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Hello all,


My girlfriend and I are on our 3rd day of Whole30. I feel great. My girlfriend on the other hand is completely KOed. She has been in bad shape all day. She hasen't gone number 2 since starting the program and has been nauseous on the verge of throwing up.She also has no energy (barely left the couch). We've both read the book cover to cover so we know her body is recovering. But, I'm worried she is going to quit because it is so bad. Any suggestions that can get us to day 4,5,6?





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How is this diet different than the way you used to eat? If she is eating a lot more animal protein or fat than she's used to, that could be making her sick. In that case the mods often recomment NOW Foods Super Enzymes with every meal to get through the transition. She could also try a magnesium supplement like Natural Calm (unflavored) at night...that can help with constipation (although you need to build up to the standard dose or it can cause the opposite problem). Starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes can also help get things moving I've read. Do you guys take probiotics? That can also help with digestion issues...especially related to increased vegetable intake. Having no energy is fairly common at different times during the process, especially if the diet is a big change. But obviously she needs to address the other problems, that sounds rotten! 


It would be helpful if you would post a typical day's worth of meals. Someone might be able to spot a problem there too...

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Hi There,


Sorry to here about your troubles.  The carb flu hits some people really bad.


I will agree with JJB and let us know what an average day of eating is, it will help us trouble shoot. 


I will say one thing though.  Not too sure if you are consuming a large amount of nuts or not.  But nuts for a lot of people (myself included) cause a lot of problems with bloating and constipation.  If you are consuming a large amount of nuts in order to compensate for the sweet cravings - tone it down, and try to use some other healthy fats - avocadoes, olives, home-made olive oil mayo, coconut oil, coconut butter (delicious!) 

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Thank you both very much for your quick replies!


Here are our first three days:



1- One egg and sliced tomato (her), Can of sardines/egg/green salad (me)

2- Steaks, sweet potato, avocado

3- Pork Chop, salad, watermelon



1- Morning Mix (p263) (her), Morning Mix/grapefruit (me)

2- Frittata with ground beef, spinach, onions (p267)

3- Mocha Steak (p279), Brussels sprouts, fresh cherries



1- Steak salad/plum (her), Morning Mix/egg/grapefruit (me)

2- Slept most of the day (her), Baked Rockfish with lemons/Spinanch and Tomato salad

3- Tarragon Cream (p266) Chicken, Asparagus, Raspberries


She is craving cheese, crackers, pasta, pizza, fried chicken and cornbread (pretty much the normal diet). Mine was similar however I am used to a lot more whole foods mixed in and I am slightly more active.


I have some Vitamin Shoppe Multi Enzyme (contains HCl, pepsin, papain, and bromelain) and magnesium from the last time I did this. We will add that in tonight and will also look in to probotics.


Any more words of wisdom? Planning out day four and five now.

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She needs to eat more.  

- The number of eggs per meal is the amount she can hold in her hand.  I'm guessing that's at least two.  

- Also, veggies per meal should be 1-2 cups. Eat more of them!  :)

- If she is genuinely hungry between meals (test is asking herself is she hungry enough to eat steamed fish and broccoli), then have a mini-meal snack including a protein and fat.
- EDIT: also be sure she's sufficiently hydrated. Shoot for drinking water in the equivalent of at least 1/2 her body weight in ounces per day.

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