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    Decrease inflammation, decrease neuropathy due to inflammation, less pain in shoulders, hips, and knees, improve digestion, lose weight, and have more energy to pursue exercise and work. I also want to have a better relationship with food.

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    Hiking, swimming, cycling, and kayaking. I also love to volunteer with Meals on Wheels, Helping Hands for Babies (NICU), and Be a Blessing Birmingham (helping the homeless). I love to cook! I am also a Christian and it influences all of my life. I hope that also means I am more loving and kind but I know I have my days like everyone else.

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  1. This one thing really makes me happy. I love to cook and each time I remind myself, "Don't even think about it."
  2. This is my first W30 and I eased into it because I have to be ready and know what to expect. I didn't want to try making a food and find out I didn't like it and then fall off plan or for any other reason that is food-related.
  3. Is It Tiger Blood? I woke up at 4:30 am and felt rested after only five hours of sleep. Yesterday we hiked what some consider a strenuous but short hiking trail up to the most beautiful waterfall and, while it was difficult, there is no way I would consider it strenuous. We're staying in Lexington, SC right outside of Columbia and we drove the two and a half hours to Marietta, SC to hike the Falls Creek Waterfall Trail. The day before we went to Columbia Canal and Riverfront Park and walked along the canal after I swam an hour in the pool at the airbnb. Today, we will either canoe Cedar C
  4. Wow! I was just going back and reading some of your old posts because you write so well and are very authentic with it all. Now I know what you mean about the podcasts. I'll have to listen to more. I hope you have healed since January.
  5. I thought a quote from the article might help. #cheese #casein #morphine #addiction #casomorphins
  6. Has anyone read anything about casein fragments called casomorphins, a casein-derived morphine-like compound?
  7. @BabyBearThanks so much! By the grace of God this no longer has a hold over me! It was just my struggle and my story. I hope others will see that what others say about you (and especially what you think they think about you) does not have to influence your whole life, pushing you out of becoming all you can be! I love my life! I still see that little girl the same way you do - with tears but I am no longer that person. Other people shaped her and made her. I have a completely new life now. Don't get me wrong I still struggle sometimes with what I may think others think about me but I can look
  8. The Very Real Story of Me Here I am a 56 year old with my early years behind me but as always I struggle with my weight. I love when someone is able to get passed all the pain and be vulnerable in order to help others. I hope my attempt at being real will help someone else. I was always bigger than everyone else in my class. I was also growing in height faster than anyone else, head and shoulders taller than the next tallest kid in my class. "The Jolly Green Giant" read the tag stuck to my back as I entered the my cousin's birthday party. We were all different characters, l
  9. Hoping and praying you get your house this time! Wow, a plan for a W105! At the moment I can't even imagine but I also think it IS doable. Really, I like my food.
  10. This sounds so much like me. I have been overwhelmed with weeds this summer, our yard was overtaken. I determined I would work out there everyday if I had to to get them under control. Because of my neuropathy, which is especially bad in my hand, arm, and shoulder, I have been in constant pain because of weeding. My husband knew better than to say something because I don't want to spend the money to have someone come out. Finally, last week I went out to weed and my body just quit on me plus under the weeds in that very spot there was nothing but dirt. I had to come in and tell him I gave up.
  11. I don't know how many times this happens to my husband. He is working at the office today because of an endodontist appointment. Sorry you had a bad day. I hope you find this as hilarious I did.
  12. My log is not much of a log. I just can't keep up with everything I do and do it as well. Not sure if that made sense. I didn't have to worry too much with food today. I am loving making fried eggs. I don't know why I always make scrambled. M1 fried eggs, bacon, two sweet potato rounds with blueberries on top. (The blueberries was a new thing and I really like it.) M2 citrus rosemary chicken on kale with grapes, apple, dried cranberries, raisins, carrots, chopped spiralized butternut squash, toasted walnuts, and bacon (I just put a little bit of everything b/c I like variety) with
  13. I just cancelled a colonoscopy because I will be reintroducing foods at that time. Soup recipes, please.
  14. This is mostly what I want to gain from Whole30. I have loved creating my own recipes and trying out a few others, especially for condiments, sauces, and oils. I had no idea some could be so easy!