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Jenny's Whole 30 - Start Date 6.18.12


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This is my first try at Whole 30. I've visited Whole9 for over a year and have come up with a million excuses why not to do the Whole 30 but after reading ISWF over the weekend, I have decided not to wait another day. I completed a grain free challenge last July per the recommendation of my RKC Trainer but did not get the results I would have liked. Let's see if eliminating dairy, sugar and legumes will make a difference. Weight loss is a large reason why I am trying this but I have also battled with depression and anxiety for the majority of my life, as well as high cholesterol.

128.3 lbs as of 6:35AM, 6.18.12

5:30AM - 40 Minute RKC Workout consisting of one hand swings (14kg), 2 hand swings (20kg), goblet squats (16kg), Farmer Carry (16kg), wall walks, TRX rows, pullover (12kg), press (12kg), halos (12kg).

Breakfast - Stuffed Peppers I made last night (stuffed with ground beef, spinach, tomato sauce, fresh parsley, basil and oregano) and a palm ful of almonds and macadamia nuts.

Lunch - Out to say goodbye for a colleague. I studied the menu of the Italian restaruant and the best thing for me to get will be a salad with roasted chicken topped with oil and vinegar.

Dinner - Most likely, another stuffed pepper since tonight is my late night at work and cooking after getting home at 8pm is not something I enjoy doing.

For the record, without my morning cup of coffee (I cannot stomach to drink it black), I am exhausted and can't wait to crawl into bed this evening....

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Thanks for the welcome, Tom and Dervalc.

Today was easier than yesterday. The headache did not start until 3pm and it was not as intense.

5:30AM - Workout was less intense today due to being tired. Lots of stretching and then 2 handed swings, goblet squats, arm press and Turkish get ups.

Breakfast - 3 Egg omlet (I didn't finish it all) with tomato and avocado with three peces of bacon.

Lunch - Salad with grilled chicken, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Handful of nuts when I got back to the office.

Dinner - Two beef burgers served on tomato with avocado and half a sweet potato.

Is dinner too much??

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Yesterday was DAY 3.

No work out as I could not get out of bed

Breakfast - Left over stuffed pepper and a handful of nuts.

Lunch - I actually skipped lunch b/c I was in meetings all afternoon and it was 3:30 by the time I had a minute. I had a handful of nuts and a banana.

Dinner - Two hearty pieces of grilled chicken breast (which was marinated in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, onions, garlic, salt and pepper overnight. I recommend it. Chicken comes out DELICIOUS). Spinach salad with tomato and half a sweet potato. Grapes for "dessert."

No headache today. Exhausted, was asleep by 8pm which was very lovely.

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Day 4 - 6/20/12

Did not work out

Breakfast - Stuffed pepper and banana

Lunch - Grilled chicken breast with spinach, tomato, avocado, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Grapes.

Dinner - Ground turkey (taco style) over spinach with tomato, avocado and salsa.

It was my first time entertaining a dinner guest since I started Whole30 and I didn't drink any wine or have dessert. I felt bad and offered her wine or another drink and dessert but she declined. I'm proud of myself for not just saying "ahh one glass of wine won't kill me" because I was close to it.

No headache. Not as tired either.

My downfall has always been snacking and I think having to be strict and not snack is going to be a good thing for me b/c my snacking is definitely psychologically based and not hunger based.

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Stuffed peppers for breakfast sound really good. I'm going to have to try that.

Snacking was really hard for me to give up. I finally discovered that the secret for me was a huge protein rich breakfast, and not keeping my usual snacking foods around. Nuts even though Whole30 OK are either banished as too tempting (macadamias) or hidden out of sight in the back of the freezer for seasoning use only.

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Day 5 was Friday, 6/22.

40 minute kettlebell workout (though I don't remember what I did)

Breakfast - Stuffed pepper

Lunch - It was horrible. I went out with a colleague and the cafeteria at the hospital across from my building is under construction. Salad bar had all processed meat so I got a salad and bought a grilled chicken sandwich, threw the bun away. It was disgusting and I was hungry. Had some nuts when I got back to the office.

Snack - I had to snack b/c I didn't eat dinner until 8pm due to my dinner companions. Banana with almond butter.

Dinner - Steak, spinach salad and sweet potato.

Day 6, Saturday, 6/23

No breakfast. Weekends, me and breakfast don't really mix for some reason that I don't understand. I'm always busy doing things around the house or I'm away. My fiance and I had our engagement pics so I didn't have anything.

Lunch - Grass fed burger (which was SO YUMMY) on a bed of lettuce with avocado.

Dinner - Steak and string beans

Day 7, Sunday, 6/24

Again, no breakfast.

Lunch - Spinach salad with chicken, steak, avocado and fresh salsa. Very delicious

Dinner - Get together at my parents. Grilled pork roast, sweet potato, and spinach. I enjoyed grapes and watermelon for dessert while everyone else feasted on pound cake, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. It was difficult but I got through it.

So tomorrow will mark one week!! I can't believe it. I find it is definitely getting easier as time goes by. I think planning is a very important factor with the Whole 30. I went out to eat Saturday night and today I had a friend over for lunch. I hate trying to explain to them why I'm eating the way that I am. It gets kind of tiresome, but I guess that could be due to the amount of times this week I have explained Whole 30.

My trainer is on vacation this week so the RKC studio I attend is closed. I have two bells at home and he let me borrow a heavier one so I will need to be disciplined and wake up in the morning to work out at home. That is something very difficult for me but a new challenge to work on for the week.

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Day 8. 6.25.12

Breakfast - 2 scrambled eggs with three pieces of bacon, salsa and half an avocado

Lunch - piece of pork roast, spinach salad with salsa and avocado. Banana

Dinner - taco salad with ground turkey, salsa and avocado. Dessert was grapes.

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Day nine, 6.26.12

Breakfast - two eggs scrambled with avocado and three pieces of bacon

Lunch - turkey taco salad over raw spinach with fresh salsa and avocado

Dinner - almond crusted tilapia, spinach and a small sweet potato

Ran 2 miles in 24 minutes.

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Day 10, 6.27.12

Breakfast - Sweet potato hash made with ground turkey from ISWF. DELISH!

Lunch - turkey taco salad over raw spinach with fresh salsa and avocado

Dinner - I was exhausted and beat yesterday for some reason (possibly from only working out one day so far this week?). I had no desire to empty the dishwasher let alone make dinner so we went out for dinner, which wasn't good. I made my future hubby eat the whole basket of bread , and then enjoy his ravioli while I ate a pretty sad excuse for a salad with steak over it. The steak was a pretty gross cut. I had some nuts when I get home, grapes and then crashed.

I'm finding on Whole 30 that while eating out might be more convenient, the food I make and prepare at home is definitely higher in quality and yummy-ness.

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Day 11, 6.28.12

Breakfast - sweet potato hash

Lunch - taco salad with ground beef and avocado

Dinner - stuffed pepper.

Dessert - grapes

Day 12, 6.29.12

Breakfast - sweet potato hash, handful of macadamia nuts

Lunch - stuffed pepper

Dinner - pan seared grouper with string beans and garlic.

Dessert - grapes with coconut cream

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Day 13 6.30.12

Breakfast - 2 eggs with tomatoes and avocado

Lunch - bad planning on my part. Was at the beach and ate some pistachios.

Dinner - went to my cousins and while my Italian family ate pasta, meatballs and homemade bread, I had grilled chicken with homemade bruschetta,salad and broccoli rabe. Dessert was a plethora of cupcakes but I opted for the fresh fruit salad I brought.

I also did a kettlebell workout this morning. My trainer is back on Monday thank goodness. I need to actually get out of the house and workout I guess.

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Day 14, 7.1.12


Breakfast - It was more of a brunch b/c I slept late. Sweet potato hash.

Late lunch/early dinner - Hamburger, turkey burger and a huge helping of spinach.

Last meal of the day - apple with almond butter.

Weekends are so tough for me to fit in three meals a day b/c of my slepping and being busy. I have to get better at planning on those days.

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Day 15, 7.2.12

Worked out! Trainer back from his vacation so I had a great kettlebell workout.

Breakfast - Sweet potato hash (not sure I can get sick of that)

Lunch - Tuna with homemade mayo (which was a mayo fail but I took the advice and used it in tuna) over spinach with tomatoes and cucumber. Watermelon for dessert

Snack - I had a banana on my way to my per diem job b/c I had a really bad headache and felt I needed something.

Dinner - Grilled beef tenderloin with string beans and a sweet potato.

After dinner, I felt my old habits of wanting to eat come into play. I'm not sure what it was but I resisted the urge.

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Day 16, 7.3.12

Another morning of working out. :)

Today wasn't a very good eating day in that I don't think I ate enough.

Breakfast - Sweet potato hash and a banana

Lunch - Crazy day at work, in and out of meetings and presentations all day. I had fruit during one of the presentations that was offered (it was that or cookies), a handful of nuts.

Pre Dinner Snack - The boy and I went to BJ's prior to dinner to pick up necessities for the 4th. I ate a Lara bar when I got home from work. After our crazy shopping trip, we had NY Strip Steak on the grill with a big spinach salad. I didn't eat a lot of my steak b/c it was very vein-y and as someone who was a vegetarian for 8 years of my life, I still have an aversion to that sort of thing.

Day 17, 4th of July

This was a tough one!! We had friends over and I served many non-Whole 30 things for them but I was strong enough to stay away from them.

Breakfast - none. I know, not good. I'm bad on days I don't work!!

Lunch - While everyone snacked on chips and dip and tortilla chips and guacamole, I dipped my carrots and cucumbers in the guac. We then had our first round of food which was burgers and hot dogs. Mine were bunless and served with my first batch of non-failed mayo which was yummy.

Dinner - grilled chicken and broccoli salad (highly recommended).

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Day 18, 7.5.12


Breakfast - Sweet potato hash and banana

Lunch - Spinach salad with steak, avocado and fresh salsa.

Dinner - Burger, hot dog and left over broccoli salad.

Didn't work out in the am but I took my dog for a long walk after dinner.

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Day 18, 7.6.12

Kettlebell work out in the am

Breakfast - Sweet potato hash and banana

Lunch - Spinach salad with grilled chicken, salsa and avocado

Dinner - Salad with grilled chicken and pesto

Day 19, 7.7.12

Breakfast - Sweet potato hash

Lunch - Was at a family bbq. Steak, hamburger and broccoli salad

Dinner - Went out to eat for my future hubby's sister's 40th bday to an Italian restaurant. Pistachio crusted tilapia with double broccoli.

Day 20, 7.8.12

Breakfast - apple (I spent the night at my future brother in-laws and they had pancakes)

Lunch - Burger with spinach salad

Dinner - Apple with almond butter

I know, not a good day.

Day 21, 7.9.12

I barely slept beause I was awake with a horrendeous stomachache. Think I caught some sort of virus that has been going around my extended family. I stayed home from work, drank tons of water and ate an apple. I had no appetite and couldn't stand the thought to eat anything.

Dinner was chicken broth.

I still feel pretty crappy and am not sure if I will be going to work tomorrow.

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Day 22, 7.10.12

I stayed home from work again. Forced myself to eat more than the day prior. I had an egg and sweet potato hash for breakfast. I'm not a fan of this batch; put WAY TOO MUCH nutmeg in it.

Apple with almond butter for a snack

Dinner was stuffed peppers.

Day 23, 7.11.12

Woke up super anxious

Good Kettlebell work out

Anxiety did not subside so after meeting with my 9AM client, I actually took something for it (which is something I haven't done in years)

Breakfast - Stuffed pepper

Snack - Apple

Late lunch - Stuffed pepper

I know, not the best eating day.

Day 24, 7.12.12

Another good kettlebell workout

Breakfast - Scrambled eggs and bacon

Lunch - Stuffed pepper

Dinner - Grilled chicken with string beans and a sweet potato

Holy moley, I'm nearing the home stretch!!!!

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Day 25, 7.13.12

Fantastic workout in the am.

Breakfast - Bacon and scrambled eggs

Lunch - Indian - Chicken, spinach and eggplant

Dinner - Grilled chicken with broccoli and sweet potato

Day 26, 7.14.12

Another good am workout

Late Breakfast - Scrambled eggs and bacon

Dinner - Fajitas without the tortilla. Grilled chicken, peppers and onions over a salad with fresh salsa and guacamole. SOOO GOOD!

Day 27, 7.15.12

Breakfast - left over "fajitas"

Lunch/Dinner - Grilled pork chops with sweet potato, salad and unsweetened applesauce

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Day 28, 7.16.12

Breakfast - Leftover "fajitas"

Lunch - Grilled chicken over romaine lettuce w/ avocado and TJ's salsa

Dinner - Very lame. Burger and hot dog with salad

Day 29, 7.17.12

Breakfast - scrambled eggs and bacon

Lunch - Grilled chicken over romaine lettuce w/ avocado and TJ's salsa

Kettlebell workout after work.

Dinner - Paleo meatloaf with spinach and sweet potato


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