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unadulterated light mayo?


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sorry if this has been discussed already - i searched the forum and couldn't find anything.


if extra virgin olive oil is freaking people out because it's highly suspect (and can be mixed with other gross oils at a high rate), how much more should we be concerned about Light Olive Oil, which is even easier to bastardize? i love making my own mayo, but i'm concerned that my Costco Light Olive Oil is actually Canola or something...


how have y'all worked this out?




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Its being reported that many olive oils are 'counterfit'. Here's one of many articles


Google fake olive oil and you will see.

I've been pretty concerned about this myself, esp since I've been cooking almost exclusively with evoo for at least ten years. Sigh.

I've been switching to coconut oil for most things. Sometime in use ghee. And lately I've been buying organic chicken and rendering my own scmaltz.

For mayo I've been using walnut oil. Not optimum but not break the bank like avo or Mac nut. I'm out of walnut so I'm not sure what I will buy next.

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Canola is not one of the oils that is typically used in fake extra virgin olive oil. And there are plenty of old, second-rate olives around to be pressed two or three times to produce light olive oil. Really, there are much better things to worry about than whether your mayo may be contaminated with something besides light olive oil. 

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With some reports showing as much as 70% of olive oil is not what it says it is, I am not interested in taking chances. 


Because, no it's not canola oil..and if people are unscrupulous enough to fake oil they will probably use anything with little regard to the heath and safety of the final users...ew. No thanks. It's only being reported as evoo because that's all thats been studied.  If I am going to go thru the pains of a W30 to avoid all sorts of sugars and preservatives I want to make sure  my effort is not in vain and I'm not consuming industrial seed oils or the biggie for me...SOY. 


Need we look to all the scandals of chinese goods being contaiminated with who knows what? The whole spirit of doing this is to be aware of what we are eating....and to me, this is a pretty big issue to be concerned with



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