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Scale temptations


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Think about the three possible scenarios if you do:

1: you lost weight- you feel awesome and validated in your efforts- great. Maybe you become a little more lax about the rules or template because you feel confident that you are losing.

2: no change- you might feel betrayed by the scale, especially if your clothes fit better.

3: you gained: you might feel betrayed by the W30 program, despairing over hard work that's not paying off.

Any of these 3 scenarios will impact your progress negatively. When I want to weigh in I think it through, and usually don't want to be bothered by unnecessarily damaging information.

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Hi, I agree with Moluv.

This is my second go. The first time I got to day 15 and stepped on those scales. I hadn´t lost a gram and even though I was feeling better It definitely set me back.

This time I´m determined to see through the program so won´t be doing it again no matter how curious I get or how I´m feeling.

Well, If I suddenly start bursting the seams of my jeans I may have to think again but I don´t really think there´s much chance of that. :unsure:

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I too have been tempted to weigh but have resisted.  I am on Day 28 so will see the result in a few days.  My clothes definitely feel different, but I of course have no idea where I am weight wise.  I definitely feel better, way less sinus headaches, which I attribute to no dairy.  I can't say I am sleeping better, but my husband still has the TV on till 10:30 in our bedroom. 

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Okay. I didn't follow the rules. I got on the scale yesterday. I was feeling super discouraged by my continuous digestive issues and I wanted to feel encouraged by weight loss. 


It was essentially pointless in retrospect, because I already knew how I felt, and moreso, I knew how I looked. If I had gotten on the scale and it said I gained a lot of weight, but I knew my clothes felt better, then who cares? If it said I had lost a lot of weight, but my belly still looks fat, then who cares? Ultimately, I already knew just by looking in the mirror and getting dressed what was going on. 


With that said, it didn't impact my desire to do the Whole30. I'm going to do it no matter what. 


So if you can approach it like this, then I guess you can step on the scale too - if you basically know its just a number and it doesnt even matter. But if you know that, then why bother? Otherwise, everyone is right - it might impact your progress...

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Let me tell you my Whole30 story and maybe this will help the scale addiction.


During my first Whole30, I did a hydrostatic body fat testing (supposedly 99% acurate) on Day 1 and on Day 28. I dropped from 16.3% to 13.8% body fat in those 4 weeks and had a completely different body, but because I lost 3 pounds of fat and gained 3 pounds of muscle my weight did not change.  At all. 


PLEASE do not use the scale as a way to measure progress. Please. Only go by how your clothes fit and how you feel.

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I am only on day 5 and already freaking out about not being able to weigh myself. This coming from someone in recovery from an eating disorder and a total scale addict. Even in recovery from my ED I still weighed myself almost every day, even though I knew it wouldn't change day by day, just seeing it not go up drastically makes me feel secure.

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