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Please, tell me it's possible


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I need some help/encouragement. I have started the W30 challenge, the 21 day sugar detox (by balanced bites), and my own personal paleo challenges more than I can count on one hand. When I'm keeping my nutrition in check, I don't miss carbs at all. I already know I can live without bread(s) just fine. I have a terrible sugar addiction, though. And this is where I always fail.

I'm 5'5'' and about 133lbs. I do have quite a bit of muscle on me (I can bust out 10 pullups, DL 145#, back squat 185#, I run, I climb, etc) but it's not showing through like I'd like it. I'm getting married in September and will be honeymooning in February 2014.

Okay, okay, so to the point. I want to kick this sugar addiction, plus the restrict/binge cycle that tends to follow, for good. I still live with my parents + sisters so it can be difficult, especially since mom likes to keep candy around all the time. ugh. Anyway, I know that my health is more important than aesthetics and that if I'm taking care of my health first, the hot body will follow. I just need to know that it's possible. That no matter how hard it may seem, it will be worth it. And that no matter how long it may seem, I will be able to kick these addictions and keep moving forward. I want to establish healthy habits that I can carry with me into my marriage and the rest of my life. I don't want a quick fix- been there, done that. I want a permanent fix.

I guess I'm writing because I'm tired of struggling against myself. I want to work with my body. I know it will seem hard at times and that 30 days may seem long as sh!t right now, but I need to know that you guys have been in this place, too. And that doing the Whole30 was waaaay worth it.

I'm beginning my Whole 30 Journey on March 26, 2013.


* Improve sleep.

* Improve bowel movements ( I abused laxatives several years ago and haven't been "regular" since.

* K.I.C.K. SUGAR in the a$$

* more clear skin

* lose body fat/weight

* get rid of my scale (because I know deep down that that number can't define me or my health)

* Improve performance

* Improve mood (I tend to be anxious/worry a lot)

ANY support, encouragement, and advice is appreciated =)


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Sorry, I'm a little punchy, so I might not put this as delicately as I should but....:

You are not overweight. Based on your strength stats and your BMI: YOU ARE NOT OVERWEIGHT. People who are actually at a healthy weight sometimes get discouraged because the whole30 isn't designed help you lose weight when you don't need to, so be prepared for that. We are working on healthy here.

That said, there are a million reasons to do the whole30 and I'm certain it could help you be healthier and more vibrant if you are ok with those results. It is possible, and the only way to make it possible it to decide. That's it. Once you decide that not following through is not an option you will make it happen.

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Sugar is tough. I did my W30 in January, and was pleasantly surprised that I really had no withdrawals or crazy cravings. I think giving up dairy and wheat/grains made that transition much easier. However, once my W30 ended, I've been struggling to stay away from sweets. I've read posts from others indicating this is an ongoing issue for them too, but it gets easier over time.

Personally I don't really think there is a permanent fix, unless maybe you were brought up on this diet and never had an addiction in the first place. I'm not saying this to discourage you, but just to help you be realistic. Your issues with sugar will not disappear overnight. I can say that following a Paleo diet definitely has helped me make better decisions though. I'm not 100% there. But feeling really, REALLY good for 30 days, and then realizing what some of these off-plan foods do to you (disrupt sleep, cause digestive distress, cause moodiness/depression, etc.) can change your perspective. I do believe that it's worth it to go through this process, no matter how hard it seems.

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We've been there and we are there. Because I have diabetes, avoiding sugars is pretty easy for me. Someone told me that I needed to, so I do. The Whole30 is a lot like that. We get training wheels to help us make healthier choices. We experience the health and have time to develop habits. On the other side, we try to ride on our own and may falter a bit.

You told us about your physical strengths. I'd imagine that there is some mental strength behind that. You told yourself to get to the gym and get yourself in shape. Now, you are committed to starting tomorrow...committed to yourself and all that your future holds. You have the strength to tell yourself that you can beat your habits and cravings. Faltering simply can't be an option. And, if you do find yourself struggling, come back here and check in with us and we will do what we can to support you.

(Oh, and I highly recommend signing up for the daily e-mails today.)

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My advice, buddy up with someone and do a Whole30 with them (points to myself - I need a buddy!!). Do a log on here with that person or even group of persons and post your meals/how you feel everyday. Commit to that. Doing it with a buddy does make you more accountable, and posting it on this forum means others will be reading it too. More accountability.

Tell everyone in your real life you are doing this. Make it clear what the rules are. Telling people who see what you're eating adds accountability.

If you fall off, get right back on. Do this until you are so freaking tired of writing/saying Day 1 that you just don't cave anymore. It will happen. This tactic, though it sounds terrible, has worked for me in the past. After months of falling off after x-amount of days, I finally did it - for 50 days.

And, advice I should take myself, if you truly have that bad of a problem with sugar (I know I do), once you quit, don't go back. Just don't. No amount of Whole__'s will ever make you moderate sugar if you're truly a sugar junkie. I know this is my reality.

Oh, and definitely sign up for the email daily's they offer. I can't recommend that enough.

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What Casey said! I quit smoking 12 years ago. To this day there are times that someone will light up and I will CRAVE a cigarette like I just quit yesterday. But I don't give in, and it passes. I know in my soul that just one would lead me right back to a pack a day habit.

Alcoholics can't have just one drink, for the same reason. If you really have a sugar addiction, you may have to just eliminate it for good. I quit smoking a million times, and after an amount of time I would pronounce myself 'cured', which meant I could now have an 'occasional' cigarette. It never worked.

This program only works as hard as you do. If you make up your mind NOT to break the rules, and come here for support in weak moments, or for tips on how to plan around situations before they happen, you will succeed.

I'm typing this while sipping black coffee, something I never thought I could do. I had to have TWO packets of Splenda per cup (I thought I was slaying my sugar dragon by using artificial sweeteners). Now my palate has changed enough to not miss it, in fact I enjoy it. I sweeten my paleo ketchup with a date, instead of sugar.

If your dragon is particularly strong, it may take more than 30 days to slay it. But it can be done, and millions of us are living proof.

Good luck! We'll help you any way we can.

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Your choice...... You can let sugar win. Or, you can kick its ass!!! Up to you... Make the choice to only eat things that make you healthier

I've been nine months without,and I used to drink 6-8 cans of soda a day, everyday, plus countless sweetened coffees, etc

Just cold turkey quit and never look back.... If you we're in a relationship with someone who started to hurt you,you would call the cops, pack your crap, and never look back ( unless you are a masochist). So sugar is your crappy psychotic boyfriend that's going to kill you one day.... Better walk away....

W30 is a start, a reset.... Try going into it with the mindset that after the 30, you will only reintroduce things that you are really craving and can't live without ( I eat sushi once every week or two) that have no ill effects on your health.

You gain a lot of personal power and Strenght from saying NO!

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Thank you thank you! for all your responses! I feel very encouraged by this.


I took your advise and made a flyer to put up on the fridge at home telling my family about the challenge and also my goals on there. I'd love to start a journal on here with you if you want!!

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Hi. I also struggle with a sugar addiction. As others have posted, some people can never eat just a little sugar. Some people, after quitting smoking for years, can have one smoke at a wedding, wake up the next day and be fine. Others will, after a single cigarette, be back to a pack-a-day habit.

Have you read Potatoes not Prozac? Silly name, good book about the biochemistry of sugar addiction.

I'm starting my Whole 30 on April 1. I'm also a mom with littles and would love to buddy up with other people dealing with the same issues.

In Feb I quit sugar and grains for a full month + with no cheats. I felt terrible for awhile. I realized how dependent I'd become on sugar as a mood lifter or when things got too crazy in my house. But then it was actually easier than other times I've "quit" sugar but allowed myself honey, agave, maple syrup, date sugar, dark chocolate or other cheats. A few times I held a cookie in my mouth while strapping my daughter into her stroller with zero temptation to bite down (good cookies, too!). My husband ate a box of nice chocolates in front of me (like, fancy artisanal chocolates--something I love) next to me on the couch and I had no issue with it.

After my month was up I did ok, but the I got sloppy and once that door was opened I've been wrestling it back closed. I think if we keep doing this then one day it will be a habit to turn down sugar. Right?

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KLO - Great that you posted your intentions and goals in sight like that! You'll appreciate that over the next week or so when you want to cave so bad. ;) It gets easier, though.

Are you starting today? I did. One of us can start a journal in the journal section and the other can just start posting in it. If you don't get one started sooner, I know I'll get one up this evening after dinner. Glad to partner up on this!

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