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from zero to 100


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as part of the whole100 group I am finally on day 101! now the real work begins. it's my hope to come on here and be accountable for my actions following these 100 amazing days!!! (pics attached)

I lost a total of 21.5 lbs, 8 inches from my waist, 4 from my bust and hips...and what I gained is beyond anything I could ever imagine. I did not cheat for 100 days. not once. did I eat something non-compliant? I'm sure I did - I ate out and went on vacation, but I grilled (pun intended) all my servers and brought my own condiments. I did the absolute best I could making sure I was eating clean.

if I can do this anyone can. prior to this whole100 I was eating WORSE than the SAD. I would eat powdered sugar straight from the bag if there was no sugar in my house. I added extra sugar to everything I had. I ate no veggies or fruit - I wanted to "save my daily calories for things that mattered most (dessert or starbucks drinks). I ate pizza 2 or 3 times a week. I rarely cooked at home and when I did it was pasta with white sauce or mac & cheese.

I have gained so much insight as to how tied to emotion my eating had become. I stuffed myself for so many reasons, to keep people away, to test people to see if they really liked ME (if they like me when I'm overweight they must REALLY like me). I ate out of boredom, out of habit, out of addiction.

I could never have done this without the support of my whole100 group. I am so blessed to have those women in my life.

so here I am to keep myself accountable and enusre I do not slowly but surely slip back to my old behaviors. I plan on doing 3 whole30's during the year here on out (June, October, and Feb) but I don't know that I will ever do another whole100. I don't plan on changing much and am pretty sure I will never be able to have sugar again. I will try this year to have cake on my birthday, my husband's, and each of our girls - so 4 days a year. will things come up or change? yes. but I need a plan going forward and can re-evaluate as life happens.

I woke up this morning and had my usual breakfast but added milk to my coffee. I will do dairy for 3 days and take it out for four - my plan for all my re-introductions. here's to the next phase!







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Wow, Jess! What an amazing difference. Just looking at your face says it all, never mind the body shots.

And don't think we won't hold you accountable just because our 100 days are up. We will be each other's stalkers if necessary. :P

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yesterday was spent eating cheese and drinking some milk. for the most part I feel great. and then I bought some dark chocolate at whole foods. dang, I was hoping I would be totally over it, but I'm not. I did plan for it, but it also confirmed my belief that having chocolate in the house cannot happen, at least right now. I don't mind so much my daughter's or my husband's treats but knowing that this was good dark chocolate may have triggered in me the idea that it was fine. :(

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