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January 6 - Day 1


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I am part of a group starting on January 5th.  It's my first, though some of my friends have done it before.  I think this first week will be really tough.  The sugar demon and I will be battling it out.  Plus, my husband and kids won't be eating the same way, so I need to plan for that as well.

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Happy weekend all!

As I'm gearing up to start on Monday I wanted to take some time to see how the crowd has grown. I'm so excited to see so many people joining in.  I'm challenging all of us to be there at the finish and as incentive (I'm rather competitive at times) I'm challenging us all to finish with as many people we begin with.  Call it group pressure :)

So, I did a head count.  We have 56....yes that's 56 people on this post who have committed to Whole 30.  9 of these 56 are starting at alternate dates (other than the 6th of the month) so that means that 57 participants should all be wearing fiesta hats in about 32 days with 9 people rallying in front or just behind the pack.


I want to recognize each and every one of you who has jumped on board and am so glad to have you here with me to share.

Robert, great way to get the ball going! 


Have a great prep weekend all!  Monday.............................!!!!


Participants to date:


Chess 0727 started in December but restarted 1/2/14 due to a Chili's error  :)
Jennor started 12/27
HeatherH starts 1/13/14
Crazycow starts 1/1/14
Honey badger
Curly girl
Kiwihoney and hubby
Stephanie Hayes
Tracy Chauncey Johnson
Kathy P and hubby
Bamawhitney starts 1/5/14 and boyfriend
Rhed 1/5/14
Glennith. 1/13/14
Tazschick with hubby
Lyndyjo 1/5/14

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Team J6 - Go Time - 48 hours.  Such a wonderful gathering of interesting and unique individuals.


All bringing different challenges and goals to the table.


And all ready to roll up our sleeves and feel better, look better, live better.


Let's face it -- this will not be easy for many of us.  Heck, CrazyCow who started a couple days ahead of us and is on a 4TH Whole 30 had a frightful dream last night chugging orange juice!  The horror!  During my first Whole 30 I had an equally frightful dream that I was eating garbage pizza crusts.


So let's all enjoy this wonderful and wild ride -- and it will be a wild.  The highs and lows.  And the feeling of living clean and real for 30 short (or long) days.


Plan and prepare your mind and your pantry.  Because change is about to happen.




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Since this is my first whole30, is everyone taking measurements/photos before and after? Also I know the book says not to step on the scales for the whole 30 days but other people don't seem to stick to this.

My biggest fear is sugar withdrawals, I seriously love chocolate & diet coke! Snacking is a problem for me & I think it's going to be hard to get out of this habit.

Is it best to plan a few days of food at a time or longer? I have ideas and was going to spend time cooking tomorrow ready for the big day :) x

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I did no measurements before my first whole 30. I wanted to focus on how u felt rather than numbers. In the end, I felt a loss. So I will be doing pre measurements.

Yes, some people are not compliant about the not weighing themselves during the whole 30. But ask yourself, what is your ultimate goal? A number or your relationship with food and how you feel. For me, it's really about zeroing in and learning about satiety and triggers. The number resolves itself if I can do that. But if I focus on the number, I lose sight of the other. Your choice. Your experience.

I like to cook several days worth of meals on Sat/Sun so I don't have to deal with being in the kitchen after work daily. You'll find your rhythm. I suspect it will vary for each of us. But for your first several days I recommend being fully prepared. You'll be most vulnerable then and this will help with that state.

For me the sugar dragon went away first, my diet soda intake second. The desire to snack never went away. This really is where I had/have to spend some time and energy focusing on by asking the hard questions about my hunger scale. Drinking water helps but I agree, it's a challenge.

Good strength. Keep prepping and I'm so excited to hear how things go for you!

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@Greek to me

Thanks for your advice, I appreciate it. For me the main reason for doing this is to hopefully 'reset' my body. For years I have tried many different diets but never got to a place where I feel happy and in the end the sugar demon gets me & I end up back at the start!

Obviously weight loss is an added bonus but I don't want to focus too much on that. I think I will measure/weigh though just to see what the differences are.

I will plan to cook tomorrow but don't want to be stressing about big recipes and would initially like to keep it as simple as possible.

Snacking is going to be a big challenge for me.......feeling positive though!

Good luck to you too :)

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Hello, Robert, et al!


I am looking forward to starting Jan 6, also.  I am in need of some prep work today and tomorrow so that my workweek will flow well.  I have been eating Paleo since May and have lost several inches off my body, especially my waist (now smaller than I was before my 3 babies).  I am hoping that by following the whole 30 plan, I can start a little biohacking on myself.  I have never felt that dairy gave me issues, but I've never dropped it from my diet, either.  I think my biggest obstacle will be that my husband is the big dinner-maker in our family.  And while it's easy enough for me to not eat the bun/pasta/rice, the whole 30 is a different ballgame!  It's not really fair for me to ask him to cook a separate meal for me.  So, I'll be in charge of that for a month.  Looking forward to the support here!

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@Robert2014 you are right! @GreektoMe is definitely throwing the gauntlet: brilliant! 


@Kate1712 I took measurements my first W30 but couldn't remember where I put them by the end, so it was a wash. 2nd & 3rd times I just plum forgot before about day 5 (so didn't do it) and this time I just didn't bother. At my absolute BEST (which was just about where I was looking to be, give or take), I remember how my clothing felt, and how I recovered at the end of a workout (or just the end of a DAY  ;) ) that was the touchstone for 'did W30 make a difference'.


Right now, my clothes don't fit the way I like, my energy levels are not where I want them, and I am holding on to daily stress more than I should. When these things shift, I'll know I've made progress. And I also know that it's CERTAIN, if I follow the plan, that progress will be made. It's not an IF, it's a WHEN. How many times can you say hand on heart you've got a sure thing here? Stay the course and you will reap the benefits.


I remember at one point (and it happened all three times) I'd be walking down the hall, or somewhere, and find myself thinking "I could drop and do 5 burpeees right now, just for giggles." No one does burpees for giggles. So either I was descending into madness (I'll admit that's a possibility, lol) or that's the tiger blood Melissa & Dallas (and Robin) have talked about: the "I can do ANYTHING!!" I'm looking forward to recapturing that once more.


Day Four here for me, pinterest boards cleaned up for food perusing and planning, I'm keeping my log, and now I need to make sure I keep my promise (to me) to get more active. Actually I need to write down my goals properly, I know, and probably here...you'll all hold me accountable! Next 40mile event is in early May, so fundraising and TRAINING are about to kick into gear properly. The timing could not be more right for a brilliant 30 days with Whole 30 and you fine people! :)  

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Hi All,

I haven't posted yet but I am so happy to be part of this group.

I plan on doing things a little differently this time and hope it works:

1. I will split my cooking/prep day up on the weekend. I plan to chop, cook, sauté both Saturday and Sunday to avoid the feeling that I am stuck in the kitchen all day on Sunday

2. I have taken a before picture as reference and all I can say is: so glad to be doing this!

3. The scale has been banished to the outer regions of my closet. No more temptation to weigh myself.

4. I plan on checking in with the group each day. I really need the support.


Good luck to everyone and bring on Monday!


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Hi all,

A big snow storm here in the Boston area gave me plenty of time to clean out the fridge and pantry. Tossed all the leftover holiday treats and got the shopping done today.  Cook up starts tonight-and I will be ready for day 1 on Monday. I have been eating  Paleo/Primal for about a year but over the holidays a lot of bad habits have snuck back in.  Looking forward to the reset and getting back on track. Good luck everyone!

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I will also be starting the Whole30 on January 6th.  I'm new to this program.  I have dappled with paleo eatting for a while now but want to get more serious.  My fiance and I are in this together so I'm hoping that we can help each other through this.  I'm nervous and excited for this.  Yay eating clean in 2014!!

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I just found out about the Whole30 today, didn't even know it existed! I will be starting January 6th as well. I just had foot surgery so exercise is out of the question for me, so I decided to work on my eating habits. I'm also in recovery for binge eating disorder, and strict meal plans like this always help me stay on track. I'd love to talk to some of you and I'd love any advice I could get! Especially with craving control.

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@Greektome: Challenge accepted.


Daikon update: I wasn't a fan of the fritters. I did them like I do sweet potato fritters: shredded, an egg, and salt and pepper. However, I had put it in the fridge where it froze (I think it's an air circulation problem, too many veggies blocking the flow!). I let it thaw before I shredded it, but there was still a lot of water and I didn't squeeze it out like I should have. I did squeeze each palmful before putting it in the pan, though. Mostly, they tasted like eggs with no seasoning. Ick. Next time I'll try it as a salad or pickled, see if that floats my boat better.

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Robert, thanks for the sparkling water tip


I plan to take some before and after measurments and some photos- it will be great to get some phyical proof


I am doing some meal plannng and grocery shopping tomorrow. I am struggling with breakfast ahem "meal 1". I read the template and familiarized myself with the shopping list but does anyone have any good suggestions?

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So...here's an interesting reminder for us all--both those new to W30 and we W30 alums. Tonight for dinner I made a fab seafood chowder, made with coconut milk, homemade clam stock, carrots, onions, parsley, peas, garlic, seafood, parsnip, mashed cauliflower, salt, pepper, and ghee. It was GREAT.


So, did you catch it?




Don't know what made me double think things, but whilst the chowder was bubbling away, table being set, I thought, what it is about snow peas, garden peas, snap peas...? And so I went searching.


This is what I have learned today: snow peas and sugar snap peas on Whole 30, super duper. The higher nutritionally valued garden pea? Not so much. According to discussion on these forums, Robin has said garden peas (as in your bog standard green pea) are not bad enough to necessitate a restart (especially when we're talking about a handful ultimately, that ends up in our dinner bowl with this dish), but something to steer clear of for the W30 journey. Reading Mark Sisson, Primal super-guru, he differs in his assessment of this humble veg, the garden pea.


But there you go. You'll find differing opinions all over about Whole 30 (some good, some ridiculous, some very, very funny), you'll find huge debates over SWYPO foods, and more. The job we all have (or will have if you're a 6 Jan starter), is in choosing wisely over these next 30 days. And beyond. Choose wisely for yourself. I am four Whole30s in, and this is still the case. 


So did I eat my lovely seafood chowder? Yes, of course I did. It was a beautiful meal, made with real food. But for the next 26 days?


I'll leave the peas out.

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I'm looking forward to starting with you all on Monday. Been planning it for a while, but just joined the forum. My grocery list is ready and tomorrow will be shopping and prep cooking for the week. I've been eating paleo for a year, but the sugar tends to creep in around the holidays, so I'm looking for a fresh start.


Plus, I'm cutting coffee. Crazy? Maybe so. But, I've been relying on it too much and think it's contributing to elevated stress and adrenal fatigue, so it's going to go. Actually, I cut it out a few days ago, but have subbed with green tea. Looking to wean off the caffeine. I have a feeling it will make day 4 all the better. Well, if not that, at least the sleep.

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I am struggling with breakfast ahem "meal 1". 

Nnekamolly -


Breakfast -- very important!


My breakfasts usually go down something like this:


Start the coffee or tea.

Toss a bit of oil or ghee into a skillet and crank the heat.

Throw in any leftover meat and veggies from dinner and more veggies (spinach, grated sweet potato, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, whatever I can get my hands on at o'dark hundred).

After a few minutes crack in an egg.  Fry it, scramble it, make an omelette, whatever.

Dump the mess on a plate and toss on half an avocado and a few berries.

Pour some coffee/tea and a glass of water.

Chow down.


15 minutes +/- start to finish.


Remember, each meal does not have to be an Iron Chef masterpiece unless you are so inclined.


We will all deal with our various cravings.  But no one is going hungry starting with a breakfast of steak and eggs, avocado and a bucket of sweet potato hash and spinach.  :)

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And I also know that it's CERTAIN, if I follow the plan, that progress will be made. It's not an IF, it's a WHEN. How many times can you say hand on heart you've got a sure thing here? Stay the course and you will reap the benefits.

CrazyCow - well said and so true.  I am back for 2.0 because I know, hand on heart, I've got a sure thing here.  Progress will occur in the next 30 days if I stay the course.

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