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Frittata baked with either veggies or veggies and some ground beef, turkey or chicken.

Leftovers from dinner. (Think of breakfast as 'meal 1' - doesn't have to be traditional 'breakfast food')

Prosciutto with grilled asparagus and approved cooking fat.


Many other ideas in other threads in the forum.

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The ideas are endless for breakfast....


Large crustless quiche - good for the week mine is generally browned homemade sausage (ground pork +seasonings) 6 eggs, coconut milk, couple of large handfuls of kale, sometimes some pumpkin puree.  Bake for 45 mins and you're set for a week of breakfasts 


Another one is ground beef, shredded cabbage, onions, and cut up apple.  Season it with some S & P perhaps cinnamon, garlic powder, paprika.  or whatever spices you like.


I also love egg muffins - essentially they are like mini frittata's.  A very easy grab and go breakfast that you need to make once in the week. I usually like to accompany 2 muffins with 1/2 a sweet potato.


I have heard that soups work well if you were a hot breakfast person.  Or leftovers from dinner.


Also please do not think that breakfast needs to be "breakfast foods"  I still like limiting myself to eggs and chicken in the morning. But that's just me  It's not to say that I will not have beef in the morning (hello korean short ribs from nom nom paleo) but it is easier to look at this if you approach breakfast as meal 1, lunch as Meal 2, and dinner as meal 3. 

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I can't eat non-breakfast foods for breakfast. Don't ask me why. I'm sure it dates back to some childhood trauma where I was forced to eat chili when I wanted Cap'n Crunch. Here's a couple of suggestions: 


Saute a handful of mushrooms. When they soften a bit, toss in a bunch of spinach. When it's wilted, toss in some pre-cooked sausage, then pour in 2 or 3 beaten eggs. Scramble. Serve in a bowl. 


As Carlaccini said, make some breakfast muffins. They're basically made with eggs and vegetables. If you google "mini frittatas" a billion recipes come up. One cooking session gives you a good-sized batch you can grab and go. Just be sure to grease the tins well with ghee so you don't have a sticky mess to clean up. Or use paper muffin cups. 


You can use any veggie in your fridge with either of those recipes. Also, if you can't find pastured breakfast sausage, Well Fed has a spice recipe that make any ground meat taste like sausage. And on that note, try one of her recipes for Scotch eggs. They can also be made ahead, eating at table or on the go, and are quite amazing. 

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My breakfast most days is as follows:


Put a little ghee or prefered cooking fat in a pan. Add the white and light green part of one-2 scallions diced up, about 1/5 of a bell pepper (I chop ahead of time and just throw a handful of the diced pieces in, last me about 5 days) and 4-5 shiitake mushrooms, stems removed, caps finely diced. Sautee until the mushrooms start to smell nutty and there's some browning going on. Add a handful of baby spinach and wilt it down. Salt the mixture to taste, then crack in 2 eggs and scramble all together. 


Now, because I buy one dozen soy-free, corn-free, pastured organic eggs each week at the farmers market (and they are $5) I only eat 2 per day, but I like to have 4 eggs for breakfast, so I buy some "cage-free" organic eggs at costco too (still fed corn and soy, but about the best you can hope for from the grocery store). I use the costco eggs in the scramble, then put it into a bowl. Then I add a little more ghee to the pan and crack in my two pastured eggs from the farmer's market. These I fry over easy so the yolks are whole and still runny with a little salt and pepper.


I mash up half an avocado with a little more salt (I exclusively use himalayan salt - full of beneficial minerals and electrolytes and has been shown to improve the conduction of electricity through the nerves, including in the heart, so I do not shy away from salting my food well). I place the mashed avocado ontop of the scrambled eggs and veggies, then lay the whole fried eggs ontop of everything. 


The avocado gets slightly warmed but not cooked, so it's not a shock having cold avocado on the eggs, adds fat, and is creamy and delicious. Then when you cut into the beautiful deep orange-yellow crap-free pastured eggs, the yolk oozes out over the rest, creating a luscious gravy...It's just heaven!

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Readjust your mindset from traditional breakfast foods (eggs, cereal, pancakes) to just eating something healthy.  It took me a while.


I love left overs!  


But, these are good:




I also make a 'pancake' out of 2-3 eggs mixed with 2-4T coconut flour.  Top it with some meaty leftovers and it is gooooood.  Needs to be fried up in a lot of ghee since the coconut flour can make it dry.  Not too sure how coconut flour falls on the Whole30.  I haven't made it since starting.   Can add cinnamon/nutmeg, etc to make it a sweeter taste or leave it savory and top with left over chili or fry up some W30 compliant breakfast sausage or chorizo.




Layer left over chicken breast (sliced), avocado, sliced hard boiled egg and tomato for a great breakfast 'salad'


Grate a small zucchini into a bowl.  Beat in one egg and some sliced green onion, salt, pepper.   Mound it up into a fry pan with some ghee, press down and fry up!  Flip it to brown other side.


Sweet potato hash browns with a quick fried egg.  Just grate the peeled sweet potato with a cheese grater.  Add seasonings, heat up some ghee or olive oil and fry up some mounds of potato.  top with the fried egg or some avocado.

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