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Awesome 2014!


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Hi all! I saw you guys and would love to jump in!. I started the whole100 with all of you last year and made it 45 days:(.much has changed since then. I completed a whole 60 and have been living mostly paleo since, but need to clean up my paleo junk food habits!, I'm so in for this! So glad to see so many familiar faces here.

I like the list of things to work on this coming year Maryann, I recognized your photo and was so excited that you started this.

Tomorrow will be my day one and I am so very excited! Happy New Year all and I look forward to being with you on this new journey.


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Hi all,

I'd love to join you! I could really use the support and happy to give it as well, The last several months have been a bit of an emotional roller coaster and I'm afraid my eating went along for the ride. I'm here to get back on track, clean things up and commit to taking care of and being kind to myself.

My goals for this W30

- ditch the eating of crud when feeling emotional

- be "in control" of my eating

- slay the sugar dragon

- rid myself of achey joints

- increase my strength

- increase my breath

- better my sleep

- feel better in my body

I'll be keeping my food log over here: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/15069-habitualpurposes-new-year-w30/


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Wow MaryAnn! You really got to it by cooking in a big way! I think I remember that several months ago I was thinking that I wish I could go over to Naples and help you because you just didn't have time for cooking. So I think that's great that you are at a different place now. Sounds like you are getting enjoyment out of your work and hopefully you are less stressed about it.

Tina-- welcome back!

I just completed Day 1. I got a compliant salad from WF (btw not easy to find as so much if their prepared food is made with canola oil and you have to stand there and read all the ingredients carefully) to take on the plane. I feel encouraged. I thought I would have more sugar cravings.

I am in for no cheating until January 25.

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Yesterday went well.  I can't say I really enjoyed my walk, but I did it.  Stayed close to home due to the frequency of trips to the bathroom.   Surprised at how much water weight I must have put on during the two days post-Christmas that I was off plan.  I think I can say that it's gone now.  


Made it to page 163 in ISWF.  Hope to finish it over the weekend and get it back to the library so someone else can benefit (long waiting list).


Googled "collard wraps" and was intrigued by how popular these are.  I have been eating cooked collards for the past few days (excellent with soft-boiled eggs).  Will definitely buy some more and try a wrap...the possibilities of filling are endless.


Did not do as much meal planning as I had hoped.  Nor did I shop.  Mid-week holidays are kind of aggravating so I decided to pout.  Not really, I just decided to take advantage of a cold lazy day.  So, today I will have to kick it in gear and do meal planning/prepare grocery list at lunch and run errands after work.


Hope everyone has a great day.  It will take me a little while to get to know everyone and will be slow in response.  However, know that I am reading every post, reflecting on everyone's successes/struggles, and gleaning all the information I can from your experiences.





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Day 1 done and it felt great to be back on track w/healthy eating!  Splurged for our New Year day dinner and had swordfish for dinner and it was marvelous.  


I have a tip for those who like sweet potatoes.  I roast about four days worth at once in the oven.  Bake at 420 degrees until the potatoes start leaking out the ends (sounds funny but they are at their best at that point).  Then let them cool and refrigerate them.  The next morning you have your carbs for the day.  I use cast iron and melt coconut oil in then carmelize the sweet potato.  Let me tell you, its HEAVEN.  You can eat the skins  but I prefer to peel them before frying.  I have those for my breakfast everyday along with one egg.  Husband loves it too.  He wasn't big on eating broccoli or aparagus for breakfast so this is working out well.

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I'm in! Did what became a Whole28 last June (we left on vacation and that was that...). I lost 11 pounds during those four weeks, three more afterwards. Then, I was living away from the family from August until late December, eating out a lot (I hate to cook, especially for only myself), etc., etc. In October I ran my first 5K since 1996 - and then I had terrible, terrible leg pain for two weeks and stopped working out. Arthritis, inflammation (gluten is my nemesis), etc. It's been all downhill since then. So, it's back on track for 2014! I have purged the house of virtually everything tempting or non-compliant except for things we keep on hand for the 12 year old (e.g., Kraft Dinner). Did a bigger purge than last summer as I find the winter months more challenging. It's -28°C/-18°F this morning. Yes, really. But, cold be damned, yesterday was Day One.


Eggs with greens and red pepper, bacon, avocado with lemon for breakfast. We had a New Year's Brunch to attend but I was able to get by with corned beef, sauerkraut, ham, and dates. They had a touch of marzipan on top - which contains sugar - but I'm going to consider yesterday a transition day and go until at least the 31st. Dinner was scallops, roasted cauliflower, and avocado. Today I have a caffeine withdrawal headache. I can't drink coffee without cream and sugar and I'm, of course, (again) ditching the diet soda...


We would like to do the Whole30 hardcore and then stick really close to Paleo, which my partner has done at a fairly consistent 80/20 for about three years. Prior to discovering the Whole30 I had done month long elimination diets twice, working with an allergist and naturopath. I know how much better I feel when I ditch gluten, dairy, and sugar - in particular. It's 'just' (ha, ha) a matter of sticking to it. 


So, that's my deal. On to Day Two. Eggs with spinach, yellow peppers, and bacon. Check. Good luck, everyone!

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Mattie-- that sweet potato trick is my favorite breakfast.

Beginning day 2. Got back at midnight last night. Not much food here but there are eggs so I guess it's eggs for breakfast and lunch.

Dinner with the parents tonight. Salmon and veggies. Should make it through the day.

Good day to all.

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Great post Amy!  Today is day 4 for us and I'm feeling a little less swollen and tired.  What a relief!


I could ditto most of what you said.  I'm doing a Whole60 and staying compliant.  Like you, I do not have a regiment where meals and snacks are concerned.  The first week especially, I feel really ravenous so I'm doing what is suggested in ISWF and eat a small meal rather than snack (if it's doable because sometimes it's not).  Anyway, it helps and I feel a little better.


Time takes time as they say and I'm always impatient.


Amy I can so relate to the spiral you explain.  The more I participate in these WHoleX's, the more I adapt better habits.


Slow and steady wins the race!


Here's hoping we all find a clearer space where we can make healthier choices.  And I'm talking about food AND life!





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Wishing you a quick and painless detox.


Sounds like you've got loads of energy!  Doesn't that feel great!?


I'm inspired by all of your cooking.  My fridge is full so I'm going to have to make time to get a cache of meals in the fridge.


Hey, who had the awesome hash recipe?  Was that you?


If so, may I have the link to that again please?


Happy day 1!





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Congrats on your Day 1 too Shelley!


Welcome to the newcomers!  It's great to have more people on this thread. 


Shelley, you asked if I moved home with Dan and the answer is yes...with my chocolate lab/foster failure Tessa!  He was very resistant to that initially but he spoils her now worse that I do.  Things are going really well.  Relationships are a lot of work but a lot has changed for the better.  Thank you for asking!





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Shelley - BTW - January 25th is my birthday!  A good day to do anything.


Rhonda, congrats on showing up for yourself.  That's the most important thing.  I found that posting in our thread every day kept me connected, motivated and accountable.  I hope that you'll experience the same thing.


Here is a link to my favorite egg recipe.  These babies are delicious and you can make a bunch ahead of time.  They're a terrific "to go" food too.




Also, NomNom paleo has an entire month of Whole30 recipes:



I highly recommend perusing this link.  It's got some amazing recipes in it all Whole30 compliant.


Woot Woot!



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FYI - I have such a difficult time remembering everything and everyone I want to respond to that I thought I'd respond as I was reading the posts this time.  Sorry if it's overkill.


They're are a lot of new people here and I'm getting confused.  Would it be possible for the new folks to share their first names (if you're comfortable with that) so we can address you when we respond?


Glad everyone is here!



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Hi! I'm on day 2 of my first Whole30. My kitchen is clean of junk and I am stocked with whole foods for my first week! It is exciting and frightening at the same time. My goal is to get back on track for 2014, help alleviate my digestive issues and commit to an exercise plan.

I have a question for you veterans - I am complying with the meal map, but get very full before I am able to finish the entire meal. The problem is I get SO hungry a few hours later. I am thinking I should adjust and eat more at each meal (per ISWF), but the thought of eating more makes me nauseous. Any advice?



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Hi Amanda,




If I'm remembering correctly, the book suggests that instead of snacking you do another small complete meal.


The first week is always the wierdest for me.  It takes a little time to get my body synched with what I've decided to do.


Good luck!  Glad you're here.



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Shelly - yes, that's pretty much it, but I will be compliant with take out other than not asking 15 times about ingredients (rather - asking once and trusting) - and will strictly limit my take out. I need to greatly increase my veggie intake, make sure I'm eating breakfast, and continue to work on the other rules of whole30 (sleep, exercise, etc.). I need to eat when I'm hungry and seriously look at WHY I'm reaching for food when I'm not. and look at the specific cravings and try to connect the emotions to them.



Cayenne - you said it so well - I don't have to prove to myself I can do it. I think for most of my life I've tried to "prove I can do it"- stick it through, be tough. and this isn't about that any more. it's not about being "cool" or "doing the hip thing". it's about just doing it for my life for how I want to live and how I want to be regardless of the opinions of others. and I do tend to "shovel it in". if I'm eating compliant then it's a free for all. I really need to focus on what I'm eating and be mindful of it WHILE I eat. taste it, enjoy it, not shovel in front of the TV (my MO).


praxisproject - welcome! this is an amazing and kind group!!


Amy - I am so looking forward to more of your self-realization this time around - you've always brought lots of inspiration to me!!

Maryann - sounds like a lot of water weight! and I'm jealous of your cook up!!! I'm there tomorrow and Saturday, I work again today so won't get to the store until tomorrow, but I already have a some chicken thawing in the fridge. this time I plan to try more of the "hot plate" approach of well fed and simple roasted meats with easy veggies, and lots of soups. I've already got a huge batch of kale and sausage soup as well as some of my favorite butternut squash soup in the freezer for easy starts. I need to get my sweet potato hash done tomorrow - first thing!!

Tina - I think I remember you! did you quit smoking? I think you were trying last year! nice to see you back!


habitualpurpose and msehphdjd (anything easier we can call you? ;) ) - welcome!


I know it's a bit annoying, but I tend to post a lot. I need this group for structure and to keep myself honest! looking forward to saying "day one done!" tomorrow!!!

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Amanda - if you are feeling too full by eating the meal template then eat until you are hungry and eat again (meal template but to the size you are satisfied with) again when you are hungry again. Tom talks a lot on here about how he ate about 6 meals when starting. as you continue your body will adjust and you will be able to eat more at a sitting and have longer between meals.

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Hi all. Some of your group was doing (I think) a sort of repeat Whole 30 when I did my first back in June of 2013 and you all were such great resources. I'll definitely stop by here some to share and cheer you on, if that's cool.


Just started my second today. I have a few local friends who are doing it as well -- some for the first time and some for the second. It's been a good day so far. I'm really trying to keep the emphasis on all the great foods I will be eating; the food is so delicious. Though, wow, right...I forgot how hungry I was for that first week. I remember the Whole 30 folks re-posted one of my Instagram photos early on and about 1/3 of the comments were about what an insane amount of food I was eating. Which made me a little self-conscious, but I have no interest in being hungry.


Would love to hear anybody's tips for how they manage to eat Whole 30 on a budget, which is more of an issue for me this time around. I had a great, fully compliant lunch today while running errands at a local health food store, but it cost $17. Can't keep doing that!

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Shelly, this time of year is pretty easy for me.  Wait until baby bird season when I'm feeding every six hours around the clock.  That's when I get close to a nervous breakdown.  LOL


Linda, when I want to reply to multiple people I open a separate tab to the end of the thread and then start reading on the other tab.  I can switch over after every post I want to reply to and go back without losing my place.  Of course, this isn't practical on a phone...

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Hi all!

Feeling good to be on Day 2. Day 1 was a success and I made it through the day with no snacking!! I also managed to get over 8 hours of sleep last night. Woohoo!!

A bit of a headache today but I think that's due to a little cold I have. Felt full after breakfast but not overly so. Any of you have favorite breakfasts? I could easily see me getting into a rut of eating the same thing for breakfast each day.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

Praxisproject - How do you like your veggie box delivery? I've though about signing up for one. Do you find that you use up the whole box in the week?

Mattie - Thanks for the sweet potatoes idea! I want so badly to fall in love with sweet potatoes as I know they're good for me and this recipe sounds like one I might like.

Linda - I love Nom Nom Paleo's recipes (just ordered her new cookbook) -- thanks for the link to her 30 days W30 recipes!

Amanda - Your body is adjusting to this way of eating and it may take some time. As others have suggested, you can experiment with adjusting the amount you are eating at each meal or add additional mini meals when you're feeling hungry. Eventually your body will adjust and you'll find your rhythm.

Selene - I buy what I can afford. If grass fed, organic is on sale at a price I can manage, if it isn't, I next look at just organic. If that is still too pricey, I buy non organic. I found this helpful: http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-grocery.pdf. Also, this forum post has some ideas: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/6965-preparing-for-whole30-cheap-ideas/

I realize now that not everyone can see my signature (my name is in it) - so I'll make sure to also include my name in the body of my posts. :)

~ Nina

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A lil intro for people who don't know me already :) My name is Cait, but most people on the forums call me PP or Prax :) I live in Melbourne Australia and I did my first Whole30 in January 2013, which was completely life changing. My health now compared to before my first W30, shocking really. I found out I'm gluten intolerant, been eating the stuff all my life, always had a lot of health problems, which I had accepted as my "normal". Now I have a whole new normal. My arthritis is gone, my sinuses are fantastic (7 years of chronic sinusitus, surgery, the works!), I'm shrinking and no longer losing muscle mass (yay!). Last year I just wanted to not be sick anymore, mission achieved! In 2012 I probably had over 40 courses of antibiotics, in 2013 I had ONE! My doctor has been astonished. This year is all about weightloss now, which is why I'm doing a modified 60 days. Lifting more heavy things, lowering my carbs more to see if I can reverse my insulin resistance. I've done ketogenic low carb before, also W30/paleo, but not paleo ketogenic. Not quite hit fat burning mode yet, but I can feel it's close (Day 3).

Selene - I know it's boring, but I find the best way is to do the maths for cheap eats. Work out (from what you can get locally, local prices can be SO different) the cheapest protein, cheapest veggies, cheapest fats etc and work out what kind of meals I can make with that stuff. If you use a super-cheap meal 3 times a week, it can free up budget for other things. I look for the canned stuff I like every time I'm at the shops and I stock up if it's on sale (same with frozen or other "keeping" items). I was quite surprised when I did the maths, some meals I thought were cheap were actually quite expensive and vice versa. When money is tight, don't stress about organic etc if it's unaffordable, just get the best you can. Some things to look at prices for: super-good eggs vs cheap meat, canned meat or fish, dirty dozen vs clean fifteen (some dirty stuff I just don't buy cos the organic stuff is too expensive). You can sometimes save a lot on frozen meat. We have an organic supplier here who gives discounts on frozen meat as he's the grower (grassfed!) and fresh meat is a risk for him if it doesn't sell. I've also found bargains on bones and fattier meats at butchers where the regulars are all low-fat loving bone-hating people ;) I find these butchers get all teary when you ask for fattier meat and bones with lots of gelatin. I also find making your own everything is almost always cheaper than buying it made by someone else (best example - coconut butter! mine is a bit grainier than Artisana's brand, but about $4 instead of $20!).

habitualpurpose - I love eggs baked in muffin cups! (maybe because I'm lazy lol) You can make each one a little different so you don't get bored. If you can get compliant bacon, they are awesome with that, or something that's a fatty meat. PaleOMG has a sausage recipe I quite liked, although I toned down the garlic I think and omitted some sort of sugar. I baked it in muffin cups too, so they were portable. I've done those mixed with egg too, they're good both ways. I also really love greens like kale cooked in duck fat for breakfast. Lovely with some fried pork belly.

I really love my veggie delivery, it's not a veggie box though, I get to choose the actual veggies and fruit, which I like much better than the box versions I tried. They always have things in them I don't want (stupid white potato and sugary fruits, some even come with processed junk in the box!), so end up expensive really, and they're often a one-box-a-week thing. My one lets me change the size of my orders too, so sometimes I get a bigger order, sometimes a smaller one. I'm still finding the balance I think, holidays threw out my routine lol I am oddly more obsessed with not throwing out anything that comes in the box, when I didn't care at all with my supermarket stuff. Change in perspective I guess. For anyone in Melbourne, I use the Victorian Organic Delivery. I tried OrganicAngels, but like this one better.

For anyone who hasn't seen it, Clothes Make The Girl (Well Fed's author Melissa Joulwen) also has a Whole30 mega-post:

I am jealous of the collard wraps :D we don't get collards in Australia (we only recently started getting kale).

My new food for today: Herbal tea (pomegranate) with coconut cream. This might sound silly, but I've only ever had it in coffee before lol it's quite nice. I didn't have enough fat with my steak salad for lunch (forgot to add the mayo! d'oh), was still a bit hungry afterward. This hit the spot.

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