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Need a good stuffed peppers recipe!

Betsy Mahaffey See

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This would be a great place to "hide" some veggies! A shredded zucchini is nice. The rice in the original recipe (same for the breadcrumbs in meatloaf) is unnecessary as a binder- it's just a way to stretch the meat to feed more people on less money. So it doesn't need to be replaced at all to make the recipe work IMO. I don't mind the density of ground meat straight up.

I find compliant marinara at my healthfood store for @$7 a jar. But I read every label on every jar I buy to make sure I'm gettig the right type.

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If you dont mind a bit of a kick, use salsa instead of tomato sauce and onions. Most salsas ive found are whole30 compliant with no added sugars. All else fails you can just make your own, its simple enough.

You should also be able to find no sugar added/W30 compliant sausage which adds to the flavor.

And for the rice. Use cauliflower. Chop the florettes off the head, stick them into a food processor til they are the consistency of rice, then use that instead.

Tip: Instead of just cutting off the top (like i used to do) cut the bell pepper in half vertically and stuff both halves. Lay them stuffing side up in the oven so the meat gets that nice crispy exterior.

Hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

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