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    What to Expect Calendar (Symptoms)

    I am on my 3rd Whole30 in 3 years. I love to do it once a year as a cleanse. I’m on day 24 and feeling so good. The last few days I have been getting comments about my weight loss, which is a great motivator! The first week of the timeline rang pretty true for me, but the rest has felt so positive. I had to make it through a camping trip with coworkers where everyone was drinking cocktails and eating camp food and s’mores. That wasn’t so easy .....but the victory is so satisfying ! I can’t wait for Day 30 so I can get on the scale!!
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  4. Oh, that makes sense! And it sounds delicious. The relish has my attention, too. You are a domestic goddess! The ingredients in the relish are reminding me of tapenade, although I know that's different...since olives in great quantity are so good for us, you have given me the idea to make some tapenade. 'Have kalamatas on my shopping list for tomorrow, too. OH! The gyros sound so good! What is your spice profile like for the gyros you're making? My husband finished the gyros leftovers when I was working late on Saturday, as he really likes it, too. I will look for a full fat Greek yogurt, it sounds so good. Yes, it's fun to play around with slicing the meat to different sizes and seeing how it crisps up. Sometimes I don't have the patience to broil both sides, and in that case, each bite is slightly crispy, and lots of's all good! Right after the first batch of tzatziki ran out, we went to the fancy sandwich joint in town, and her special was "Artemis", basically a gyros sandwich but with sliced, roasted lamb instead of gyros, with all the usual toppings. It was delicious, though I prefer a much more garlicky tzatziki such as the one I have at home right now from your recipe. I thought about ordering it as a salad, but I indulged in the sandwich on a soft, perfect pita and it was heavenly, juice running down to my forearms. I have been thinking that as chili is a winter thing (really I love chili all year!) gyros is a great summer thing, having all those crisp vegetables and the fresh flavors just feels summery. I'm basically a walking garlic bomb these days. SO glad you like that EO combo, yay! Today the landscaping guy came with his team, and took out some of the shrubby non-native things I wanted gone, and that obnoxious stand of invasive trees, finished off the weed whacking, including the messy looking stuff poking out of the mortar of lots of stone mason walls that line our garden beds, and a large terraced area...and it looks so good!!! Like a good haricut, LOL. It's It also improved our view of the mountains, which I hadn't even thought of. It's easier for me to imagine what I want now, but really what I need is less dreamy, and a more scientific approach: a few hours measuring all the garden areas around the house and making a diagram with exact measurements. I was thinking about what you said about soil being barren and naked leaving it vulnerable to weeds. What I have now is a lot of such barren soil...the oak trees drop their leaves in summer to conserve water, so the soil won't be barren for long. Do you think I should sheet-mulch now, or wait until the rains? Hm. I'm now worried about all the little creatures in the soil! Argh! That's funny about the wheat growing from the straw you laid down! Is the straw very expensive? I have some big questions about what my soil is like here. Given the mountains, I know it's mineral rich, and should be well-suited for the native plants I'll bring in, but I see differing opinions about whether or not to amend the soil. Mostly I'm reading NOT to amend the soil OR compost with natives, which makes sense (I can use the compost on the fruit trees. We just discovered that we also have two small pomegranate trees!!!). My instinct is not to amend. I'll be looking for plants that have lots of mycorrhiza as I've been reading about, to help everyone in the plant community connect. Are you familiar with the wonderful research of the Canadian professor of forest ecology Suzanne Simard? Of course you are. She is one of my heroines. One of my favorite books is based on her research: Being a homebody sounds good to me! Normally, we would have done more day hiking and backpacking, but the house is keeping us home-bound, and also money conscious (hiking is cheap, but payroll for a substitute pharmacist is not!) However, we are looking forward to our Labor Day weekend camp out, yes! Oh, that's right! There was so much smoke last summer! Knock on wood, so far so good this year! We'll go to Jazz Fest again in September. Sweet dreams,
  5. Beckha99

    Starting July 16!! Successes and woes!

    Thanks Jihanna!! I appreciate the time you took to type that out. You have really great points! Maybe I can also use the whole30 to help me be less of a procrastinator and more of a planner. Always my weak spot.
  6. C.B.

    Round 3.2 - Learning As I Go

    Day 3 I was supppper tired today, which is an energy slump that I had when first starting my 3rd round so not a huge surprise. My stomach felt much better today though. Also ate chicken for the first time in 6ish months and that seemed to go over well. I made a yummy Whole30 tabouleh with my mom's parsley and am stocked to add it to a couple of meals this week. Also experimenting with rhubarb as my mom has a bunch of it. Most rhubarb recipes call for sugar, so I'm on the hunt for more savoury uses. I felt better about my cravings today and was more engaged in work this morning, before my energy slump hit after lunch.
  7. Jihanna

    Starting July 16!! Successes and woes!

    Beckah, the very best meal-planning suggestion I can give you is to plan around the local sales. My method goes a bit like this... 1. Know the Non-Sale Pricing. If I know what my usual buys cost when they're not on sale, I know if I can afford recipes using those items when they're not on sale. This means I can have some "standard" recipes that I know will be affordable regardless, giving me a little more room to buy slightly more expensive things for "special" meals we don't do as often. 2. Check this Week's Sales. I always check the weekly ad for at least Kroger (where the majority of my shopping is done) and Sprouts (where we get probably half of our weekly produce, sometimes more, depending on sales). I make a list of anything on sale (including the pricing, any limits to how much I can buy, etc.) that I might end up wanting or needing. Because I know the non-sale pricing on standard items, I can easily judge if the price is better at one store or the other. 3. Meal-Plan Based on the Sales. I plan 5 family meals each week. At least 3 of those use on-sale protein or protein frozen from another week's sale. Usually I can manage to get all of my protein on sale, unless I'm doing a "special" meal. I do those far less often now (not on round, but still cook 99% of family meals totally compliant) than I did during my first Whole30. Almost all of our veggies are gotten on sale, either from my usual stores or from the produce market's bargain bin, which saves us a ton because trust when I say we go through some veggies in this house! 4. Don't Over-Complicate. One of the things that got me during my first Whole30 was that I wanted to be able to do super-awesome meals that I was reading about, with complicated steps and lots of prep and ingredients I'd rarely heard of and never used... after that month, I kept up with doing compliant meals, but I started finding things that we liked and were easier to throw together. I definitely still do a fair amount of prep, but that first month routinely saw me doing 1.5-2 hours of prep for each meal. That's insane, trust me! So now I tend to pick easier recipes that we'll enjoy but that won't make me feel like it's a chore to put it all together. 5. Substitutions are Okay! Trade out expensive grape or cherry tomatoes with chopped Roma or another tomato. Use a different lettuce, skip the expensive cabbage and just use green stuff, try carrots in place of parsnips, etc. If sugar-free dried cranberries are expensive, maybe use a little fresh fruit instead (I personally love fresh blackberries on my salads, when I can get them on a good sale). 6. Check Bulk Options. On this one, I'm not meaning "bulk" like what you get at Costco or Sam's, but rather the bulk bins at places like Sprouts or Whole Foods. This is especially important for things that you don't keep on hand and don't know if it's worth buying a whole container. Stuff like raw nuts, nut flours, coconut flour, nutritional yeast, etc., often can be gotten cheaper this way than in pre-packaged bags. Some stores will have a section with herbs and spices, also, which makes it nice for spices or blends you're not sure you'll use again. I know it LOOKS like a lot, but it's a fairly straight-forward process, especially once you get used to doing it. I make my grocery list up while I'm writing up my meal plan, and then immediately put everything I'm getting from Kroger into my online cart... and order for pick-up. I think we probably save at least $20-$30 every week just by ordering online, since I'm NOT walking every aisle and staring down sales on stuff we don't actually need. Sorry for such a long post, but hopefully there will be some inspiration there
  8. Jihanna

    Finger licking?

    In all honesty, dairy screws with my system so heavily that I'd have to start over if it was me in your shoes... BUT, I'm full-on allergic to dairy, and even small amounts tend to be extremely noticeable for me. That doesn't mean you'll have the same experience. When it's something that small, my general advice is to take notes of how you're feeling, any symptoms that pop up over the next day or 3, and continue with your Whole30 as planned. If you feel like it DID cause enough reaction, add extra time on the end of your Whole30 until you get to a good baseline point from which to do your reintroduction testing. Remember that reintroduction is basically an experiment -- which means it's important to create a "control" (fully compliant) environment first, then you introduce a "new" thing into that environment to test for reactions. So if you notice that your experience is deviating from what the "Whole30 you" felt like before licking your fingers, give yourself a little extra time to get back to that, just to make sure you're going to have trustworthy results from the reintro testing.
  9. ShannonM816

    Am I Eating Too Much?

    I don't think you're eating too much. Your breakfast today had no protein and was a little fruit heavy, but the meal template is a recommendation, not a rule, so just pay attention to how you feel after a meal like that, versus a meal with protein and vegetables and healthy fat with less fruit. Some people find a fruit-heavy breakfast leaves the hungry faster or even craving sugar the rest of the day. If your meals are keeping you satisfied 4-5 hours at a time, and you feel you're recovering from your workouts well, then you're eating the right amount.
  10. Beets

    Whole 21

    Day 8 I think. A bit rocky while away this weekend. Was a mother-in-law's and Friday my parents were here. Mom brought sandwiches, my favorite donut, other bakery treats I usually dive into. But yet I resisted. Oh, that was back on Day 5 anyway. Sat was hot as hell and we drove to NH. I made myself some lamb burgers for breakfast that I ate with a salad. I made some for the kids, too. We all love lamb burgers. I got some larabar type things from Patagonia (last min camp shopping) for sustenance in a pinch and otherwise I didn't eat anything on the road. I always love a Diet Coke on the road so this was a bit of a "oh I wish I could" or "well I could just start over tomorrow' situation but nothing major. When I got to my mother-in-law's (typically a place where my eating falls apart, though has also been a place where I've been super on it) I really really wanted to dive into the bakery stuff my mom sent with us for the house. Or eat any of the crap food in her cupboards or the beer I don't usually drink at home but have when I arrive after the long drive. I did not. Starting to feel a little more streamlined. Sun was Day 7. I had a very small amount of sleep but still I woke up with my mind feeling more clear, more ME. Felt good. I made myself some pork and cabbage and ate it. We stopped at my favorite drive-in amazing hot dog burger onion ring old-fashioned dream place to eat. I ate a lobster roll without the bun and nothing else. I'm sure the mayo was made w something awful but I decided not to freak out about it (I dont even think the w30 is as strict these days as it used to be about seed oils while eating out). Dropped son at camp. Was HEINOUSLY HOT especially for coastal Maine. Was great. Back to m-in-law's where I finished rest of the cabbage and pork. WAs famished really. I ate another larabar and some other thing that was compliant if not ideal. Day 8 nothing remarkable. Lamb burgers and salad, larabars. I was hungry when I went to bed but I was exhausted after driving in a Level 10 deluge for six hours. Day 9 Had pilates, ate some smoked trout before (remembered I should be eating just protein before working out, no idea if this is still regarded as the protocol). Food shopped on way home, really really wanted a nice chocolate bar from the market when I shopped. Came home, housed a bunch of cherries and and cooked the salmon and bok choi. I like this combo a lot. Plus the bok cooks up quickly. pre WO smoked trout m1 salmon, bok choi snack: PB larabar m2 same I know, the larabars aren't ideal but eh I'm working my way up to this. I love feeling like my brain is working. I'm clear headed.
  11. LadyWolf0926

    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    Today was an extremely good day! Lots of NSV's! (1) My energy levels were the best they've been since I started. No mid-afternoon crash. (2) I slept great last night. Only woke up once and fell right back asleep. (3) Cravings are practically gone, although I think most of what I'm wanting is mental rather than physical. It's really hard to break years of a comfort relationship with food, but we're working on it (4) My day was much less stressful than normal, and I was able to handle an early morning emergency with tons of patience. (5) A friend asked me about Whole 30 and was so jazzed about it, she went and bought the book at lunch. I'm her lifeline (6) I was much better organized today, and that's due to the mental clarity I'm feeling. I'm much less forgetful lately! I know this was something I should've done in the beginning, but tomorrow I'm cleaningout the pantry. There's lots of old things in there that just need to go. It'll feel much better organized and help me take a good 4hard look at what we have so I'm not overbuying. Also, it'll help me clean and better organize my kitchen counters. It's so much easier to prep menus when I have a clean and organized workspace. Today, I broke out the Crock-Pot and made Smoky Sweet Potato Chili from the Whole 30 Slow Cooker cookbook. I used jalapenos instead of poblanos and substituted ground turkey for the beef. It made the house smell amazing and even my son, who's not a chili fan, said he wanted to try it. Its a keeper and definitely going to go on the meal rotation. Breakfast - Crab stuffed omelette with avocado, topped with gochugaru. Side of pan roasted potatoes in ghee with spring onion Coffee with Nut Pods Lunch - Pan grilled tilapia with spicy coconut curry. Pan wilted spinach. Coconut water. Dinner - Taco salad with Smoky Sweet Potato Chili topped with avocado and tomato. Organic white peach. Tonight, I'm treating myself with a mini binge session of The Handmaid's Tale. Normally, I'd treat myself with something sweet, like ice cream, but we're going to break that food reward/treat habit, right? Then off to bed for a good night's sleep.
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  13. Laura of The Great White North

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    Hi everyone! We're officially half way through this! Day 17 for me. This has been far from how I thought this was going to go. I hardly ever get sick even when my husband and kids bring things home. But whatever this bug is that I have it's made me feel pretty crummy. I finally broke down and had some cough drops. At least they helped me sleep. I kind of have an appetite today too but not a big one. I'm making some soup right now so I hope it hits the spot. I'm not really craving any foods, but I'm pouting a lot more about foods I can't have. I saw someone eating Cheetos today and I legit wanted to have a little temper tantrum. I know it's been a rough go for some of us but we'll stick it out. I know we can do this!!
  14. ashleyparik

    Nicoleonrepeat... Committing to Whole30

    Hi Nicole! We are SO glad to have you here! You should be really proud of yourself for making the commitment to be a good example for your son and to work on changing your relationship with food. Please let us know how we can support you through out your Whole30 journey. You got this!!!
  15. ashleyparik

    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    This makes me SO happy!!!!
  16. I am on Day 8 of my first Whole30 and I've been 100% compliant. While my husband is not doing Whole30 with me, he is the one who does most of the cooking and he's been making all of our dinners for the last 8 days (directly from the Whole30 cookbook). As I write this, he's had the Italian Beef Roast in the slow-cooker all day. When I went through our pantry on Day (-2), I checked all the beef and chicken stock that was in there. Fortunately, all the cartons we had were compliant and I told him as such. However, when he went to the store on Sunday, for some reason he decided to grab another carton of beef stock (even though we have one in the pantry), and while it's the same BRAND as the compliant one we have, it's NOT the same VERSION (we have the low-salt in the pantry and he bought the regular), and has some slightly different ingredients, including RED WINE! I didn't know he bought more beef stock and he thought he was going on my "ok" based on the brand (therefore assuming there was no need to check the ingredient list because I'm the only one actually eating Whole30) and I only just now noticed the ingredient list because it's sitting on the counter, empty, in front of my face with the rest of the recyclables. This beef is meant to be used for at least 2 meals this week! I texted him that it has wine in it and his response was "the alcohol would have burned off". (I know that's not the point but I didn't argue with him.) I haven't had any yet but I can't tell him I refuse to eat what he's cooking when he's being so supportive, not to mention how much of a waste of food/money that would be. Bottom line: I'm going to eat what he made tonight and for any leftovers that result. Does this situation require a restart or is it ok for me to add on extra days past Day 30? (Incidentally, I already decided on Day 2 that I am going to make this a Whole45 or 60 or 90). Thanks for any advice and support! hfowler
  17. LadyWolf0926

    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    Thank you so much! I'm really enjoying Whole 30 and am beginning to seriously realize this is a lifestyle change, not a short term program. Everyday I'm seeing new NSV's. Some NSV's are so obvious to others that I've had a lot of friends ask me about it, and several are now joining me on their own journey. It's exciting to have such strong support from family, friends and my physicians. I know I'm on the right path!
  18. Beckha99

    Starting July 16!! Successes and woes!

    Ok, so I am now on actual day 2. My husband has told me again that he is 100% on board. I told him I will supply whole30 dinners, and lunches of left overs (as much as I can), and he needs to make sure he is compliant on the rest of his meals on his own. I thought this was a good compromise after last week's derailing disaster. My food yesterday was fine. I don't have leftovers from dinner last night. I mean, I did, BUT my husband gave some of our dinner to the neighbors (we had chicken wings with the whole30 buffalo sauce). He was returning a bowl they brought us food in, and we usually have a policy not to return a dish without something to give them. Now here is the thing...I love my neighbors. They are a cute elderly couple and I know the husband loves hot wings. I felt like a total jerk saying no don't share any. So I said, I am not sure if we are going to have enough for our lunches tomorrow if we do that. Hubby says "You can have the leftovers and I will eat some fruit or something for lunch." So I am a stay at home mom, and he works. So I said "No you just take the left overs." (there was enough for one lunch) "I can fix something else since I will be at home." At the time I felt like it was the nice thing to do, but now at lunch time it makes me angry. I am not sure if I am angry at him, or at myself for not sticking up for myself and telling him if he decides to gift some of our dinner, that's on him. Maybe I need a marriage counselor along with my Whole30. I am mad at him, but ultimately, I feel like it is my own fault. Deep breath. ANYWHO, on the subject of food, I am frustrated today with recipes. I have 2 recipes that I have most of the ingredients for, but am having trouble finding the last few things. Also, several of the things were pretty expensive. We are a military family without a lot of extra cashflow, so when I can't find date paste for a recipe, and have to buy whole dates to make the paste, plus sugar free dried cranberries for my salad recipe, BAM! $20 in addition to all the other ingredients. I know that my health and body are worth it, but school just started so we have all kinds of additional expenses this month for back to school stuff. I know my recipes are my choice, but when I research to find good ones, and make plans for a recipe to be dinner, it is hard to change at the last minute. (PS-I never knew dates were that expensive.) I guess I am going to have to do more research when looking at recipes, and check prices before I commit. And plan meal further out. Even though I completely suck at planning in advance. My sleep was fitful. I got approximately 4.5 hours of sleep last night. Between the general restlessness and the heat, it was a tough night. I know I need to endure a few nights where sleep is hard to come by while my body is detoxing from everything. I am trying to be patient, but with back-to-school, a heatwave, and a drastic change in my eating, I am a grumpy jerk. So that's the tea on day 2 sis. Give me strength!!
  19. Hello! I am on Day 9 of my first Whole30. I am struggling with extreme lethargy and brain fog. I was hoping someone could take a look at a couple days of food logs and give me some feedback? A little about me....40 year old female, current weight 260, and I work a sedentary job. I do CrossFit 3x a week and try to do something active the other 4 days, i.e., go for a walk, play with my son at the park, etc. Next week I plan on adding in two weightlifting days. I go to CrossFit after work and get home around 7:00. I eat dinner around 8:00. Below are my food logs for the last couple days: Monday Breakfast - .5 cup roasted white potatoes; 1 serving egg casserole (total recipe = 8 eggs, .5 cup egg whites, 2 oz applegate farms ham, 4 slices paleo sugar free bacon, 1 cup chopped broccoli. Makes 4 servings) Lunch - 1 serving chicken sheet pan meal (1 chicken thigh, 3/4 cups of sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, apples, shallots mixure); 3 oz baby carrots and 1 wholly guacamole cup; 3/4 cup cherries. Snack - Apple + almond butter; 1 serving dried pineapple Preworkout - Rx Bar Dinner - 1 serving of barbacoa, 1 wholly guacamole cup, 1 cup brussel sprouts cooked in olive oil Tuesday Breakfast, lunch, dinner = same as above except I added a banana at breakfast. Preworkout - 1 hardboiled egg, 1/4 avocado, 1/4 cup almonds, 2 tbs raisins Any thoughts or advice? One thing I have noticed since starting Whole30 is my sleep has improved drastically. I sleep like the dead. Prior to Whole30, I always woke up several times a night. I am now getting a solid 8-9 hours. I just can't shake the lethargy and brain fog.
  20. Victoriabiscuit

    Finger licking? this is kind of an odd question and I had trouble figuring out which category to put it under.. this is my first whole 30, yesterday was day 22. I’m feeling great, I’ve been very rigorous about the rules and in general, very careful. I work in a restaurant, our chef has been nominated for a James Beard award twice for our region, but I’ve still behaved, haven’t touched the food at work, I’ve prepped and made all of my own meals these last 23 days. So you may be wondering why I mentioned yesterday was day 22 instead of just saying today I’m on day 23? Last night at work, the guys in the kitchen made something, it had dairy in it, I didn’t partake BUT... I was cleaning some of it up and instinctually licked my finger (don’t worry people, I wash my hands like I’m getting paid to at work and at home). I’ve been so conscientious about it all month, like when I’m making meals and snacks for my kids, and it was a pretty thin film of the dairy containing stuff on my finger, I need to start over? Be honest (but please say no haha)... for real though, should I count that as a slip and start over?
  21. Sjodo

    Here we go again...

    Hey everyone! I am so happy to be back here after almost 2 years (EEK). I did my first whole30 after a recommendation from my OBGYN when I was having undiagnosed lower abdominal pain and irregular periods. I did not make it to day 30 because I got myself really sick(long story) but I felt fantastic. For 3 months post whole30 I felt incredible. I did not do a proper reintroduction because of falling off the wagon, but this time no excuses. After suffering 5 years with a whole host of symptoms I finally have a diagnosis. Hashimoto Thyroiditis. My mom was recently diagnosed so I got myself tested and came back positive. I have been on medication since July 6th and have noticed much improvement. I didn't want to make any other major changes right away so I could see how the medicine is working. I see the endocrinologist the 25th of July and if they approve I will be starting my Whole30 on the 25th. I have been building up to make major life changes for the past year. Both my kids will finally be in school and I will have more time for me to really focus on myself. I plan to exercise regularly in my free time, and start eating better. For me as a teacher my "new year" starts in August not January so I'm jumping head first into the new year for a better me. I am much more serious this time around because I know this disease is lifelong, and I will always have struggles, but I feel with a better diet and life style changes I can conquer this disease and hopefully prevent myself from developing other autoimmune disease. I chose the 25th because I will most likely be going on vacation shortly after and I don't want to be in caffeine withdrawal during that time so that's why I'm not choosing an easy to remember day like the 1st. Also I want to be as far into my Whole30 as possible when my school(prek teacher) starts on the 19th. My kids will also be visiting their grandparents for the first week of my Whole30 so it'll really help me focus on me that first tough week. I am an open book and am happy to share my thoughts and experiences as well as every day of this journey with everyone. I could Definetly use all the support and love I can get since I'm in this alone. My husband and kids are anti dietary changes, but I will slowly sneakily start changing my kids diet, and maybe eventually drag hubby along. I do buy all the groceries. Lol So here's to jumping into a happier healthier me for life!
  22. masonjar87

    Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck

    You can do it, @KaraS! Since my flub with the pretzels last week, I'm thinking I'll be going beyond 30 days too (since I'm technically starting over). So I'll be here to stick it out with you! I'm one to reach for the snap peas too...crunchy and satisfying But I'm also snacking less, which is good. I do miss my rice and soy sauce, though!
  23. Jihanna

    Amy's Whole 30 Log Starting July 15, 2019

    Even just letting them have fun tossing veggies in oil and herbs could be helpful to you, because it's one less step that you have to worry about. If you don't want to tempt fate by letting them do it in a bowl, you can always just put everything in a big zipper-close bag. I do that with my own carrots, tossing them in olive oil with some salt, pepper, and tarragon. The same can go for tossing meats or veggies in herb and (compliant) flour/starch mix before baking or frying. Put it all in a big baggie and let the kids go to town. For the older one, maybe helping with making meat patties? If you had some pre-formed (and even pre-cooked) sausage, it might make it easier to grab protein in the morning... just be careful with seasonings, if you're going to have tiny hands help mix! Anyway, just some thoughts that have worked for us. Either way, I'm glad you get enjoyment from cooking, that helps a lot with Whole30!
  24. DerekWrightTCH

    Am I Eating Too Much?

    Hello! i am only on day two of whole30, and in the past, I’ve been on pretty restrictive counting calorie diets. I lost 80 pounds but did so by only eating 1200-1500 calories and running for 30+ minutes every day as a 250 pound guys. I’m down to about 183ish after a little gain, but I needed it. It seems like I am eating a lot, but I am getting hungry every 4-5 hours. I do workout or run daily. I have thrown out the calorie counter, so I am not sure where I am. Am I eating too much? Since I’m only a couple days in, I want to make adjustments now rather than later. In all actuality, this is the most protein and food quality I have eaten in years. Breakfast yesterday: 4 sweet potato cuts (about half a potato), 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, spinach sautéed with olive oil. Lunch: 1/2lb of grilled chicken, asparagus, roasted beets, yellow tomatoes, 2 TBS of Tessemae ranch Dinned: 1/5 of a portion of pomegranate roast (3lb roast total), with carrot and cauliflower slaw and a whole sweet potato (I feel like I needed more veggies in this). The slaw had complaint mayo in it. An hour lifting at the gym for the workout PreWO: celery and 1 TBS of sunflower butter PostWO: Epic chicken bar and homemade plantain chips Today: breakfast: sweet potato, 1.5 TBS sunflower butter, 5 cherries, chia seeds, blueberries, and a banana lunch: LO roast with a half sweet potato, 1/2 cup of green beans and carrots. Dinner is currently in the crockpot and is the chicken, lime, avocado soup and I’m going to add a spinach salad. 4 mile run today with a mile walk cooldown PreWo: Celery and sunflower butter PostWo: Beef Epic jerky and plantains
  25. Amy_Michigan

    Amy's Whole 30 Log Starting July 15, 2019

    Thanks for the helpful feedback, Jihanna! I cut out those white potato hashbrowns starting today, but I'm still working on remembering to eat protein in the morning. The drinking coffee in the morning tip is helpful as well, although I have a tough time forming habits like grabbing coffee or tea. I'm more of a spontaneous person, non-habit forming person, which is why I struggle so much with eating clean consistently! I even have a portable tea kettle thing in my office at work that I haven't used in at least 2-3 months! I'm well stocked on green tea if I could manage to remember to drink it. Haha. I like the idea of roasting carrots! I have done that once before, years ago, and it was fantastic. I'd love to have my kids help with meal prep, but I'd have to put some thought in to which parts they could help with. They are 4 and 6. Most of my meal prep would include cooking up ground meat on the stove, chopping vegetables, etc. In all honesty, I love my kids, but for some reason I enjoy cooking alone. It's kind of rewarding and relaxing in a way to do it alone. Now mixing up ingredients for baking cookies with them on the weekends (that I can't eat at the moment) is definitely fun and we do that a lot. I will keep an eye out for recipes they can help mix.
  26. Okay... I'm committing to starting whole30 on Monday July29th and I'm obliger so I do best with external accountability. I'm putting this here and I'm also going to be documenting it on my instagram (nicoleonrepeat)...I call myself Nicoleonrepeat because I've struggled with weight my whole life, and I feel like I'm, on "repeat!" I lost over 200lbs before eating Paleo and exercising... and I kept the weight off for years... then I had a baby last September and got Post Partum Panic Disorder...which meant I had to take antidepressants... and I can't even say I used food as a tool, but I just went right back to my eating habits from years before. The stress of having a new baby, dealing with medical issues and trying to keep my weight in check was hard to balance and something had to get pushed to the backburner... and it was definitely my weight.. I've gained 100lbs since my baby was born but I'm determined to be an example and role model for my son... and something just tells me Whole30 is a great on-ramp to that freeway of freedom from food control over my life. So anyway... I'm excited to be a part of this. Praying I can stay strong and do what is really a simple thing to do... just follow the rules.
  27. Hi all! New to Whole 30 but have been dieting my whole life . My plan is to start in one week...looking forward to the journey and appreciate all the support!
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