for being there.

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Hi folks,

Just a quick check-in before bed.

Day 33

breakfast: tilapia steampot with onion, carrot, and cauliflower, and OO, garlic, salt for dressing

Instead of coffee today I had a pot of half-caf tea

Lunch was a collection of sauteed vegetables: onion,mushroom, broccoli

PLUS the best tasting turkey burger I've had in a long time. Cooked to perfection.

Sometime in the late afternoon I had waay too many cashews -- maybe a cup.

note to self: do not leave food OUT. You see it, you tend to eat it. Mindlessly.

Dinner: quickie chicken soup: sauteed onions, red pepper, garlic, mushrooms and cabbage, added cooked chopped chicken, chicken broth, and about 1/3 cup of vegetable juice. A little hot sauce and salt and it was JUST what I needed.

I dont plan on doing the early morning blood sugar test tomorrow morning. I'm losing an hour anyway to daylight saving time.

Thanks all, and good night.

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Optimism and hope: If I can keep this 30-day commitment to myself, there is NOTHING I cannot do. DO YOU HEAR ME, PEOPLE?? NOTHING!

It's true! You *can* do anything. Your "psychological" results will be so long-lasting and when/if you have a bad day, you can look back on this post and remind yourself of exacty that.

I'm sorry that eggs and ghee might be an issue for you, but I bet if the sinus pain goes away you won't ever look back. :)

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Yesterday, Sunday, was Day 34, and I didn't log in! Geesh, and look what happened: My log went down the list all the way to page two! Mustn't let that happen again.

Day 34, Sunday

Breakfast: panfried tilapia and sauteed onions and cabbage

Lunch: 3 tiny chicken thighs, sweet potato hash browns with onion and sweet red pepper, steamed asparagus w/olive oil.

Snack: I killed off the cashews by once again eating way too many of them. I've now successfully proven to myself that cashews are a no-brakes food for me so I simply won't have them in the house. Also a good reminder to put food away in the cupboard once I bring it home. I had bought the cashews specifically to make an eggless mayo recipe, but ate them all before I got around to it!

Dinner: Quick chicken soup: homemade broth, canned (jarred, actually) diced tomatoes, and a handful (4 ounces?) of cooked chicken from the bird I made the broth from. A little hot sauce and garlic powder, and it was just what I needed.

Two points: I'd gotten into the habit of having 2 or 3 cups of coffee per day. Had 1/2 cup of tea only, on Saturday, and on Sunday I had no caffeine at all. Had a fairly nasty headache by the midafternoon Sunday, caused I'm sure by the lack of caffeine. Second point: I have not yet seen any sinus improvement from getting rid of the eggs and ghee. I'm committed to giving it the full 15 days before I reintroduce, though.

xacerb8, thanks so much for the encouragement. It reminded me that yes, I *can* do anything! I can stop stuffing my face with cashews, and I can survive for 10 more days without mayonnaise.

My goal for the next 10 days is exercise. Working and playing at the computer all day, I live a very sedentary life. So (don't laugh at me you crossfit people!) my beginning commitment to exercise is 20 minutes 3 times a week. I know that seems like almost nothing, but it's my starting point.

More later! Have an awesome W30 day, friends.

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I CAN do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me! - Philippians 4:13

Congrats on your accomplishments!

Btw, have you fallen in love with cinammon yet? Could help in the blood sugar issue. Just a thought. :)

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