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  2. I totally understand your feelings about using IG. Like you, it is the one social media universe that I am willing to swim in (I do peek at my husband's twitter feed sometimes because I learn things from him, and most of the time I've already heard it), and mostly I use it for W30 recipes, my heroine Patti Smith, and therapy type accounts like Tokopa, whom I love. When I threaten to delete IG because of their FB ownership, my husband asks me what I would miss, and the aforementioned are my answer. That, and tracking a couple of teenage girls/daughters of friends who I care (and worry!) about. Anyway, I used to post pretty nature pictures, which seemed very cumbersome at first to do, and once a two-shot of me and my husband at Jazz Fest (a selfie! Did I do that? ha ha), but I haven't posted in years now!!! To your point, in case it's helpful, when I'm on my phone, on the homescreen of IG, there is a paper airplane icon in the top right. That link goes to messages. Having said that, cutting and pasting is one thing that continues to work. LOL! My husband and I agree that training for Mt. Whitney is off the table. Because of my knee, I feel that I need to make it my main job to get healthy, lose weight, and heal my knee and launch from there into the best, highest health I am capable of! W30 ways to the rescue! He is supportive. For his part, he feels he has lost a lot of fitness since we bought the house, and he is too tired to resume the kind of training necessary for the climb we had in mind. He is saying that maybe when the bank loan is paid off in 3 years and 7 months and he can bring in a sub a couple of times a week, then he can afford the time and energy to such training. His exhaustion has me a little worried, but there is no reason to think he has heart issues...I just worry. But he's wicked smart, and I know he will do what is best for him, and if he doesn't, then I have to take a deep breath and communicate as we have been comparing notes on.... I share the difficulty of expressing needs and wants. Not sure if you will relate to this but I signed up for newsletters from Dr. Jonice Webb. I just paused to see if she is on IG, and ta-da, of course she is. Anyway, it's painful for me, so I've been taking small sips of her offerings, but her thing is about childhood emotional neglect. Not sure if that applies to you or not, but those of us who fit that bill have a very difficult time understanding that our feelings matter, and it's hard to say what we need and want. The good news is that we can heal from this, and that is what I'm working on. And finding closure with the surviving parent-figure who did harm to me. That's another story. This morning for breakfast I made bacon and eggs and his favorite toasted artisan crusty bread for hubs, and for me, a fresh batch of cole slaw and compliant sausage browned, with a pile of good olives. I read a paleo ranch dressing recipe somewhere that included coconut milk, with mayo, and just salt, garlic powder and onion powder. So I broke out a can of coconut milk and gave it a whirl. Maybe I used too much garlic, but it was good, and very creamy. With the remaining coconut milk, I heated it up with whole milk, added a little coconut sugar, and a dash of cinnamon and cocoa powder to use as the au lait for my beloved cafe au lait. What a rich treat! I should probably not do that every day. It didn't even taste sweet, my thing is just enough sugar to enhance the other flavors. Danger, danger...but I'm exploring my FF. I made enough for today's coffee, and will use smaller quantities of what is left over the next 3 or 4 days to stretch it out. It's such a revelation to enjoy coffee in place of the eggs that were the real culprit to my stomach. I'm sort of over it, although breakfast dates with friends will be hard, as yesterday. I opted for eggs and paid the price. I'll have to be that person who dares to ask for the steak minus eggs, and as many vegetables as the kitchen is willing to give me. I must ask for what I need, right?? I want to see an item on the menu called Breakfast a la Lisbette consisting of steak, coleslaw, and steamed cruciferous things. Ya think? The women at work are weighing in again these days, and invited me to join them. I'm a little tempted, but then NO. The thing is, I do intend to lose weight, to set that goal and keep it, to follow my own rules, and all of that....maybe use my own scale at home as you are doing. It has been years now since I did it. I think it needs a new battery. For your part, did the evil scale give you a number you liked or didn't like that motivated you to not off-road today? You said evil scale, but you also said nice numbers, and my husband is so sarcastic all the time, I wasn't sure how to interpret your story! Congrats if the number was lower, and also congrats if it wasn't because you made a good decision! I found dried hibiscus flowers at the grocery, and am sipping blood red tea, and enjoying it without sweetener, it's so earthy and a little sour. Yummy.
  3. Found the additional ingredient of “essences” tacked onto natural flavors in my Polar Selzter Ginger Lime Mule. Ingredient list- carbonated water, natural flavors and essences. Is this whole30 compliant? Thanks!
  4. Carole_Ella

    Mixed Nuts with Peanuts

    Thanks. I'll avoid them at parties and pick out the peanuts from the ones at home since they are just nuts, no other ingredients.
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  6. btvs1981

    BTVS Whole 30 log

    Day 17 Coffee with coconut milk, banana with almond butter - trying to see if just eating something would trigger my hunger to come back, nope but I did manage to spike my blood sugar to the point of sweating and feeling disgusting with this meal - yuck Bolognese sauce with saute potato, sweet potato, broccoli and cauliflower plus a few olives Homemade chicken soup with zucchini noodles
  7. enyaluna

    Whole30 (possibly Whole50) round 2!

    Long time no see! I've been so bad about not getting any pictures, but I'll try to fix that next week! Day 9 - Tuesday M1 - Eggs x 2 with smoked salmon and arugula. Later I had a bulletproof matcha with collagen and MCT oil, which I had around noon to tide me over. M2 - Same as yesterday. I planned to eat lunch a little later in the afternoon because I knew I'd be at Grand Rounds until 8 and didn't want to cave in to the catering. We had two mandatory lectures that afternoon, and due to my lack of willingness to make the lecture hall smell like tuna, I ended up having to wait until 3 to eat lunch. This wasn't a wise decision on my part. Probably should have just brought some vegetables and a couple of hard boiled eggs as a snack. Lunch consisted of tuna salad on bibb lettuce wraps with compliant pickles and snow peas. M3 - I attended Dermatology Grand Rounds and was faced with the temptation of catering from Panera-- sandwiches, chips, and cookies-- at the guest lecture and resident presentations. I reminded myself that the catering would be there next month and sat through the entire thing without even turning to the emergency bars. Once home (around 8:30 PM), I had some smoked salmon, sweet potato wedges, and some bites of the paleo tuna salad and carrots that I was prepping for future lunches. Day 10 - Wednesday Last night I had one of those dreams described in the timeline: I instinctively grabbed a fistful of Cheetos out of a large bag and started eating them. Then, midway through, I realized I was supposed to be doing a Whole30 and immediately panicked because it meant I'd have to start over. And then my brain screamed, "This is just a dream and you don't have any Cheetos in your pantry, so don't panic." M1 - I heated up one of my veggie patties and topped it with TJ's Avocado's Number guac (compliant and a far better alternative than buying avocados that are either unripe or have gone completely bad) and put it on some bibb lettuce. M2 - A "bento box" of tuna salad on bibb lettuce wraps, pickles, multicolored carrots, and snow peas. M3 - Breakfast for dinner! Eggs x 2 with more guac, and about 1/2 of a purple sweet potato. Later I had some DAVIDsTEA loose-leaf rooibos from a sampler pack. Day 11 - Thursday M1 - Veggie patty on the last of the zoodles. I forgot what I topped it with, if anything. M2 - Another "bento box" of multicolored carrots, snow peas, guac, and smoked salmon. I brushed my teeth afterwards, of course. M3 - I was a junior clinician at the free Derm Clinic tonight and saw patients until about 8:30. By the time I made it home (9:00), I wanted to dive head-first into a bowl of cereal (never mind that I don't have any cereal at home) but instead microwaved half of a large purple sweet potato. I had one half of that with TJ's Salsa Autentica (my favorite salsa, and it's compliant!), and the other half with almond butter. Probably not the healthiest option but better than nothing. Day 12 - Friday M1 - Eggs x 2 with TJ's Salsa Autentica, smoked salmon. I wanted my meal to be high in protein and fat to keep me full until 1. Today we had our first USMLE Step 1 practice exam, which lasted from 8 to 1 and had about 200 questions covering everything from basic sciences. I brought some snow peas and multicolored carrots with me, and also one of my emergency bars just in case. I didn't need to turn to the emergency bar. M2 - Lunch was a veggie patty on bibb lettuce with the usual toppings, and I had the veggies on the side. Then I completed some errands and got an unsweetened venti Iced Passion Tango tea from Starbucks. Score! M3 - Eggs x 3 with Salsa Autentica and guac. Afterwards, Cold 911 from DAVIDsTEA. Day 13 - Saturday M1 - Veggie patty on the last of the bibb lettuce with the usual condiments. Then DAVIDsTEA earl grey with collagen. (I have a couple of DAVIDsTEA samplers and am seizing the opportunity to try the compliant teas, which is only about... 7? I absolutely love that store) M2 - Another tuna salad bento box! I decided to put my tuna salad on nori that has been sitting in my pantry for forever. On the side I had snow peas and the last of TJ's multicolored carrots. The seaweed and carrot combination is surprisingly delicious. M3 - TBD but I have one last veggie patty, one bottle of kombucha, and one last handful of snow peas awaiting in the fridge. I still have all my emergency bars left, which is a first! NSV's: Clearer skin! That's a huge deal for me because I've struggled with problem skin for years and it's usually exacerbated by dairy. I actually did not wear any makeup today, which is rare. It's much less time-consuming to throw on a tiny amount of eyeliner and mascara instead of having to layer on the foundation.
  8. WildChildGoneGood

    New Round of W30 starting January 20, 2020

    Thank you for replying! I do have the Day by Day book! I used it on the last round (2 years ago), so I'm going through and making it so I can write in it again. I'm re-reading It Starts with Food and have 2 other W30 books arriving today. I know learning how to change my eating habits for good is the solution to so much in my life. I am so ready to make it happen for good this time. My most successful round of Whole 30 (I went 47 days) was back at the end of 2015 through the beginning of 2016. I really changed my life back then. I'm in desperate need of getting all this processed food out of my system for my mind, body and soul. I am even considering staying Paleo afterwards. What I need to do better is reintroducing foods after W30. But one step at a time.
  9. W30CoachAmyLouton

    New Round of W30 starting January 20, 2020

    I love reading this post!! It sounds like you are really getting clear on what didn't work on your last few attempts (and what did-- you made it 20 days!), and it sounds like you're getting in touch with your why. All of your prepping is setting you up for a strong start. Do you have the book "Whole30 Day by Day?" Many people find it to be a great help as they go through their W30 and reintroduction as a place to find a daily pep talk and a place to track your own NSVs and experience. It's definitely not a requirement, but so many people find it helpful, I wanted to mention it! I know you were looking for people starting on January 20; I actually started this W30 on January 13, so a little ahead of the 20th, but I wanted to respond to encourage you. Please keep checking in. You got this!
  10. PEP

    My First Day on Whole30

    Thank you! Start of day three
  11. People do sometimes find their meals on whole30 to be larger than meals they ate previously, and that's fine, everyone should eat as much as they need to eat. I don't think what you've listed there sounds like cravings, it sounds like things she is eating because she is hungry. If your daughter menstruates, keep in mind that at certain points in her cycle she will be hungrier, that is a natural part of a menstrual cycle. During those times when she's more hungry, she may find it helpful to increase how many starchy vegetables she eats (like potato, sweet potato, carrots, turnips, beets, rutabaga, winter squashes like butternut or acorn squash, or plantains). Children also are still growing and may need more food than adults at times as their bodies are using lots of energy for growth.
  12. apeanut99


  13. I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this. I’ve had to feed them more than normal. I’m surprised because they are eating meats and fats like avocado. But they seem to want more. My 14 year old daughter came home after school and ate a can of tuna with avocado, some stew and 4 sausages. is this cravings vs hunger? Or just with the absence of bread and rice they are needing more food? any advice on keeping them full? thank you!
  14. I have been thinking about doing another round of W30 for the last couple months, but wasn't really ready to give up the foods I'm eating that are making me feel like sh*t both mentally and physically. I have done 2 rounds with a lot of success. I have made (I think) 3-4 attempts, with the last being 2 years ago. Except the last time I tracked my food and weighed myself, so I wasn't really following all the rules. I think I made it 20 days before I ate non W30 food. I'm ready now. I've punished myself with food long enough. I'm ready for the clarity and all the goodness that comes with W30! Today I am: going through my fridge/freezer/pantry Making a meal plan for week 1 Grocery shopping Tomorrow I will food prep and do all other Day Zero work. I'm so ready to start this. If anyone else is starting on 1/20 - let me know! I'd love to have someone to chat with who is on the same day as I am!
  15. Dana Olson

    PDF Downloads

    I’ve just listened (in Audible) through chapter 15 of the “It Starts with Food” book. There have been references to PDF resources that can be found at or, such as the recommended nut list. I haven’t been able to locate this list, can someone help me? TY
  16. It sounds like the main theme is showing up: in our communications, our intentions, our self love, all of it! I'm working on it; just being mindful of it is a big step. I struggle to communicate my needs/wants so that's a biggie that I need to show up for- today! Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for the holistic psychologist link. OK, I have to confess that I am unskilled in the ways of social media. I created an IG account so I could follow people I was interested in but have never learned how to actually use it. I tried to find what you sent me but didn't see it so I just cut and pasted instead. I'm going to make a project of actually learning how to IG; it doesn't creep me out like FB and twitter and I've come across so many things that bring me joy and knowledge. Aside from my breakfast stuff, I have no idea what I'm cooking up this weekend so it may be a "winging it" kind of week but that's do-able since I have produce, a bag of frozen shrimp, some chicken breasts and I'm heading out to pick up some ground beef. Yay for you both being off this weekend! My husband is off on Monday but I'm working. I've been being mostly compliant as well. I had a tiny serving of dairy last night and a couple of squares of dark chocolate but, otherwise I've been on-track. I'm a little disappointed that I haven't relinquished any more weight back to the universe, though. I was planning a major off-road this morning but the evil scale whispered some nice numbers so that discouraged me from making a decision that wasn't going to serve me well. I'm trying to set my mind not to go veering into a ditch tomorrow with snacky stuff. I know one person is bringing frozen french fries to go with the burgers so I should be able to avoid those. It will be interesting to look at the ingredient list on them, though! I'll bet you a dollar that there's sugar! I'd rather have a nice, festive glass of wine than crappy frozen french fries so that's the choice I'm making. The rain has slacked off so it's time to venture out so I can get stuff done. Enjoy your time off and watch plenty of "kitty TV"!
  17. sylvie3355

    Newbie on Day 17...No Tiger Blood Yet

    Hi Shani, Thanks so much for replying. I am mos def logging everything I'm eating/drinking to a T. I laid off fruit for almost a week bec/ of my sugar addiction and I added in fruit 2 days ago but I can't eat it with full meals bec/ that def makes me bloated. I usually eat it 30 min before a meal with nuts, although I would prefer to have it alone so it has time to digest without fat or protein in there. That seems to be the best for my body pre W30 ago.... If anything, I feel like I'm eating too much food. I've been making whole 30 recipes throughout this from the 4 books so I was assuming they were balanced for veg/protein/fat but I think part of my wrench are my workouts and meat consumption. My workouts routines have been the same for 3 years with the exception of starting OTF 2x/w in Sept 2019. I only workout heavy 2x/wk (Orange Theory) then I do yoga 3x/wk and pilates 1x/wk. Because the latter (yoga/pilates) isn't a high intensity training, I didn't add any pre/post workout meals with them. Should I? I will continue to dive deeper to see if I feel bloated after which meal and what I ate. I haven't done that yet. I'll start today. Good news is I don't have any bloat in the am so that's a good sign. Maybe I need to walk after a meal bec/ my body isn't used to eating 3 meals only. I was more of a grazer so I'll give it more time. Also, I didn't used to eat all this meat either. I'm not a vegetarian by any means but my body seems to like it when I use meat as a flavoring, not as a full course so I was under the impression that the only protein sources on the plan that aren't meat/fish are eggs and nuts. Am I missing anything? Thanks for helping me. I greatly appreciate it. Nancy
  18. Brewer5

    Like an Onion

    This is not Earth-shattering news to me ... I have observed and documented this over and over and over again when I clean up my diet: My period creeps up on me. When I am eating more like the SAD way, I find myself checking the calendar around day 21, because I just feel "off" and I know it is coming. Usually, I think to myself: "Holy crap, it's still like a week away." --- WAIT. This post just took a turn. Because I got out my calendar and realized that, while I was going to report that my period arrived without too much misery and bullshit leading up to it ...and that is true... It also arrived about 5 days earlier than normal. Hey, whatever. I know that's "a thing" that is reported on Whole 30, but I've never experienced it. Apparently I have now.
  19. Sylvia Metayer

    What would you eat

    Beef tartare, no crisps, all accompaniments served separately so you can decide to mix or not Grilled New York seared scallops if the preparation of the sides is compliant, otherwise replace with steamed beans and bouled new potatoes, olive oil on the side.
  20. Jihanna


    My guess is that they're looking at it as a "pizza recreation". Since you're not actually turning the meat into a dough, however, this hits me as more like spiralizing zucchini or ricing cauliflower.
  21. Sylvia Metayer

    Done is better than perfect

    Dear all, i am on Day 12 of the Whole 30 ... i think... since my job makes it difficult to be 100% compliant ... I I travel internationally three weeks a month : between the jet lag, language and culture it’s not easy to figure out what’s what ... i lead 174 000 employees in food services - when they are so proud of their surprise birthday party it’s impossible to refuse to at least sip the champagne and nibble on the cake they made just for me ... but I am fiercely compliant in what I can control : no snacking - no packaged foods - a good breakfast -and I am pushing my teams to think of our clients who would be Whole 30 so that next year the surprise birthday treat is bananas « flambeed » in coconut oil with fresh berries, and we have better ingredient display in all our countries .... ..we’ll see at the end of the 30 days whether i have the expected benefits : better sleep, less bloating, more even moods, more energy - in spite of the difficulties being perfect ...
  22. Aelfric

    Ælfric’s W30 №2 (Jan 2020)

    Saturday 18/1/20 (Day 4). M1: Grilled salmon and vegetables. M2: Poached eggs. M3: Chicken and vegetable curry. M4: Banana berry smoothie. Drinks: Green tea with mint, apple juice. Exercise: Nil.
  23. RBranham92

    First time Whole 30

    Newbie here, getting ready to start my whole 30 journey! I’m currently reading the book and have planned my start date for February 1, 2020. I’m really excited but nervous as well. I look forward to the support this group has to offer!
  24. BabyBear

    Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020

    12:30 we arrived at destination and thank goodness cuz I had to peeeeeeee plus I’m so thirsty but I dare not drink more water until we made our destination. 1:00 S1: Rx bar, beef stick, grapes We got unloaded and set up the booth, I plugged in the hot logic with my lunch and grabbed a snack because I’m hungry and lunch will be 30 min to 3 hours depending on business. 3:00 M2: LO sweet and sour chicken with cauliflower rice. Yum, still so good even the next day. Phew I’m full and ready for a nap, but I’m enjoying my time next to the hubby. 6:00 S2: clementine and pistachios. It’s not ideal but the food is compliant and I am in an unusual circumstance and I’m coping and making the best choices my surroundings allow me to currently make. It has been so slow. They put the vendors off in a tiny closet of a room in the back of the hotel. My husband started going out to the lobby where all the people were hanging out just to let people know that there were vendors. There are a lot of people pretty upset about the vending situation today. My hubby did manage to strum up some business for us and some of the other vendors. I get back to my room thinking I’ll have a blt roll up noooo my turkey meat froze in the little fridge along with most of my other food. I put some quiche and cabbage in my hot logic and plugged it in. Moved the meats to the door and will hope for the best. Time for a nap. 11:00 M3: 2 Turkey BL-no T wraps (Lettuce, avocado, turkey slice, bacon, mayo, spicy mustard, red bells Oh this day keeps presenting its own challenges. I had plugged food in to eat when I got up, and it was unplugged and cold. At least the turkey had mostly defrosted and wasn’t a solid piece of ice, unlike my tomatoes. The wraps were tastier than I expected and very filling. I ate them as we headed to the rink to skate and vend. Hopefully we can make some more sales tonight as the vending earlier was a joke. We typically are not allowed to set up in a rink because they feel we are direct competition to their skate shop that isn’t typically open for these parties nor do they sell the same products that we carry. So vending at a rink should be interesting.
  25. Sarasaurus

    Sara's Whole30

    Day 6 Meal 1: shakshuka w/ 2 eggs Post WO: roasted chicken Meal 2: 2 Applegate hot dogs w/ mustard mayo, roasted brussels sprouts Snack: hb egg w/ mustard mayo, Rx bar Snack: couple spoonfuls of almond butter, chai tea made w/ coconut milk Workout: Crossfit, 1 hr dance class My schedule got hectic this evening and I didn't have time for a proper meal before rushing to dance class, and when I got home it was so late I didn't want to eat much, so ended up with a couple of snacks instead of a Meal 3.
  26. apeanut99


    Just a discussion on a facebook page.
  27. This has been a theme all day...waiting until we aren't mad to make our point. My neighbors are talking about this, too, in the context of family meetings. It makes all kind of sense. I have said, at work and at home, at various times, in the moment that the interruption occurs, "I can give you my undivided attention when _____" but then it's more likely that there is a little heat of intensity in the communication - which also might be okay or even perfect! I think we just do the best we husband has also lost track of things I've asked him to do or not to do and then shampoo rinse friend uses the expression the dance of marriage. You sound to me like a very reasonable, loving, and generous partner. I'm here to cheer you on to get what you need!! I forwarded to your IG account a posting from (paying more attention to her punctuation and spelling) the.holistic.psychologist to make it easier. I checked out the accounts you mentioned, and I tell you, that Lisa B. is hard to turn away from. That smile! That Bad Ass example - I love it! Well, glad you're feeling better today and have social time on the near horizon. That is so important. Sounds fun! I've never BBQ'd in the freezing cold - impressive! Your improvised sautee sounds yummy! I'm feeling pretty good lately, myself, and eating well. Yesterday I got up at 6 to make Mel J's Italian Vegetable Soup for the first time, and loved it. I followed the recipe to a TEE and then added some deboned chicken, which fell apart so nicely as the soup simmered down. We both really love it, and next time and SOON I'll make a bigger batch. Next up is the Tuscan Chicken and I'll use organic drum sticks that I found at Costco. I picked up some grapes to make more of the turkey Waldorf, and soon I'll also make Michelle Tam's Lemongrass Chicken. Meanwhile, I have a couple bags of slaw mix, which I am loving with compliant sausage for a quick breakfast. I am taking organic whole milk in my coffee, and occasionally adding Greek yogurt to dressings, but otherwise, pretty darned compliant, and it feels good. My sleep is better, too. As you said, a definite NSV to jump right back in. The best news is that I'll have plenty of time to cook and rest this weekend as we have both Sat and Sun OFF. Hubs was off today too making it a 3-day staycation for him, but I went in to support our crew for a hectic day. But I'm super excited to have some time off - what a relief. I recall reading a rule of communication about showing up - nothing happens until we show up. Thanks for putting that back in to a personal context. Here's to showing up for ourselves!
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