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Achy Joints- Day 12?


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I am posting this on behalf of my husband who is on day 12 of his 1st W30.

The first week or so he had pretty low energy. He also said his legs hurt. Then his energy started to improve but now he says his knees, elbows and shoulder joints are achy. He is not overweight and doesn't have any major medical issues. He is very physical when he is working as a wild land firefighter, but often has long stretches of much less activity.

He hasn't been following the meal template in regards to vegetable quantities and sometimes he just doesn't eat enough in general. He drinks (what i view as) large quantities of espresso several days a week and also doesn't get enough sleep regularly.

Overall he is intrigued with and dedicated to the W30 but I think he is hoping (as am I) that he will feel lots better. If he doesn't I don't think he will have a good barometer for judging his reintroductions. He has been off gluten for a while but is still undecided about other grains and sugar and alcohol.

I said "everyone on the forum is going to say take magnesium" and he isn't too keen on supplements in general. So any food/diet related explanations and suggestions would be so appreciated!

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