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Neuro Drinks and Milk


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I have found that the Neuro Sonic energy drink works really well for me as an activator when I am having trouble with energy/focus/stress.




I am about to try the Whole30 once more, but would love any advice on supplements/foods that could help me to replicate the effects of the drink without the added sugar content and dodgier ingredients.


From what I can tell, the active ingredients are: Vitamin D (200 IU), Thiamin (0.45ms), Riboflavin (0.6mg), Niacin (5mg), Vitamin B6 (4mg), and Vitamin B12 (6mcg) as well as a proprietary blend of Vaffeine, L-theanine (L-TeaActie), Choline, alphoscerate (Alpha GPC), Phosphatidylsenne, and Resveratrol.


I also found that the last time I tried the Whole30 my milk cravings (particularly when on the rag) were out of control.


I would love to hear if anyone has found a way to curb milk cravings, or has an idea what makes them so powerful (particularly in lady time). 





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As an aside, this drink isn't Whole30 compliant as it contains fructose, sucralose (sugars) and soy.

Following the Whole30 rules and recommended template for each meal, will go a long way toward giving you healthy foods and good energy. Taking up a mindfulness and/or stress management practice can help with the focus and stress.


While I'm female, I've never had the milk cravings you describe, at any time. Perhaps others will weigh in on that issue.

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the first ingredient in these drinks is water, the second is sugar. If you are after nutrients, eating wide variety of whole foods is the answer, there is no shortcut.


On craving milk, (or anything for that matter), I think it helps a lot to avoid it completely. For me, when I was transitioning to gluten and dairy free, I would occasionally have some, and find myself craving it again over the next day or two. The longer I avoid it, the less I want it. Some women find they need more carbohydrate at that time of the month, you might try making a point of eating more starcy vegetables at that time to see if it helps curb your cravings for milk.

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Dear Both and all that follow,


I would appreciate it if you would take the time to read my post carefully before replying to my question.


"I am about to try the Whole30 once more, but would love any advice on supplements/foods that could help me to replicate the effects of the drink without the added sugar content and dodgier ingredients."


I clearly articulate in my post that I am aware that the drink is not Whole30 compliant. This is a forum on supplements and I can honestly say that something in this drink seems to work really well for me (and it isn't the sugar).


This is not to say: tell me what about this drink I can use in place of the entire Whole30 program. I am simply asking if anyone knows any Whole30 compliant alternatives to whatever is activating about this drink.


For example, I know that one of the ingredients is derived from Green Tea, but in a very concentrated quantity that would require drinking more Green Tea than is reasonable.


I can honestly say that I have completed the Whole30 before and experienced some shortfalls in the program. I also experienced a lot of benefits and want to try again, but I would like to address the things that were challenging for me the first time around head on (preferably without judgment).


I'm not seeking permission to drink sugary drinks or milk while on the Whole30; that would be imbecilic. I am just wondering if my body could be craving Vitamin D, or B12, or something, so I can increase my intake of whatever could be driving my overwhelming cravings, scattered brain, and exhaustion.


I just think that if I can figure out Whole30 compliant ways to replicate some of the positive effects of this drink, then I will be far more successful with the program.


Thank you,


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Chelsea. We both read your post. The whole30 asks you to get your nutrition from real whole foods. Consuming a variety of real whole foods do even better than "replicating" the nutrition in such a drink, they actually give you the nutrition that such drinks are trying to replicate. There is no shortcut. not even green tea. You have to eat the food.


I can't begin to guess what might have gone wrong in your previous whole30, or what might be "activating" for you in this drink that is missing from your current diet, but if you would like to post some more information about your activities and typical food intake we could give it a try.


If you suspect it is the vitamins, B12 and D are available as supplements, so I would isolate those from the sugar in the drink and see if supplement pills have the same effect.

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With all due respect, I don't see why after reading my post anyone would comment on the sugar content of the drink as it is irrelevant and I acknowledge that I am seeking a way to find the nutrition that is NOT from a sugary drink with a host of strange ingredients that are probably not good either.


The real question is: what real whole foods offer the same nutritional benefits?


Rather than re-visiting every day of my past Whole30 effort, can we just look at the list of ingredients and figure out where the same nutrition can be found in actual food?


I have a strong feeling that it is the Choline, L-Theanine, Alpha GPC, Phosphatidylsenne, and Resveratrol blend as I do not get the same clarity/anti-anxiety effect from B12 and D.


Anyway, I can go crazy experimenting like a mad scientist with powder versions of these ingredients, but I'd rather just know where they can be found in real food.

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3 of those 5 supplements listed are sources of choline. L-theanine is an anti-anxiety supplement, I take it myself in a capsule form. Resveratrol is an antioxidant derived from the skin and seeds of grapes (it's what's in red wine that makes everyone say it's good for you). The mods and the rest of us are not here to do your research for you, no need to get snarky because they didn't give you the answer you wanted.

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