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Tough Day But Made It


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Hi Everyone,

I'm still just starting my Whole30 and finished Day 6 today. All-in-all it has been pretty good. I've had tough days at the gym but feel like I am turning that corner. Today I had multiple guests and family in town for pre-Easter festivities and that meant eating out. Just wanted to share what I went through today to get it off my chest. No one pressured me to eat but I found myself challenged by food all day!


Donut Shop with girlfriend.

I knew we had a breakfast date so I ate my egg muffins and a salad before heading out. I had a side of strawberries as she had her, what looked like, delicious doughnut with creme fresh and fruit.


Met friends for lunch at a restaurant.

Everyone was loading up on omeletes (some late risers), egg sandwiches, burgers, etc.

I ordered the sweet potato hash with eggs on top and asked the waiter to have the eggs prepared with olive oil and not butter. Everything was going as planned until the dish also came out with hash browns. I ate around those and focused on the sweet potatoes and eggs, onions, green peppers, etc. This also came with a side of fruit. I was worried my fruit intake was high today but realized it was the lesser of two evils. Think that is ok?


Met the family at a seafood restaurant and had a side salad, backened catfish (no sugar in the spices) also prepared with olive oil instead of butter, double steamed veggies instead of rice and one veggie, and a salad. Then everyone ordered dessert: two different cobblers, pie, and ice cream! I made it through without a bite.

There it is. What a day! I went ahead and pre-made some meals to take to Easter brunch tomorrow that are compliant and I can share: moroccan meat balls, cauliflower cous cous, and a roasted lamb. Good luck to everyone with comfort food temptations tomorrow! Happy Easter!

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