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    Decrease inflammation, decrease neuropathy due to inflammation, less pain in shoulders, hips, and knees, improve digestion, lose weight, and have more energy to pursue exercise and work. I also want to have a better relationship with food.

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    Hiking, swimming, cycling, and kayaking. I also love to volunteer with Meals on Wheels, Helping Hands for Babies (NICU), and Be a Blessing Birmingham (helping the homeless). I love to cook! I am also a Christian and it influences all of my life. I hope that also means I am more loving and kind but I know I have my days like everyone else.

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  1. Your experience so closely parallels my issues and so far you are the only one posting about this topic. I am looking into whether or not low stomach acid is an issue with me or not. I am doing a baking soda test. Day 1 (Thursday, Oct. 1) it indicated that I had very low stomach acid but today is much better. To correct this I am drinking water with juice from a whole lemon in it. I am also trying to include ACV and Kombucha into my diet as much as possible. WOW! Pucker, pucker, pucker! It seems to be helping though because my digestive issues seem to have lessened and my body seems to be head
  2. I loved that. It resonates with me because I am just learning that I have low stomach acid. It is not my only issue but the one that led me to Whole30. I will be returning to your post over and over again to reaffirm the need to keep going. Tell your wife I am glad she encouraged you to post this. I live in Alabama and have done much of the Silver Comet but not all. I have also cycled the Chief Ladiga Trail and last year I started hiking the Pinhoti Trail in Alabama. I haven't been able to cycle distances for awhile now because of polyneuropathy. The form I have is from inflammation due to