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  1. That's just yeasties, it's all good as far as I know. I mean I drink it. Now I am paranoid
  2. That's the thing, I've tried all the possible brands of booch and this is my third batch. I've never had anything like that. I walked to the office kitchen after I sipped a bottle I brought from home. People, I swear I am drunk It's 11 AM ahahah
  3. People relax. Stop touching it and peeking. Sinking to the bottom is fine Ok, so today another bottle just blew up into my face. Like all this crazy fizz right onto another dress and wet hair. They smell like booze because I didn't have time to wash them again. Speaking of booze, is it possible to over-second-ferment them? My bottles sat there for 4 days. That's way too much probably? I just didn't have time to bottle them. I don't drink alcohol and I taste it in my booch. I am not paranoid. I actually think I feel a bit drunk :D
  4. Sophie, you crack me up. I have converter app opened all the time, I will never speak feet, inches, Farenheits or ounces. No offense people, but measuring veggies in cups is the most ridiculous (and inaccurate) thing ever Grumpy me today heh. Basic recipe calls for 1 gallon. You can scale the recipe accordingly I guess. I've only doubled it, no scaling down I'd def get a bigger jar, because if you are not doing a CB it will leave you with like 3 bottles of booch as you'll have to save some for the next batch.
  5. It is ok, but it just seems so terrifying...cutting a scoby. Msssjenna, you have a 1 gallon applesauce jar? Wow. If you are concerned that the mouth of the vessel is not big enough - scoby is flexible. Your starter kit scoby won't be a monster size most likely.
  6. Ok, fun time. Note to self - bottling booch in a morning rush in a white dress is a nono. My kitchen is covered with sweet tea and fruits. Dress got a very cool pink print too. LOL. I hope I won't scare anyone. I've just opened it too quick instead of burping it slowly first. It's a cantaloupe basil and it's good!
  7. Any kitchen appliances stores, home/gardening, Target, IKEA or thrift store. If you need bottles I'd check beer brewing stores, they usually have them sold by case. Cutting scoby!!!! Cruel lady, please don't do this. It will fit in perfectly and will morph and grow in the given jar.
  8. Susan, we can split the work. I am thinking this structure. Keep it short with the link for a good article. What is kombucha Health benefits Shopping list to start your own brew (list types of teas, sugars, bottles etc) Two ways to get a scoby Basic recipe Two ways to brew Second fermantation
  9. This is what I did! Grew scoby out of GT. It made a baby scoby, which went to the second jar after peeling it off. They both grew one baby each. One baby went to the hotel and one went to my Dad. His baby grows at the rocket speed! It is double size in two days, weeeeee! I suggest that KB edits her first post and includes instructions and links. I mean Susan is a rock star and ready to help everyone. Aaand that's why we all love her, but... What do you think?
  10. Yep, kijiji too. I am thinking of making very sweet looking packs (tea, sugar, cloth and instructions) and giving it a try. Ha!
  11. Haha I think I have zero demand in my area of clubs and bars or banks and well more bars I think I should exchange scobies for bottles. Too bad I can't store them horizontaly. Wine bottle racks with booch. Booch cellars. Booch tasting tours
  12. Now question fro pro-s. What do you do with your new babies? I mean every week I am getting two new offsprings. Even if I keep two as a backup... I can sell them if I find enough booch enthusiasts here. My Dad has the same question. Are you throwing them away? Gasp.
  13. Everyone is ignoring my baby theowing away question Yes, I am out of GT Just drank cantaloupe one. Not a fan. Taste doesn't translate too well.
  14. I am pretty sure that I've read that metal lids are ok as long as they don't touch the liquid. Metal can actually erode. Just note that you will have to puree all the flavoring, so you can strain it without problems. No big deal I guess. Susan, does your booch get fizzy after the first ferment? Mine is sparkling even prior bottling. I wonder if tea has anything to do with this. I am actually using plain black from Russian store. Maybe that's the pixie dust Green tea batch will give the answer. Now question fro pro-s. What do you do with your new babies? I mean every week I am getting two
  15. I have perfect watermelon in my fridge and a bunch of mint growing on my window. I DON't HAVE A SINGLE BOTTLE. I think I will drink one bottle tonight just to make this flavor :unsure: Kb, deal!
  16. It's all in the name of boochology! You are the booch pioneer. There is no such thing as experiment without a fail. Susan's method works wonders! Fill the bottle with hot water, let sit and peel. Right?
  17. Oh crap, I've missed this one. I wish it was a false alert. Susan, you have the second one, right?
  18. My flavors so far: Blackberry-mango Blackberry-strawberry-basil (loved it) Strawberry-mint (loved it), Strawberry-mango (too sweet but super fuzzy which is fun) Ginger-lemon-orange (loved it) Orange vanilla (LOVE) Pineapple/strawberry/ginger Cherry/orange (good) Cucumber/lime/mint (a bit too bitter) Cherry/vanilla (amazing) Apricot/saffron/mint (best stuff ever) Orange/cinnamon/cloves (Christmas!) Apricot-cranberry-ginger (very good) Orange-lemon-ginger (super fresh) Apple-cinnamon (mnom) Coconut-pineapple-mint (whatever) New flavors that are going through sec
  19. I have grown mine a month ago from GT original bottle. I've read about reformulation too, but it worked.