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Hi everybody!

I've been into living a healthy lifestyle (nutrition, workout, mind) quite a while, but not until today I have put effort into gaining insight on Whole30. It has only been since lately that I heard people talking about this, so up till today I didn't know what Whole30 is.

I really like the view of Whole30 on what healthy nutrion is and it is quite in line with my view on a balanced, healthy diet. The biggest differences are that I still have some pseudograins like quinioa and buckwheat and that I prefer a vegetarian and sometimes vegan diet. Because of the latter I expect to be spending most of my time here in the vegan/vegetarian topic. Would love to connect with other vegans/veggies by the way, feel free to add me on Facebook!

I am really looking forward in learning from you guys and about the Whole30 lifestyle!

A little bit about myself: I am from the Netherlands, I model (fashion), love cooking, writing (I have a food/workout/mental coaching blog and write columns), working out (kickboxing, running, power yoga and HIIT workouts like SynRgy360, which is quite similar to crossfit) and my guilty pleasure is red wine :)

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