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    health and nutrition, walking and running, hot yoga long hikes, reading, grocery shopping :) , fashion, styling, consumer behavior, cosmetics, blogging, traveling!!!!
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    Don't over think this.

    It does say occasional fruit somewhere, because I know I read that too! In the meal planning guide it states "occasionally add a serving a fruit", a fruit size serving should be a fist size and whole30 guidelines recommends one to two of those a day. I reread some chapters and it stated to not have fruit if your replacing it for a "sugar craving, since thats still being unhealthy given the fact you are still feeding your cravings and going back to old habits!!!! Its best to have protein and a fat if your still really hungry after eating 15 minutes later! Also, it states in the book it is better to have smaller amounts of fruit throughout the day then a lot in on sitting. (guessing this means break up that fist portion size throughout the day)--keep in mind you can most likely have more then that based on your activity and size level. I am very active so I tend to add a little more fruit into my meals, when I can like banana slices or some apples. Good luck!
  2. jgolds2

    The Official "Can I Have..." Guide to the Whole30

    Hi! I know this gets annoying because a lot of questions can be answered but some simple thought but sometimes it gets overwhelming (i just started), and I tend to hesitate whether its a for sure no or yes! I know ALL of the exceptions, and have a print out of the rules.... What condones having to "start over", i read about the peanuts thing (and I understand that), thats obviously a choice but sometimes it happens where you may have thought it was approved and it wasn't? Also, why no pea proteins! I love my vegaone protein after workouts...but don't understand why I can't have it! thanks so much! P.S the Make it paleo book it great I highly recommend it!