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  3. Terresa

    My Whole 30 2.0

    Well, that certainly went sideways. The cold triggered my vertigo, so bedrest and meds cancelled my W30. Once the vertigo subsides again, I'll restart.
  4. A spot of good news: if you ever spill your hibiscus tea all over the bed, and you worry that if it doesn't come out, it will forever look like a crime scene...don't worry, it comes out without spot remover, even. = ) Hope you are enjoying your company today!
  5. Place lemon slices in a pot of water, then bring to a boil. Add thawed raw shrimp and watch for them to turn pink and curl up on themselves -- 5 minutes or less. Immediately remove them from the hot water and plunge them into some ice water. Refrigerate. They make a way better grab and go snack than celery sticks!
  6. Maria Salvatore

    Seeds and Nuts

    Thank you to Shannon for all of your help!! I've seen you in other forums helping people through the Whole30. Your responses are detailed and incredibly helpful. Thanks again!!
  7. Maria Salvatore

    Coffee questions

    Is it a rule or a suggestion that I need to have breakfast before my coffee AND is it a rule or a suggestion that I cannot have coffee after noon? I am not obsessed with coffee, but I'm on anti-depressants that make me very tired.
  8. CeeGeeBee

    First time , day 7! Need some advice...

    I think you are still getting used to the routine, Avalonunicorned... hang in there. Make an effort to eat your breakfast, and then if hunger strikes before your planned lunchtime, perhaps have a cup of tea or coffee (or even drink a tall glass of water) to fill some of the void. You'll get used to it and won't feel the need to snack after awhile. Good luck!
  9. BabyBear

    Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020

    Day 18 cont 11:00 pm rise and shine time to hustle. I’m so grateful for the energy my body is providing me with the nutrients from the food I’ve been providing it. These work weekends I used to live on on sundrop sodas. I have not even had an Once of caffeine. Water and real food has been enough to keep me going. I am eating more snacks than usual, but given my circumstances I think that is okay. One last push before it all comes to a close tomorrow 12:30 S2 clementine. NSV: my pants are loose and keep sliding down.. And I forgot my belt so annoying but in a good way. 1:45am S3 Rx Bar I made a snack bar run for the hubby while he was working on people’s skates. I grabbed him a pizza and soda and me a water. Heading back to the booth, my tired brain started saying “ooooh pizza”. So I grabbed my emergency RX bar to keep the crazies at bay. 6:00 am - back at the hotel and ready to crash.
  10. I realize that it has only been four days, so my title is probably misleading, but I am not one for not eating what I "want", and being mindful of calories. I have found though, that even going to boot camp 3 - 5 days a week and watching calories, it has been very difficult to shed weight and I really want to lose some LBS. My sister-in-law mentioned that she and her daughter did this and she had a lot of success and she looks fabulous, hence my 'foray' into the Whole30! The hubs and I went out last night, to one of our local "haunts", which, of course, is a brew pub. Mind you, this girl loves her hoppy (high alcohol) brews. I held strong and drank water with lemon and lime while the hubs drank some of my favorite IPAs. I had a salad, hold the cheese, croutons and dressing, please! I also had naked chicken wings (bleu cheese or ranch? neither, thanks, but I will take extra celery and carrots). Hope the chicken wings were not a no-no, but I knew that it would be easier to make sure there was no added unknown 'stuff' as opposed to a steak, breast or burger. I did not have as much of a 'yearning' for something (bread, cheese, crackers!) yesterday and so far today as I did the first two days and I do not feel hungry, per se. Last night was a tough one, but it probably helped that I had made a yummy casserole late morning. This is adapted from the 'Starter Kit' recipes. I used spinach instead of kale (that is what I had on hand) and added Brussels sprouts. Shared with the fam; the man-child is "not a fan of spinach", which he mentioned after every bite and the hubs, "of course you are putting Brussel sprouts in another wise perfect dish", but they both ate it! Day Four, I am making something with a beef roast and lots of veggies. I am also going to the grocery to pick up a few items. The nice thing is that this eating 'plan' is not that far off from our typical eating style, so I can make meals that are compliant and the hubs and man-child can add the restricted items to their plates as they wish! Carry on and Eat Whole 30!
  11. P_atricia

    Natural Flavors and “Essences”

    Thanks, Amy!
  12. I would order Breakfast a la Lisbette! It sounds delicious and it's also a major NSV that you were able to figure out what was causing your gastric distress. The reward for that is getting to enjoy your creamy delicious cafe au lait. It's funny, we had a version of your breakfast for lunch yesterday- smoked poblano sausages with coleslaw so it was spicy and creamy. I'm planning on having the leftovers for a quick lunch before people show up for game time. Thanks for the IG mini tutorial; I found your message. I forget that the IG app has features that aren't on my laptop. I need to think about whether I want to start IG-ing or not but I may since I was able to get "Fermentopia" as my handle. I came up with that as a name for a possible fermenting business and have used it on labels when I made a batch of mead several (whoa, FIVE!!) years ago but I didn't buy the domain name or really pursue it. A couple of years ago I realized that someone in CA was using it and it wasn't available on IG either so I was mad at myself for not grabbing it while I could. It's out there again so I'm trying to gear myself up to do something with it. There is a guy in CA that started The Fermenter's Club and he posted that their goal for this year is to start 10 new branches of it worldwide. I filled out the application and submitted it but one of the questions was about social media presence. I responded that I had an inactive IG account but that that could change. Maybe that's the nudge I need to get Fermentopia moving? I know you both have to be disappointed about having to postpone your Mt. Whitney plans. It sounds like it's the right thing to do but that doesn't make it any less disappointing. Are you going to plan a less strenuous outing? I also need to focus on strength and weight loss and am being motivated by my big birthday coming up this summer. I am so very thankful that I have no chronic illnesses or debilitations (I count my shoulder as an inconvenience) and I very much want to keep it that way. "Mindfulness of movement is more important than how many sets/reps are performed."- gaithappens. So, while I want to be stronger, bendier (have your seen any of MU's Year of Strong and Bendy"?) and slimmer, I want to do it in a manner that protects and improves my joints and body. HA- I guess that's a pretty tall order, isn't it?! Patience! The scale number was a tad lower, which is what I'm aiming for, but the lure of the scale is the evil part. The real truth is that I'm feeling stronger and less jiggly Exactly! My husband and I had a little conversation yesterday. I started by asking him for help finding a way to make my morning routine work for both of us and told him I didn't want it to mean I was locking him out of a certain space. He responded back by saying that he felt bad because he felt like he was chasing me around the house so that cleared the air a bunch. I don't know that I have a definite plan yet but it's definitely a couple of steps in the right direction. Progress is what we keep looking for, right? It's about time for me to start getting ready for football festivities. So far, I think we have about 6 people coming over and that's a nice number. Our living room is an awkward shape so there's not much room for lots of people to comfortably gather around the TV. I got my breakfasts put together yesterday. On what planet does it make sense to take two things you don't like, mix them together and think it's going to turn into something tasty? I have duck meatballs in the freezer that I really didn't like (too livery) and also some smoked, stuffed jalapeños that I like but don't love that I've been thinking about incorporating into a breakfasty thing. I broke up the meatballs and sauteed them with all of the odds and ends vegetables in the fridge then scrambled a bunch of eggs and added the chopped up stuffed peppers to that and mixed them together. I could smell the meatballs pretty strongly so I'm afraid I just made something awful that I'm going to have to eat five times!! And I still have five more meatballs in the freezer. Enjoy your hibiscus tea. If you're looking for something pretty and sparkly, try brewing it double strength with a cinnamon stick and some ginger and allspice berries then mixing it with sparkling water. Delicious and festive! I think it'll be even better in the heat of the summer. Time for breakfast, hair washing and burger making. Enjoy your day off!
  13. CeeGeeBee

    Started 1st Whole30 this morning

    Hi Christi and Welcome! Good luck to you on your journey through the Whole30. My biggest piece of advice for you... be prepared! Make sure you have the right foods in the house to allow you to put together delicious healthy compliant meals. They don't have to be fancy, just tasty! Try drinking some of the compliant fizzy waters (Pellegrino, LaCroix, etc) when you get a craving for soda. You CAN do this!
  14. Aelfric

    Ælfric’s W30 №2 (Jan 2020)

    Sunday 19/1/20 (Day 5). M1: Grilled turkey breast and vegetables. M2: Banana berry egg smoothie. M3: Chicken and vegetable curry. Drinks: Water. Lots and lots of water. Exercise: Nil. I spent part of the day making a storage cradle for my kayak. Essentially it’s just a frame made out of cheap 70 × 35 mm (I think that’s 3″ x 1½″ nominal) pine lumber, some casters that I rescued off my father'’s bed base when he replaced the bed (the bed was next to the window when a hail storm struck their house—dad had replaced the legs on the base with the casters when it was first bought, and had totally over-engineered this (we’re talking 125 mm (5″) diameter casters)), and a couple of lengths of 40mm PVC pipe. It was a warm day and very humid—I drank about 2 litres of water while making the cradle—and by the time I was finished my clothing was sodden. I really didn’t feel like exercising after that. I also didn’t feel like eating, which is why lunch was liquid.
  15. W30CoachAmyLouton

    Natural Flavors and “Essences”

    Yes, seltzer with "essences" are compliant!
  16. W30CoachAmyLouton

    Second time whole30er

    I loved reading your post, Marc! It sounds like you were really clear on why you wanted to do another Whole30, and how incredible for you that you're already feeling better with increased energy and controlled appetite. I hear you about missing some of your favorite foods-- I totally understand the feeling. If you haven't read "Food Freedom Forever" by Melissa Hartwig Urban, I highly recommend it (or listen on Audible or iTunes if that works better for you). After your Whole30 and reintroduction, your life will go on, and you will still be eating. With food freedom you can choose the foods that work best for you and decide when some of the foods you love are "worth it" and when they are not. You are giving yourself a wonderful gift!
  17. W30CoachAmyLouton

    PDF Downloads

    Hello, I had a similar situation with a book and I found the PDF resources when I went to on a computer versus my phone. Try this: go to and sign in. Go to your library and scroll down until you find "It Starts With Food." On the far right under "Other Actions" it should say View PDF. Good luck!! BTW, isn't it a great book?
  18. W30CoachAmyLouton

    Accidental slip up?! Do I have to start over?!

    I can feel your stress through the internet! How frustrating this must be for you!! Whole30 is all over social media touting the compliant bowls at Chipotle, so it's one of the "safe" places to eat outside your home, and then, with the best of intentions, you accidentally ate some non-compliant oil. Ugh. So, back to your question: do you need to start over? The intention of the program is to be a true elimination diet, meaning you eliminate all possibly irritating, inflammatory and triggering foods, as outlined in the program, for a full 30 days, so your body has a chance to be free of these foods for the entire time. With that in mind, anytime one eats an off plan food, they should start over. Even when the offending food was eaten by accident. Now is a little rice bran oil a super triggering food like gluten or dairy? Probably not. Likely not. But it could be. Maybe. Possibly. This is where you have to do a little soul searching and decide for yourself whether you will start over at Day 1. If you haven't had a chance to read it already, I'd recommend you read this article "Do I Have To Start My Whole30 Over? A Gretchen Rubin Four Tendencies Perspective." No matter how you make your decisions, it will speak to you!! Whatever choice you make, I just want to say "Brava!" on the 11 days you've given to yourself already. Keep going. You will be giving yourself an incredible gift!
  19. Today I ordered chipotle with chicken and steak. I know their carne asada and chicken is compliant and I thought that’s what I ordered so I ate it. Their steak is unfortunately cooked in rice bran oil and now I have horrible bubble guts! I’m on day 11... do I need to start all over?! *sobs*
  20. plockclan

    New Round of W30 starting January 20, 2020

    Sounds like we are in the same place. I've done whole30 before and felt so good, but it's been a few years since I did it right. I had decided to start on the 20th myself so your post caught my attention. You can do this.
  21. BabyBear

    Very hungry mommy 1st Time whole 30 Jan 2020

    Day 18 Holdfast 5:15 am M1: LO 2 mini quiche and sautéed cabbage with bacon. Ranch dressing Finally finished and back at the room. My food was hot and perfectly moist even though it had been sitting for 5 hours waiting on me to come eat it. I love my hot logic mini. The ranch was a nice way to change up the flavors as I was getting board with the quiche. Oh the hotel lobby smelled of pancakes and bacon and sausage and eggs. It’s a good thing I brought food with me, I may not have been able to resist that free breakfast. I’m so tired I’m ready to hit the shower and crash for a few hours before we have to get up and set up for vending. 11:00 am rise and grind time to hustle. Got up dressed, washed my dishes and packed up 2 meals and some snacks and got on the road to go vend in 45 minutes. Vending outside at a park today and they are smoking a turkey for lunch. Oh man does it smell good 12:45 M2 Turkey Bacon lettuce roll ups with avocado mayo and spicy mustard. The weather here is amazing 80F a slight breeze and sunshine! I’m glad we get to be outside even though vending outside presents it’s own issues. Today’s been better for business, and definitely more enjoyable. 4:00 S1: grapes and a handful of pistachios 7:00 M3: ranch chicken salad, salad greens and raspberry lemon dressing. We left the park vending spot right at dark. It was a long day but better. We had to stop and buy a gallon of water because I ran out of water. I ate once we got back to the hotel room. I also ordered food for hubby. I have to admit the food on the menu sounded mighty tasty… but I’m glad I'm sticking to my whole 30 and I was quite content with my meal. My hubby ran down to the snack corner and bought Pringle’s because he needed the can for mounting skates, and he brought back a bag of gummy bears. Often my candy of choice. It made me feel special that he thought of me and I told him that. He asked if I wanted any and I told him not at the moment but he was welcome to have some. A few minutes later he looked up from his work with the most forlorn look and said you can’t eat those can you. I smiled and said oh I could, but I just chose not to until January is over. He apologized and I told him not to because I love the fact that he thought of me and bought me my favorite candy. He shook his head and said I don’t know how you do it. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders. Now to get a little rest before vending tonight at the rink.
  22. kirbz

    How to make crispy chicken strips?

    I just wanted to share an AMAZING recipe I tried this weekend! Whole30 Chicken Nuggets: The sauce is incredible, and while I had to be super careful when turning the nuggets, the breading stayed on just fine and was crispy and delicious!
  23. I totally understand your feelings about using IG. Like you, it is the one social media universe that I am willing to swim in (I do peek at my husband's twitter feed sometimes because I learn things from him, and most of the time I've already heard it), and mostly I use it for W30 recipes, my heroine Patti Smith, and therapy type accounts like Tokopa, whom I love. When I threaten to delete IG because of their FB ownership, my husband asks me what I would miss, and the aforementioned are my answer. That, and tracking a couple of teenage girls/daughters of friends who I care (and worry!) about. Anyway, I used to post pretty nature pictures, which seemed very cumbersome at first to do, and once a two-shot of me and my husband at Jazz Fest (a selfie! Did I do that? ha ha), but I haven't posted in years now!!! To your point, in case it's helpful, when I'm on my phone, on the homescreen of IG, there is a paper airplane icon in the top right. That link goes to messages. Having said that, cutting and pasting is one thing that continues to work. LOL! My husband and I agree that training for Mt. Whitney is off the table. Because of my knee, I feel that I need to make it my main job to get healthy, lose weight, and heal my knee and launch from there into the best, highest health I am capable of! W30 ways to the rescue! He is supportive. For his part, he feels he has lost a lot of fitness since we bought the house, and he is too tired to resume the kind of training necessary for the climb we had in mind. He is saying that maybe when the bank loan is paid off in 3 years and 7 months and he can bring in a sub a couple of times a week, then he can afford the time and energy to such training. His exhaustion has me a little worried, but there is no reason to think he has heart issues...I just worry. But he's wicked smart, and I know he will do what is best for him, and if he doesn't, then I have to take a deep breath and communicate as we have been comparing notes on.... I share the difficulty of expressing needs and wants. Not sure if you will relate to this but I signed up for newsletters from Dr. Jonice Webb. I just paused to see if she is on IG, and ta-da, of course she is. Anyway, it's painful for me, so I've been taking small sips of her offerings, but her thing is about childhood emotional neglect. Not sure if that applies to you or not, but those of us who fit that bill have a very difficult time understanding that our feelings matter, and it's hard to say what we need and want. The good news is that we can heal from this, and that is what I'm working on. And finding closure with the surviving parent-figure who did harm to me. That's another story. This morning for breakfast I made bacon and eggs and his favorite toasted artisan crusty bread for hubs, and for me, a fresh batch of cole slaw and compliant sausage browned, with a pile of good olives. I read a paleo ranch dressing recipe somewhere that included coconut milk, with mayo, and just salt, garlic powder and onion powder. So I broke out a can of coconut milk and gave it a whirl. Maybe I used too much garlic, but it was good, and very creamy. With the remaining coconut milk, I heated it up with whole milk, added a little coconut sugar, and a dash of cinnamon and cocoa powder to use as the au lait for my beloved cafe au lait. What a rich treat! I should probably not do that every day. It didn't even taste sweet, my thing is just enough sugar to enhance the other flavors. Danger, danger...but I'm exploring my FF. I made enough for today's coffee, and will use smaller quantities of what is left over the next 3 or 4 days to stretch it out. It's such a revelation to enjoy coffee in place of the eggs that were the real culprit to my stomach. I'm sort of over it, although breakfast dates with friends will be hard, as yesterday. I opted for eggs and paid the price. I'll have to be that person who dares to ask for the steak minus eggs, and as many vegetables as the kitchen is willing to give me. I must ask for what I need, right?? I want to see an item on the menu called Breakfast a la Lisbette consisting of steak, coleslaw, and steamed cruciferous things. Ya think? The women at work are weighing in again these days, and invited me to join them. I'm a little tempted, but then NO. The thing is, I do intend to lose weight, to set that goal and keep it, to follow my own rules, and all of that....maybe use my own scale at home as you are doing. It has been years now since I did it. I think it needs a new battery. For your part, did the evil scale give you a number you liked or didn't like that motivated you to not off-road today? You said evil scale, but you also said nice numbers, and my husband is so sarcastic all the time, I wasn't sure how to interpret your story! Congrats if the number was lower, and also congrats if it wasn't because you made a good decision! I found dried hibiscus flowers at the grocery, and am sipping blood red tea, and enjoying it without sweetener, it's so earthy and a little sour. Yummy.
  24. Found the additional ingredient of “essences” tacked onto natural flavors in my Polar Selzter Ginger Lime Mule. Ingredient list- carbonated water, natural flavors and essences. Is this whole30 compliant? Thanks!
  25. Carole_Ella

    Mixed Nuts with Peanuts

    Thanks. I'll avoid them at parties and pick out the peanuts from the ones at home since they are just nuts, no other ingredients.
  26. Yesterday
  27. btvs1981

    BTVS Whole 30 log

    Day 17 Coffee with coconut milk, banana with almond butter - trying to see if just eating something would trigger my hunger to come back, nope but I did manage to spike my blood sugar to the point of sweating and feeling disgusting with this meal - yuck Bolognese sauce with saute potato, sweet potato, broccoli and cauliflower plus a few olives Homemade chicken soup with zucchini noodles
  28. Marc H

    Back after almost 7 years

    It’s comforting to hear someone else who had excellent results and fell out. I was able to stop meds and I felt better than I ever have. That was 4 years ago and now I’m on day #4 again, feel great again, and I plan to stray little to none after 30 days.
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