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At its core, this is a group of women who did a Whole100 starting last New Year (100 Days of Awesome).  Most of us had done one or more W30s before, but felt we needed additional time to really cement the habits. We have remained in touch, mostly compliant, and sharing our ups and downs.


Now, with another New Year approaching, some of us feel the need for a reset of either 30 or 60 days. 


Anyone who wants to join us for the ride is welcome.  We found there really was strength in numbers, and it helps to know you aren't alone when the going gets tough.



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I'm here!  Starting officially tomorrow, January 30.  I've been mostly compliant through the holidays, much more so than I was last holiday season.  Last year I did a Whole66, took a week off, and then did a Whole60.  It was a great time, and it really altered my life.  I'm looking forward to that same kind of transformation again, so I'm doing a Whole60.  My last day will be February 27.

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Haha - December 30, sorry!  I'm already at the end of January in my mind, because I'm planning my end-of-January concert!


Well, turns out I suck at the pre-Whole30 binge these days.  I've figured out that many of the foods I used to eat tons of before a Whole30 now make me so miserable I can't even look at them.  I ate some chocolate, and then had a bowl of - wait for it - compliant pasta sauce.  I know, I'm livin' on the edge, people!!!!  :rolleyes:

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I'll join y'all!  Finished my first W30 mid-Decemberish.  Have been doing well.  Going to add exercise beginning Jan 1, so I think I'll do another W30 for discipline as well as figuring out how much to eat/when to eat once I become more deliberate with my activity.  I have a fairly active job (busy busy  laboratory setting...on my feet/moving all day) but do NOTHING otherwise.  I am obese and intend to start a fitness/walking program on Wednesday.  I may also make weekends media-free as the computer/kindle/netflix zombie effect is stifling my life.  I think this extra support will be helpful.



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True confessions: my sinuses are clogged, my ring finger is swollen, I don't sleep through the night, I wake up with a headache every morning.

Goals: get rid of the above, drink 64 oz of water each day, join Rhonda in 30 minutes of exercise daily, add 30 minutes of yoga or meditation daily, record my progress daily.

I am in desperate need of discipline. I am going to have to go through sugar withdrawal which I am dreading. I HATE days 3-5.

Biggest challenge: I love to cook and last year when I basically had to stay home I obsessed over cooking and Pinterest Paleo and W 30 boards. I made us really good food and enjoyed sharing the food with Dan. He even did a W 30. Since Dan passed away I have lost my love of cooking. I eat out a lot with friends. I am not disciplined. For many reasons, I need to figure this part out. I AM looking forward to feeling better.

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I'm in!  Am thinking I'll start up on the 31st ish, or whenever I get the last of my (mostly compliant) Christmas dinner leftovers out of my fridge.  My goals are to plan ahead for my meals, make sure I'm getting enough carbs, and making sure the boyfriend doesn't bring any sugar into the house.  I won't eat it, but I just don't want it here.  



Looking forward to seeing everyone meet their goals!  Shelley - I have no doubt you'll get over the cooking hump.  

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I would love to join this group, if I may! I have had a week of depravity but prior to that have been 95-99% compliant since April which I did a strict W90. My body loves this way of eating so I plan to make it a lifestyle with scheduled special meals sprinkled in-few and far between. Ready to start back in earnest for as long as possible.

Are you guys looking for folks doing a super strict W30-100 again?

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Yippee!  Day 1 for me too.


Welcome Cayenne & Rhonda!


So, my declaration at the starting line here is to do a Whole 60.  I have had very good luck with this.


Rhonda, you're in the right place.  I started this journey a size 16, weighing in at almost 200 lbs.  Since finding Paleo 3+ years ago and really engaging in the Whole9 lifestyle etc. I have dropped to a size 10 and now weigh 164.


This is a "slow and steady wins the race" kind of deal for me.  I have done so much damage to my body over the years with cleanses, fasting and quick fixes, that this has been an entirely different ball game.  One I've had to be very loving and patient through.


My goal is to drop to a size 8.  I am quite swollen from eating gluten-free grains over the last few months and I am miserable.  I figure that the first 30 days will be spent just getting my body back online.  The 2nd 30 will just be healthy gravy.


I am not concerned about the weight (something I learned here) because at the end of the day it just doesn't matter.


There is a gym called "Planet Fitness" less than 1 mile away from me that has a $20.00 a month membership with unlimited personal training!  This sounds like a SMOKING deal to me.  I'm going to sign up this week.


Truth is, like these forums, if I'm accountable to someone, I show up easier.


I am so excited to be here.  I am looking forward to lowering my body temp.  balancing my hormones, sleeping through the night and losing this horrible swelling in my body.


Sending love to you all!


May the odds be ever in our favor!!



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Howdy folks - starting my Day One over here.  Glad I have lots of good food at home, since weather conditions are not favorable for going out of the house (lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of rain, plus some hail).


Welcome to the new folks!


Linda, I agree with you about the first thirty days being about getting back to what I'm going to call new normal; and the second thirty days being about living and enjoying that good health.  I've been remarkably close to compliant in comparison with last year at this time, but I still notice several things that do not please me about my habits and resulting health.


Exercise is going to be part of my Whole60 as well, as is mindfulness regarding self-defeating thoughts.


Off to breakfast now. 

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OK, so tell me if this is a declaration that needs to be here or somewhere less "strict". I have a triathlon coming up in June(1.2 mile swim,56 mile bike and 13.1 run) and I am committed to following the plan with one small allowance(if you will). I plan to eat meat, veggies(lots)and have fruit/nuts on a limited basis, the occas larabar when the training picks up. No sugar, no grain, no dairy but in order to be able to sustain the long haul, I will allow myself a glass of wine 3 times a week. I KNOW this  not compliant and that may be up for elimination as I settle in to the program. I do things long term. Hopefully this won't get me kicked out of this group!!!! Just being honest up front.....

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Welcome, Rhonda and Cayenne!


Shelley, I don't think you've really lost your love of cooking.  All last year you had Dan and various caregivers/assistants around.  I would venture to guess it is more about avoiding an empty house for so many hours a week than it is an aversion to cooking.  Your loss is still new and painful.  Being home in an empty house just magnifies it.  It will get better, I promise.  It will start being your haven again, instead of the place where the void is most apparent.  (((HUGS)))


Amy, I wish I had your problem, or maybe I've just gotten so off-track that I don't even notice how bad the bad food makes me feel.  After a totally compliant Thanksgiving, I have been gradually slipping into cheat-mode and as of now am thinking up foods I want to have a final fling with.  But I already went to Whole Foods, picked up some good meats and veggies, and am preparing to jump in with both feet again on Jan 2.  It wouldn't be so hard if so many of my customers hadn't given me sugary treats for Christmas-real maple syrup, boxes of chocolates, cinnamon honey, etc.


Yay, Karen!  My goal (well, one of them) is to be better at planning as well.  I do fine until I come home tired and realize I haven't thawed anything for dinner, or that I'm missing a critical ingredient.  I need to not give myself an excuse to get in the hurricane cupboard and just open a can of gross, processed soup.


Linda, that gym sounds like a great deal if there's no catch.  Careful that they don't want to sign you up for a lifetime membership that's automatically deducted every month.  I still have my gym membership, but haven't gone in far too long.  I need to work on that, but I just can't find the time with all my other obligations.  There has to be a solution.


Cayenne, if you'd voiced that wine intention a year ago, I would have voted you off the island.  The reason I almost didn't attempt the W100 was that I had never gone without red wine for that long and wasn't sure if I could.  We did have someone join us who was planning to drink wine along the way and I was quite vocal about not wanting to know about it.  Too much temptation.  But I toughed it out and at the end of the 100 days I realized I didn't miss it at all and had no desire to start in again.  I realized I didn't need to drink enough to feel the buzz for it to make me very tired and lethargic the next day.  I started loving the feeling of hitting the ground running, and even after it was again 'allowed', I chose not to.  Today is Day 364.  When the ball drops at midnight tomorrow night it will officially be a full year.  I go to parties and cocktail meetings and actually prefer a seltzer with lime.  It doesn't bother me that others are drinking and I no longer feel deprived.  (Wish I could say that about pizza.)  So I don't mind if you choose to ride your own bike that way.  For me, it's no longer about outside influences, it's about me.

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I'm on day 2 of my first ever W30 and would love to join your group for added support and encouragement.  I've been guilty of eating a high carb diet with a glass of wine most nights for the past few years.  I am now 30 pounds overweight and just generally sluggish with brain fog... I'm working out with my trainer again and have already cooked up a week's worth of meals.  I think this will be easier and more fun with others to share in the experience.  I'm strongly considering a W60 or W100 to establish good solid eating/cooking habits!

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hi all! I'm so glad to see so many of us here!!!!!!! and it's always great to see (read) new faces!

I'm not starting officially until Jan 3. I was planning on Jan 2 but I work the 1st and 2nd and am not in a place right now where I can do a massive cook. that being said, I might start a day early, but I would rather say I'm going to start on the 3rd and start a day early than say I'm going to start on the 2nd and pushing it back to the 3rd.


this past weekend has been horrible for me. I can't say how horrible it's been. I haven't off roaded like this before. I know mentally part of it might be the whole "last chance" mentality. I hate it. I feel horrible, disgusting, swollen, tired, and cranky. I can't believe how irritable and short I am when I eat sugar. I did have some gluten, too. and I am planning on having a few of my favorites before I start (some rice and cheese, etc).


I have to be strict. super strict. but I do have 2 points where I am on the fence and always love to hear all of your opinions.


the first is that I'm not ordering bacon from US Wellness again. I just don't have the money for it. so my options are: Target bacon (technically compliant but not from happy pigs) or bacon that may have sugar in the ingredients but comes from happy healthy pigs (but only if they have 0g in nutrition information...). this is a pretty easy decision for me. I love bacon so I'm not going to do a whole30 (or 60?) w/o it)


the second is heavy cream in my coffee and butter instead of ghee. I know I need to cut out dairy. that's huge for me. but the heavy cream and butter are borderline for me.


in the end I have some other needs: no lara bars. unless emergency. because last whole30 I did I used them and ate them all the time. more veggies. more more more. and make things easy. simple and not try to make something amazing and new every day, just eat easy real food.

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Smkcmo, welcome!  This is a very supportive group.  Congrats on your first Whole30.


Cayenne, in regards to your planned off-roading, I encourage you to stick to a fully compliant Whole30.  I can vouch for the fact that Maryann was NOT a happy camper about no vino but she was committed to doing the program as it was set out and I believe the benefits far outweighed the deficits.  In the end, you'll decide what you feel is best for you.


BTW, congrats maryann, that's SOOO outstanding!!


Shelley, so glad you're here!  I did not know about Dan's passing.  I think MaryAnn has a very good point.  The house might just feel empty now.  I'm sending love and light your way.  Be good to yourself!


Amy, the weather is hideous here too.  -16 with the windchill this morning.  Ugh.  Expecting 3-5 inches of snow tomorrow night to Wednesday morning.  We're going to stay in, eat lobster tails and brocolli rabe and cauliflower rice for dinner.  A yummy treat!


How are you feeling?  My head has been throbbing most of the day.  Drinking LOTS of water.


Ahh yes, the first 5 days.  I guess if I'm feeling it already, it's working!!


Thanks for this "mindfulness regarding self-defeating thoughts".  I'm going to shout out a big ditto on that astute statement.


MaryAnn, no hitch with the gym membership which is why is so outstanding!


OK, I'm going to jump off here and go soak in a lavender tub for a bit.  Maybe that will help with the headache.  


See you tomorrow!





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OK, so tell me if this is a declaration that needs to be here or somewhere less "strict". I have a triathlon coming up in June(1.2 mile swim,56 mile bike and 13.1 run) and I am committed to following the plan with one small allowance(if you will). I plan to eat meat, veggies(lots)and have fruit/nuts on a limited basis, the occas larabar when the training picks up. No sugar, no grain, no dairy but in order to be able to sustain the long haul, I will allow myself a glass of wine 3 times a week. I KNOW this  not compliant and that may be up for elimination as I settle in to the program. I do things long term. Hopefully this won't get me kicked out of this group!!!! Just being honest up front.....

I wonder if this question needs to be posed to the Athletes forum.  I'm not clear what benefits three glasses of wine per week would offer to your training regimen.  You do indicate in your post that they give some benefit.  I'd be inclined to believe that any alcohol would have a negative effect on training, but again, I'd suggest talking it over in the forum for athletes.  I'm a soprano, so my training is a bit different.  :lol:


It also sounds like you're talking about something that's not so much a Whole30 as a way of eating mostly Whole30 long term.  I understand that because it's the way I've discovered that I need to eat in order to feel good and remain healthy.  In that regard, you can include non-Whole30 foods or drinks of your choice, as long as you know they don't have a negative effect for you.


But really, I'd suggest talking about this more thoroughly with other athletes.


I finished Day One.  Not much different from other days, thankfully, but it's good to feel the structure again.  :wub:

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I just posted this on my "Random Rants" log in the Post W30 Forum, but I'm copying it here, too, so you can all help keep me on track.


Things to work on this coming year:

1.  better sleep habits.  I have gotten into a rut where I am so exhausted when I get home that I wind up dozing off in front of the tv for half the evening, then I'm up until well after midnight and 6 am is very hard.  Then because I didn't get enough sleep, I'm dozing the next night.  Vicious circle.


2.  More overall discipline.  In addition to food, I need to put some limits on other parts of my life.  I need to get back on a written budget instead of winging it.  I need to get back in a routine of house and yard work instead of putting out the worst fires and calling it good enough.  I need to go make friends with Flylady again.


3.  Exercise.  I need to dust off the gym membership and just do it!  But first I need to get other pieces in place.  If I don't get the sleep habits under control, getting up an hour early to hit the gym will be counterproductive.


4.  Add another item or two to my "never again" list.  January 1st, it will be one full year since I've touched alcohol, diet soda, or corn.  At this point I don't see ever adding them back.  Soy has only snuck in when I was too lazy to bring coconut aminos for sushi or Chinese food.  That one can go, easily enough.  I figure if I add a couple of things to the list each year, eventually I will be totally compliant without too much trouble.  In some ways it is easier to eliminate foods completely than to flirt with 'just a little'.


5.  Organic/grass-fed eating.  I've got my organic veggie garden started, so eventually should be able to grow most of my own for a good portion of the year.  Planting avocado trees, so that should help, too.  The goal is to go totally clean, but grass-fed meats are so expensive!  Hopefully, the $60-70 a week I'm saving on produce will go a long way towards paying for meat.  And hunting.  Have to get out and get me a pig or deer for the freezer.

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oh I am so glad to be back on here. I know I'm not "official" yet but I still need to be in the habit of daily check in. it was one thing that kept me accountable last time.


I didn't get to the grocery store today and, even though it's only 2, I don't think I'll be able to make it. CF is at 4 and I've promised my oldest she can have her friend over this I'm picking up the house until I get to go work out. the baby has been sick for the past 4 days, is finally feeling better, but is still clingy, so leaving her longer than the hour and a half needed for CF is unlikely. SO...I have to see how I can get my stuff and cooking to start on Friday. if nothing else I will start 1/2 way through the day on Friday or Saturday morning.


thanks to Amy's post about a whole30 vs whole30 lifestyle I've decided on my dairy issue (heavy cream and butter for cooking). it won't be allowed. but I'm still stuck on not buying bacon from US Wellness. and I'm using happy pigs.

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Hi all, good to be back and welcome to old friends and new. Sounds like we are a bit divided on the level of compliance required. My view is (and this is really for experienced whole30ers, not those going for the first one), understand your own intentions and stick to it, declare them up front if you need the accountability but then on keep any noncompliance private or in another log.

For example, I am going to work on my health for the next 90 days. I know if a do a strict whole90 I will overeat and develop other poor habits (like snacking and swypo). So my declared intentions are no dairy, legumes, grains, sweeteners etc. I am not completely excluding sugars in bacon and canned foods (eg olives, beetroot etc) as I don't need that level of restriction for 90 days, it ends up less than 5g of sugar a day and that's good enough for me, sugar in these foods is not a trigger and I eat fruit so that works for me). I am not going to exclude wine or potato chips as I know that if I allow this I will hardly have any but also not feel deprived and therefore wont end up triggering compliant but disordered eating. I have learnt this the hard way from a number of whole30's. I wish it was otherwise but I know my limitations. I also know that the longer I work on this the better habits I develop so all is not lost and hope and progress is still possible.


I started a few days ago and am going till end of March. I did have my new years eve glass of champagne last night as planned. When the family had new years day pancakes today I had a vegetable fritter (with green stuff in which made the kids laugh) so I am off to a good start.


Wishing you all a great start too and looking forward to sharing your journey. I am at my beach house and don't have much computer access so you wont hear much from me till next week but I will be thinking of you all!!!!

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oh you guys. this is why I need you all. now I have even more to think about and some more searching to realize what it is I want from this journey and what is "right" for me right now. I've done a couple whole30's since our 100 days but they have always felt like "I've got to get through this". and that's the last thing I want. I want to find a way to live the life I want. and so I love the idea of understanding my intentions and stating them upfront.


am I intending to stop drinking cream in my coffee or is this something I want to "get through" for xx days? it's something I want to get through.


am I intending to stop eating grains? yes. I want them out of my diet.


am I intending on keeping soy and legumes out? yes.


am I intending to not have cheese or other dairy anymore, or is this also something I'm trying to "get through"? well, I can say I want it out of my house. I want it to be the exception rather than the rule.


am I intending to get rid of sugar? YES. this is SO important to me. I am such a sugar addict and so I need it completely gone. completely.


what about honey and syrup? right now? yes. out.


am I concerned about "paleofied" foods? not really. I don't make them or eat them really, once in a while I've made some "muffins" but pretty rare.


SO, I guess it comes down to where I am and what I need. and I want to commit again, but I don't know how absolutely 100% whole30 I will be, so please let me know if I should not post here! I have always loved and needed all your support but I understand the difficulty of doing strict whole30. I am not doing well riding my own bike but I am also not good at "getting through" things as I tend to go crazy on the other side.


for myself, I am committing to 60 days of no grains, no legumes, no sugar (honey or syrup or any other type of sweetener) unless trace amounts in bacon, etc., no dairy other than cream in coffee and butter for cooking. I am committing to a vegetable at every meal, breakfast every day, NO desserts (fruit at end of meal, etc), NO LARA BARS (or similar), and being truly aware and  conscious of my hunger and the amount of food I eat (I don't get to overeat because I'm eating more healthy).


I just know I need to change some things. I have changed so much in the past year and I credit the "family" I have found here for this change. either way I am starting on Friday, and I'm hoping to be here with you. let me know what you guys think...

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I may start in the morning.  If I was looking for a meal to totally gross me out, make me feel bloated, logy, and uncomfortable, and make me want to run for the nearest produce bin,I couldn't have chosen any better than the Gnocchi Alfredo I had for dinner.


It's only 11 pm, but I'm off to bed.  Happy New Year, everyone!

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Happy New Year! The hubs and I will be mostly compliant until the weekend and we can shop. We will officially begin on January 5th.



Slay the sugar demon once and for all.. hopefully.


Buy as much organic/grass-fed my budget allows and not stress over it if I can't. I really need to stick to our budget or we get into trouble which just adds more stress!


Exercise.. I need to just bite the bullet and do it!


Get outside more now that the weather in Florida is tolerable!


Lose weight over time in a healthy manner and not freak out when I feel I should have lost more but didn't.. get off a few of my meds. Mainly metformin and the high blood pressure meds. Not sure I will ever be off the thyroid meds. :(


Develop better sleeping habits.


Find a part time job after my visit to the folks in February. I think getting out and actually meeting new people might help.. or just getting out away from the apartment..of course extra money would definitely be beneficial. Less debt would definitely lower my stress.


Work on a few personal things and just try to become an overall better person.

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