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I finished my W30 on the 7th. I've been doing reintros since then. I did dairy first and didn't react. I did react to eggs (I was on AIP W30). A few hours after having eggs, the joint pain that disappeared 5 days into W30 returned. But nothing ele seemed to effect me, or so I thought.


Even though dairy didn't seem to effect me the first day, I do think it is effecting me. After the one day intro, I went back to no dairy while doing the other reintros. I did find that I like coconut milk in my coffee as much as I like half and half, and I think for the most part, I will stick to it if I can (obviously when on vacation and eating out it will be hard to get coconut milk in my coffee). But yesterday I had some ice cream, haagen daaz chocolate peanut butter, one of my pre-W30 favorites. I now have a return of the joint pain (mostly likely from the peanut butter/legumes) and my post nasal drip returned. It had gotten better post W30, and did not get worse after the first reintro.


So I do think I will continue to avoid dairy when possible. And no peanut butter.


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