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  2. Cynthia L

    100 plus pounds to lose!

    Lisa. I am glad you waited until you returned from Vegas to start. It would have been too tough to start this program while in Vegas. I’m on Day 17 and I just want to let you know that I feel so much better already. While I can get on the scale, I know I’ve lost weight. But more importantly, I just feel so much better overall. The best is not having food cravings. It’s kinda weird how the body totally changes up on you by just eating the correct foods. Even though weight-loss is my goal, I am truly trying to focus on the non-scale victories as opposed to weight loss. I am trying to make this type of eating a lifestyle change. And in order to do that, I am going to have to continually focus on how good I feel. My increase in self-confidence. My increase in self-esteem. No food cravings. Feelings of control. And more like this. I could go on and on. You can do it.
  3. Cynthia L

    Starting July 1 - Anyone want to join me?

    This is my first time starting the Whole 30. It feels so good to enter Day 17. I honestly can’t believe that I feel sooooooo much better in this short time frame. I’ve been journaling daily and recording all of my NSVs! I can tell I’ve lost weight and/or inches too. I know I shouldn’t be looking forward to hopping on the scale on day 31, but I am. I guess I just want to validate my progress even though I shouldn’t care about that damn number. I know that I’m in shock that I feel so much better after only a couple of weeks of eating this way. Here’s to successfully finishing the program. I have not cheated one time and I don’t plan to either. This feels too good.
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  5. SassySal

    Saloni's Whole30 Log

    What's Natural Calm--is it magnesium? (I live in India, so we don't have the same brand names.) Don't know about the acidity. I'm just hoping it's part of the process--maybe the microbes in my gut are adjusting to the new food? Also I've stopped exercising, so maybe that has something to do with it? I'm being optimistic and believing that the micro-organisms in my gut are coming into balance. :-) Are you on round at the moment? Today is day 14 for me. I'm shooting for a Whole90 this time!
  6. Emma

    Allison's Whole 30 Log

    Marshmallow sauce! I'm laughing because I've never heard of such a thing. Good luck to you navigating and don't beat yourself up. I hope you have fun and enjoy yourself and that we see you next week right back here!!
  7. Emma

    Whole 30 (July 2)

    Day Fifteen - Well, I had a back-on-track day. I got everything done and things are semi ready to get up early and leave for camping. The unfortunate thing that happened today was that I went to Costco and picked up some pork rinds. I looked at the ingredients and saw they were cooked in pork fat and used palm oil. I wasn't keen on the palm oil thing, but I also knew I wanted some snacks for the car since I'm trying to avoid the almonds. And in the car on the way home, I opened the bag to taste them and they were SO good. They were lighter and airier and had a touch of chili flavor. They were really good - far better than the typical ones sold in the grocery store. I was feeling pretty elated that I'd found the perfect car/camping snack. I was even thinking about picking some up to take to the theater in lieu of popcorn. When I got home, I decided I'd check the serving size hoping it would say that half a bag was one serving. Ha. It didn't say that. It said something like 1/15 of a bag. But the bigger issue was that I saw the ingredient list and the Palm Oil was not Palm Oil. It was Palm [email protected]@!!!. No wonder it was so delicious. And I ate SO much. I was so bummed out. And then, just to make matters worse, my friend who does the whole Keto thing came by and brought some little egg and bacon bites that she said were clean (egg and clean Whole30 bacon) so I had TWO and they were so good and I was so surprised and wondering how she made the eggs so fluffy and thick and then.....drum roll of painful doom....she said there was cheese in them. Cheese! And then the rest of the day, my mouth was reacting to everything. I ate some dried beet chips and my mouth really reacted. I just had cooked asparagus. My mouth still feels weird and raw. Ugh ugh ugh! So if it had been one little thing, I'd just ignore it and keep moving on, but it was more than a little thing so I think technically that puts me right back at Day One starting tomorrow. The interesting thing is how much my mouth reacted. But sadly, I can't say if it was the palm sugar, the cheese, or the dried beets (which were just dried beets and which I LOVE). Sad, sad, day.'s not gonna hurt me to start at Day One again. It just sounds going back to the beginning in Chutes and Ladders. Or like thinking about weight loss and being all...."in five weeks, I can lose five pounds". It sure doesn't sound like much given how far away five weeks is. Bleh. Other than that, things are okay. I picked up more squash to have for breakfast in the morning and I plan to cook up some sweet potatoes since they travel well. I won't log on to reflect for a few days, but I'll be plugging along. I want to be healthy. My body wants to be healthy. I'm still at the plodding along stage, but one day, maybe it will be easier.
  8. Amy_Michigan

    Amy's Whole 30 Log Starting July 15, 2019

    Almost 1 AM...horrible headache (again). Can't sleep.
  9. Jihanna

    I accidentally Chewed Gum Yesterday!

    Guilt is neither helpful nor healthy, but it's important to really consider starting over or adding time to your original timeline if a slip occurs. Why? Think of it like a science experiment. You're cleaning your system out by eliminating specific food groups for a period of time, after which you'll be testing each food group for reactions. If something has been introduced early and you don't give enough time for your system to reach an effective baseline/control, you can't trust the results of your tests. Trusting our results is actually why we go back to compliance in between reintroduction tests. This makes sure we're working from baseline (or judging against the control) every single time. It's also why it's better to give an extra day or two after really bad reactions, just to make sure you fully recover before initiating another test. So if you accidentally ingest something, I generally suggest making sure you get a full 4 weeks (or 30 days) of compliance before starting in on the reintroduction process. Call it whatever you'd like, so long as you're able to trust your reintro results. But definitely don't feel guilty or think you've failed, or anything else negative.
  10. SchrodingersCat

    Ulima Hydrating Electrolyte power I believe you can get these from Amazon!
  11. SchrodingersCat

    SchrodingersCat post-W30 diary!

    Just so I remember this for next time, in addition to making my head hurt, messing with my sleep, giving me heartburn and IBS symptoms, plus vertigo - eating crappily also makes me retain fluid like no-ones business - I've "lost" 5lbs since Monday, all in hideous bloating that was sitting around my middle section and making me wildly uncomfortable!!
  12. Amy_Michigan

    I accidentally Chewed Gum Yesterday!

    I really like Pandora Black’s response... even if I make a mistake in my current Whole30, I’m going to push forward and not feel guilty. Guilt is only going to negatively affect my health and my eating choices.
  13. SchrodingersCat

    SchrodingersCat post-W30 diary!

    Day 3 of "You don't need to be perfect, you just need to not be a damned idiot, so get your fat head out of the candy aisle" Meal 1: 2 Prosciutto, egg, mushroom and capsicum bites with spicy kraut Meal 2: Beef "stoup" with cauli rice Meal 3: Grilled pork chops with apple and chilli, baked pumpkin, sauteed green beans, brussel sprouts and carrots I'm feeling really good about last night - we went to a taping of a show we love (I love being in a studio audience) and we'd had some great news in the afternoon, so we grabbed a nice bottle of bubbles on the way home. Ate the dinner I pre-prepared, had a couple glasses of wine and off to bed - no snacks, no "ah bugger it, we'll order pizza". THAT is what I'm aiming for!!
  14. Whole30coachme


    Hi Susan, Congratulations on finishing the Whole30. Do you find that the overeating happens at every meal, or are there specific times when you tend to eat when you're not hungry? I can respond more fully with a bit more context. Melissa addressed Binging/Home Alone Meltdowns in a post on the Whole30 website and you may find some relevant helpful tips related to your binging/overeating here: Thanks, Kate
  15. Whole30coachme

    Start the Whole 30 today

    Congratulations on starting this round! I hope you'll find this forum supportive - please feel free to reach out with any questions. Kate
  16. LindsayO

    Digestive Enzymes

    Can anyone recommend a compliant digestive enzymes supplement? I believe the Now brands is no longer recommended? I’m having a really hard time digesting fats, especially the fats that I use to cook food in like eggs or meat. I get so bloated after cooking with ghee or coconut oil. So hoping a digestive enzyme would help?
  17. Amy_Michigan

    Amy's Whole 30 Log Starting July 15, 2019

    End of Day 1 Dinner: 1/2 avocado, canned coconut milk, chicken thigh, lots of fruit. I bought some veggies tonight at the store...going to work those in the rest of the week.
  18. Laura of The Great White North

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    @kristilarson I'm sorry to hear you lost your dad. I lost my dad in early March and he is part of the reason I took this on. He also smoked for many years and ended up with heart failure and COPD because of it. His heart stopped when he was admitted to the hospital for some tests and they couldn't revive him. You are right, there is no right way to grieve. When I'm feeling down or like this is too hard I remind myself that no change is easy. I try to remember that I am really lucky to understand that a little discomfort means that I am making good changes in my life. I don't want my children to have to watch me get sick and die slowly before their eyes like I did with my dad. I want to have a healthy life that I enjoy to the fullest and changing my relationship with food through this program is the step I need to take right now to accomplish that. You are in my thoughts and heart. ❤
  19. Kris22

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    kristilarson, just wanted to say I posted before I read your post. Then I read your share and wow you have really gone through a lot. I am so sorry about your dad. It sounds like you are really picking yourself up and making a decision about how you want to live. Well, we are all here and cheering for you to stay on track and keep up your record. You have done 9 days- almost a third of the way there! I know Day 8 (today for me) was hard too. I think if we all stick to sharing on the forum and calling out for support when we are having doubts, we will get through it. It is worth it, if not for anything else than that you can commit to this program for a full 30 days. But I am betting that there will be many more ways that our bodies are benefitting. Thanks for your post!
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  21. Kris22

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    This has been Day 8 for me. I have to say, yesterday was my best yet. My cravings were down for sure. I felt more even tempered yesterday too. I also found ways to relax in the evening without snacking. Today I was a little sluggish and dragging. I don't know if my body has been able to adapt to using fat for energy yet. If today is any indication, then not yet. Hopefully it will happen soon. I had a few moments when I felt dismayed at the limitations of food choices. I know there are tons of great recipes and have been enjoying several but there is a little girl in me having a hissy fit about what she wants that she can't have and how unfair life is. Nevertheless, I can put a check in the box for Day 8. It is in the bag.
  22. kristilarson

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    Mostly through Day 9. My cravings were screaming at me yesterday! Much louder than last week. I'm also feeling grumpy, because of the heat, and my period. I'm surprised it took 9 days, but earlier today I thought that maybe I should quit. I think it happened after I saw the announcement that work is serving lasagna at our weekly meeting tomorrow. Sigh. I miss cheese and bread more than sugar, which isn't what I expected. I just feel so unsatisfied. Anyway, it's been getting harder this week, so I should probably reach out to the Forum more often. Good work, everyone! I know we're all putting in a lot of effort. One reason I decided to start the program was because the first half of 2019 has been incredibly difficult, and I now have time to re-focus on myself. My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in May 2018, but it had already spread to his brain. (DO NOT SMOKE CIGARETTES. THEY CAN LITERALLY KILL YOU.) Brain surgery and countless chemo, radiation, and immunotherapy treatments bought him some more time, but he passed away on June 3 of this year, at the age of 61. I have traveled between Boston and North Dakota 5 times since February, one of those times by car (solo, 1710 miles each way, 3 audio books). I missed several weeks of work, always worrying that I'd have to take unpaid time off or, worse, lose my job (luckily, neither thing happened). I was training for a half marathon set for May 11th, but I had to cancel when it was a week out. Honestly, I wasn't physically or mentally prepared, so it's probably for the best. I was eating poorly, with all this travel. And let's face it, I was exhausted and didn't care all that much about what I was putting in my body. I thought I'd be able to see him through to the end, but it was just too hard. He could no longer live alone. His brain was just too damaged--he no longer knew what decade or state he was in. I had to make some really difficult decisions, and get him admitted to the hospital and then into a nursing home. I did these things largely on my own. My sister lived in his town, but was in and out of the picture. It was best that she mostly stayed away, because I'd discovered that she had been forging checks from his bank account for months. My dad's sister was helpful in the way that she wanted to talk about the situation constantly and offer her help, but didn't always take action (she was also a 5 hour drive away from him). In the end, he only lasted 3 weeks after going into the hospital. I had to take in his 17-year-old cat, one of the best cats I've ever met, but who hasn't exactly been welcomed with open paws by my 17-year-old cat. (They're actually from the same litter!) I'm trying to take my life back, now that I don't have this cancer hanging over me, in the background of every thought. Within an hour of Dad dying, I felt a literal weight come off of my shoulders. I was finally able to think about the future. I don't mean The Future, but like, yes, I'll be able to attend that conference for work in a couple weeks. I no longer had to worry that my dad would 'choose' early September to die so that I wouldn't be able to be Maid of Honor in a wedding in Seattle. (I won't go into the guilt I feel about being relieved that he has died. It's a stage of grief, apparently.) I'm seeing a therapist, and I'm happy to be back at work, and in my own home. I'm signed up for a half marathon in February (in Bermuda!). I'm going to 2 other weddings this year. And now I have time to reset my diet. Although after typing this paragraph, I'm wondering why I decided to tackle something difficult on top of it all. Grieving is hard enough, and now I'm denying myself comfort food and tasty beers! But also: I want to live! I want to live a long life! I didn't really intend on going into everything, but once I started, it couldn't be stopped. I'm grieving, even though it doesn't always feel that way, and when it does feel that way, I feel like I'm doing it incorrectly. I guess I wanted to share my story because if I seem really negative about the Whole30 experience, it might not just be about the diet. Kristi
  23. Aliem999

    Allison's Whole 30 Log

    Day 3 of Food Freedom! Back to Whole30 eating today. Went pretty well. Making choices does seem to be easier this time around. I am sitting in a room of snacks and still have not been tempted. Whoot! Breakfast - Hard boiled eggs and strawberries with coconut Lunch - Pineapple slaw (so good), hot link and roasted potatoes Dinner - Just hash browns and a fried egg. I really don't have too much food at home and we are leaving town soon so I am not trying to buy more stuff.... I have some "better for you" snacks for my trip. We are planning on shopping for breakfast stuff when we get there, so that will be nice for one compliant meal a day. I definitely will be having several non complaint meal. We are eating at a bowling alley (eye roll) and a BBQ place. I could probably do something complaint at a BBQ place if they had a non sugar rub, but I do love BBQ and the place we are going is supposed to be really good. I might try to pick better sides (thinking like slaw and fries. yes fries are definitely not complaint, but at least they should have minimal ingredients. i will just make sure I don't over eat them) and have like a bite or two of things like mac and cheese. The breakfast place they have picked out should be interesting. Judging on the website, it think about 60% of the people going to the event are not going to like the place so that should be interesting. The menu seems like a nightmare for a Whole30. Even for breakfast. Their fruit plate has marshmallow sauce. WHAT?!?! The omelettes don't seem terrible though most are covered in some sort of sauce like hollandaise or meat sauce. Double What?!? I do love eggs Benedict and for me that may be "worth it", but I was reading the reviews and some were great and some were bad. To me, that is likely not "worth it" anymore and I may just try to be compliant or maybe fairly complaint, just with cheese. Over eating is definitely something I am going to have to watch out for. We are also likely going to a pizza place. Their pizza is soooo good. Definitely "worth it" but I will make sure to just have one slice and mainly eat salad. To me, the food freedom is so much harder.....My main goal is just to be happy with my food choices. I hope to be at least 50% complaint (maybe not number of meals but at least what is put on my plate) and I hope I don't gain enough to put me back in the 150s. I am very happy finally breaking into the 140s and would like to stay there. Side note - when I was packing, I tired on some dresses that I have not worn since my early pregnancy (well and for like two months before I went back to work and had time to make good food and move more) and several (not all) fit! Some were even packed. Sooooo happy. Even though I have not lost much around the arm area, they also looked more shapely, if that makes sense, so YAY! I am feeling very empowered!
  24. I am just beginning the reintroduction phase of whole 30. I find that I overeat to the point of feeling uncomfortable. Therefore I did not lose lose any weight and may have gained from binging and eating when I’m full/not hungry. would appreciate any advice on how to prevent the overeating
  25. Marienoel

    Day 9 anxiety

    Hi. I am on day 9 and along with being tired last night around 10pm I started feeling very anxious and woke up this morning with anxiety(not as bad as last night, but afraid it might build. Yesterday I had a breakfast of 3 eggs w/kale and sausage. Lunch Chicken breast/sweet potatoes and carrots Dinner organic beef hamburger patty w/ butternut squash and asparagus. Is it common to have anxiety along the way? In the past I would pick up a “protein” bar or two for a total of about 16 grams of sugar in the morning and at night to comfort myself. Any help would be much appreciated.
  26. Susan.

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    I am in the reintroduction phase. I normally have an heavy period. On whole 30 I had some spotting. My period has never been so light. Did anyone else experience this
  27. Jihanna

    Candida Questions

    In a very general sense, yes it's possible to heal our bodies without medication. HOWEVER -- and this is a HUGE caveat -- every body is different, every situation is different, and that makes it impossible for any of us to say with certainty that you can kick it without medications. That said, I truly believe that dietary changes are the very best "first step" if medication isn't already being used... and I believe they're the best method of helping us to bring about lasting changes in health. My suggestion would be to talk with your primary doctor about your concerns, stressing that you'd like to be able to address dietary changes before considering a medication, and then keep a log of what you eat, when it's eaten, and any symptoms you experience (when, severity, etc.) so you're able to keep your doctor updated regarding your progress. If you get enough relief throughout the Whole30 but feel it's still not fully under control, it might be worth discussing an Anti-Candida Diet (or Cleanse) with your doctor. Remember, too, that if you do find that medication might be necessary, that's not a failure... it's just a way of kick-starting your systems so your dietary changes are able to have better lasting effects. Hope that helps
  28. already been eating close to it for a few days, 4. Today start the 30 days
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