Can't seem to tolerate coconut meat/coconut milk

Emma C.

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You are likely sensitive to the fructose content:

In addition, certain people will a coconut intolerance will have issues with fructans, fructose, sulphites, salicylates and amines. These are present in coconut that has been prepared in certain ways. For example, coconut oil does not contain frutose or fructans, but all other forms of coconut do. If you have an issue with fructose, you may be able to consume coconut oil without issue while other types of coconut will cause problems. Coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut oil and dessicated coconut all contain salicylates and amines while dessicated coconut contains sulphites. These particular substances may cause people to experience issues with some coconut products but not with others. 



As far as I'm aware, there is no protein found in the meat or milk, that isn't in the oil, though there very well could be.


FYI, this is a great read on the downsides of coconut milk from Chris Kresser:

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There is protein in the meat and milk that is not in the oil since the protein content of coconut oil is zero but it exists in the other products.


I have issues with casein AND with coconut meat/milk - so I wonder if they have a similar structure?  Just supposition on my part, of course.  


As far as the coconut goes - I've found that coconut milk in small quantities is OK if it is part of a recipe but I cannot just drink it or put it in my coffee.  Same is true of coconut flour - a tiny amount in a coating for fish (for example) is OK but a large quantity in a paleo baked good (ie, not whole30) is BAD.  And I avoid all forms of coconut butter (or manna) like the plague...

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Thanks, everyone, for the input. For now I'm just avoiding everything that have even a minor negative reaction to. My hope is that in a few months I'll have healed enough to be able to try to reintroduce some of the foods (which is a fairly large list) that I'm avoiding. My doctor said that some of the foods I'm avoiding now I may never be able to eat, some I may be able to eat now and then, and that some I'll probably be able to eat often. But for now I'm just going to avoid them...

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