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    health and nutrition, walking and running, hot yoga long hikes, reading, grocery shopping :) , fashion, styling, consumer behavior, cosmetics, blogging, traveling!!!!
  1. Thanks! I LOVE hardboiled eggs and just went to the farm yesterday and got three dozen, I am just starting a new job so I am going to buy PALEOPACS, i wanted to make my own but cant wait JERKY anywhere and I live around a ton of farms. Everyone seems to put sugar in it its awful! Thanks for your help! I will cut up carrots, and peppers, and broccoli as good grab and good snacks. What else is good to grab for protein other then a hard boiled egg or jerky! I know we cant just grab some veggies alone but its always best to add a protein or good fat to the mix!
  2. Hi!! SO I am on DAY 12, (i had to restart TWICE due to my old habits getting the best of me and I ate a peppermint patty, and the second time I had some chai tea that had sugar in it without thinking) Anyway my skin does seem clearer, my ribcage seems to be getting smaller and I overall feel better about myself. TWO OBSTACLES I HAVE ENCOUNTERED: 1.I still have sugar cravings, when i wake up all i want is my normal smoothie with fruits or dates and cacao 2.I feel like I am eating TOO MUCH FRUIT. Its so easy to grab and when I am leaving the house in a hurry or out working out or sleeping out I always have fruit with me! Veggies too yes, but Its so convient to grab blackberries, or an apple on my way out or at home. What other things can I be grabbing (i know the formula for post and prework out mini meals) if needed, but I have trouble with it. What suggestions do you all have for eating too much fruit---and some good post and pre workout combos! Thanks so much! Happy WHOLE30!!!. P.S I just realized the salt i have been using has dextrose in it! I WOULD HAVE NEVER CHECKED SALT, but as i was cooking I randomly did. (any thoughts) I really cant start over again I have worked all way to hard and put countless hours into this to have to restart again!
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    check salt too, some has sugar in it which I just found out ;(
  4. jgolds2

    Approved protein powder?

    So, I believe after little research I found a protein powder for all of those addicts on the go, that dont alwyas have those 1/2 extra meals with them for pre and post workout! This brand has a unflavored version, that is always unsweet! I have found others that would be approved except for the stevia addtion! This is great that you can get is unsweetened! NOTHING, not artificial anything!!!! Just beef protein and eggwhite protein and whole egg protein!!! If this isnt approved please let me know but from my readings this could be an alternative at times for when you dont have meals with you. I wouldnt rely on this after every workout (obviously because it wont satiate the same way and fill you up longer) but I thought this was interesting to post! Good luck! XOXO http://paleoproproducts.com/paleo-protein-powder/
  5. jgolds2

    Having a hard time finding Bacon without sugar

    why is the pork sugar free bacon the only one one "us wellness meats" website that says whole30 approved.......is the beef sugar free bacon not, or is it sold out because of the fact people like pork bacon more?! I want to order the beef and I dont see why it would not be approved but the site does not say it is under it like the pork does thanks!
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    they have mayo recipes in many paleo books that sound amazing too!
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    Don't over think this.

    It does say occasional fruit somewhere, because I know I read that too! In the meal planning guide it states "occasionally add a serving a fruit", a fruit size serving should be a fist size and whole30 guidelines recommends one to two of those a day. I reread some chapters and it stated to not have fruit if your replacing it for a "sugar craving, since thats still being unhealthy given the fact you are still feeding your cravings and going back to old habits!!!! Its best to have protein and a fat if your still really hungry after eating 15 minutes later! Also, it states in the book it is better to have smaller amounts of fruit throughout the day then a lot in on sitting. (guessing this means break up that fist portion size throughout the day)--keep in mind you can most likely have more then that based on your activity and size level. I am very active so I tend to add a little more fruit into my meals, when I can like banana slices or some apples. Good luck!
  8. jgolds2

    Severe constipation.. Help!

    Make sure to have plenty of water, it will help flush out your system. I would also try and get a natural tea with fennel in it and drink it before bed (obviously no sugar added to it). Digestive enzymes will help, but they are not a form of laxative they tend to help people that have indigestion (and IBS problems), which could be two spectrums ----you get constipated, or you constantly go! Maybe have some dates (you can get them at most grocery stores)!!! Hope that helps---keep moving, and hydrated! Drink some teas, and I hope the bloating goes away! xo
  9. jgolds2

    The Official "Can I Have..." Guide to the Whole30

    Hi! I know this gets annoying because a lot of questions can be answered but some simple thought but sometimes it gets overwhelming (i just started), and I tend to hesitate whether its a for sure no or yes! I know ALL of the exceptions, and have a print out of the rules.... What condones having to "start over", i read about the peanuts thing (and I understand that), thats obviously a choice but sometimes it happens where you may have thought it was approved and it wasn't? Also, why no pea proteins! I love my vegaone protein after workouts...but don't understand why I can't have it! thanks so much! P.S the Make it paleo book it great I highly recommend it!