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Digestive Imbalance


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Hi Everyone,

I am on day 19 of my W45 and I'm just wondering if it's normal for your digestive system to still be a little off? I thought my body would've adjusted by now, but no such luck. I know this may be TMI, but sometimes I don't go at all while other times I'm really pressed to go (diarrhea). I'm totally confused about what's happening and if this will balance out. Any advice?



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The book an emails talk about digestion changes getting worse before they get better and maybe that's the case for you. For my own W30 experience though, my continued digestive woes brought to light the severity of my long time gluten sensitivity and likelihood of IBS and leaky gut. I reacted to a lot of the foods and have had success with further restrictions, like nuts, coffee and eggs at least. That may not be the case for you, and I hope it's not actually, I just mention it in case it's a possibility.

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My digestive woes didn't even begin to sort themselves out until near the end of the 30 days, if not after. I had the same issues, some days I would not go, and other days, I actually soiled my pants because I could not make it to the restroom (a 44 year old woman, very embarrassing, I only told one friend). One night it was so bad I was passing gas (at least that is what i thought); when I woke the next morning, I discovered I had soiled myself. Sorry if this is TMI.

I have chosen to eat compliant (and stray on rare/special occassion) simply because I enjoy it (I think I am entering the 3rd month). The good news is, in the second month, I actually got regular! I was regular prior to the whole30 and was soo frustrated that first month. Now, almost every morning is the same, like clockwork I drink a glass of water shortly after waking (I had always before), and within a few minutes I move my bowels. The consistency for the most part is the same. In the past month I ventured off of compliancy and to my surprise, no digestive distress (Popcorn once, a meal with dairy and dessert once. The exception was Passover seder. I could not resist matzah and horseradish and I did have dig. distress with the horseradish).

I got back on track with eating after each stray meal and to be honest, those meals didn't really cause a disturbance. The one area I have not quite figured out is when I increase my working out, the time I use the restroom changes- I don't go in the morning, I tend to go in the afternoon, and sometimes to help myself, I drink a glass of water, hot tea or decaf coffee and that seems to help faciiliate the process.

You are sooo not alone with the whole digestive issues. Give it time. I was (and still am with what I went through) quite surprised, but in the same breath pleased that I am back to my usual taking care of business before I leave the house to go to work (and I leave for work at 6:45 a.m.) So I don't have time/luxury like my grandmother did, eating stewed prunes every morning with her coffee and not leaving the house until she had taken care of business :)

You will get there! Stick to it!

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It's possible that going off Whole 30 with matzos at the Passover Seder was the cause of the digestive distress (rather than the horseradish) since you were eating wheat. See Dr. Davis' book 'Wheat Belly' for detailed explanation of how wheat can cause severe digestive upset in many people.

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I am having similar issues. Every moring when I wake up I HAVE TO GO NOW! And it's always been diarrhea.  I am on day 12, and was starting to get a little concerned so I went to the forums.  I'm glad I'm not the only one having this problem! I was considering stopping if it didn't improve by day 15, but I think I'll keep going now!  Luckily for me I go once in the morning and I'm fine the rest of the day.  My job doesn't allow me to run to the bathroom a lot!  Anyway, I'm glad we can talk about this!

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Ladies, I'm sad we have to talk about this - in a perfect world, we'd all be regular all of the time. I'd had issues since Day 2. Ok, so I'm only on Day 10 and haven't struggled as long as some of you have, but I'm hoping I don't have to either! What initially was diarrhea for five days has become diarrhea-like with less urgency- so no longer diarrhea? In Practical Paleo (ok, not the Whole30 book, but I access all of my resources) she states that you should really inspect your bowel movements to find out what's going on inside. Well, I have, and nothing looks digested, which seems somewhat worrisome. But otherwise, I feel fine. So maybe everything's ok for now?

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Hi everyone, 

I just completed a whole30 a couple weeks ago, and I can relate to a lot of what you all are saying. I think that part of it could be candida die off ( I definitely had that) but I would also encourage you to monitor individual foods. I found that the coconut products were the worst offenders... especially the coconut oil. Also, any FODMAP food gave me digestive issues instantly. I would definitely check and see if it is a particular food that you're eating.. in my case once I removed the offending foods I instantly felt better.

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I agree - hang in there with digestive issues. For almost a year I had the same issues - mostly diarrhea several times a day, but occasional constipation. I often barely made it to the toilet and soiled myself a few times.


I switched to paleo about 3 weeks before starting my Whole30, and after about 10 days of paleo, I was very regular: once in the morning, once after dinner.


Now, day 2 of W30, and I've had minor diarrhea (nothing like it was pre-paleo) one time each day in between two regular BMs. I HOPE it's just die-off and healing since I cut out all sugars and artificial sweeteners. If it's  no better in a few days, I will experiement with eliminating my black coffee, plain tea, nuts and/or eggs.


Don't give up!

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Hi All...


It's definitely comforting to read that I am not alone in my digestive complaints.


I'm currently on Day 7 and have had really loose, foul smelling stools (sorry!) since Day 2 - and on some days not gone at all.

I know I am very sensitive to gluten and have been 90% GF for about a year... I also have problems with dairy and had pretty much cut this out of my diet for the last 6 months or so, and pre whole30 my digestion was pretty good. Some days would be better than others but pretty regular overall.

So it is surprising to me that taking out more foods from my diet would cause such an adverse reaction.


I've never noticed a problem with eggs before but then I've never eaten them is such quantities!! Same with nuts / seeds. Not sure if I should persevere and see if things clear up by themselves... or look to taking out other foods to see if it helps... ?


I've also gone from being vegetarian (beans, pulses etc...) a few days a week so meat eating at every meal so perhaps my body is struggling to break down the extra fat? Or perhaps the protein? I've started taking a digestive enzyme supplement so will see if that improves things (no sign yet but its only been one day.. not sure how long they take to work?!)


It's so difficult to know what to do for the best... and help will be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks xx

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